May 28, 2022

Boda Boda Flouting Restrictions to Face Full Force of the Law

A Boda-Boda operator wearing a face mask. Image: (Courtesy)



The security department in Kwale County has issued a stern warning against Boda boda operators ferrying passengers to Mombasa County despite government’s ban on movement between the two counties.

Speaking to the media in Kwale on Sunday, Kwale County police commander Joseph Nthenge said it has emerged that the operators take advantage of the absence of motor vehicles crossing into either places to flout the law.

The police boss notes that the closure of Kwale -Mombasa borders at Shika Adabu area on Wednesday has led to some operators resort to ‘panya’ routes to ferry passengers to Mombasa County.

“Whoever is caught carrying passengers to Mombasa will be face a full force of the law together with his passenger, but again this is after they have been forced to a 14/day quarantine to determine their COVID status, he said.

The county security boss urged the locals to adhere to the directives adding that it is for their own good.

Nthenge says the government has started a crackdown on Boda-boda operators ignoring the orders.
“We will not allow these operators to carry more than one passenger. They must put on face masks and more so have sanitizers,” said Mr. Nthenge.
He called on both Kwale and Mombasa residents locked up in the two counties to find temporary residence for the next three weeks.

Boda Boda Operators without face masks. Image; (Courtesy)

He asked them to maintain the social distance metre rule when in public and frequent hand washing using sanitizers.
“I want you to adhere to the curfew hours advising them against unnecessary movement,” he noted.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe says the government had noted “with serious concern” that boda boda riders do not follow the directive to carry one passenger as well as put on masks. Image, (Courtesy)

Nthenge urged the locals to report any person suspected of suffering from COVID 19 and further advised them to practice high standards of hygiene.

“Let us be watchdogs in the community. Report any cases of the virus to the relevant authorities so that we can avert the spread of pandemic.

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