October 6, 2022

83 Per cent of Mombasa County COVID-19 Patients Are Asymptomatic, Health Official

Kenyans attending a mass testing exercise in Mombasa county recently. Mombasa county has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 patients compared to other counties. Image: (Courtesy)


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The department of health in Mombasa County has revealed that 83.6 per cent of COVID-19 victims within the county are asymptomatic.

Mombasa County Health Promotions Officer Caroline Agutu says most of the patients do not exhibit any symptoms of the disease.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Sunday Agutu urged Kenyans to strictly adhere to all the directives issued by the ministry of health insisting that the disease is a reality.

“We are creating awareness within the community by giving them the relevant information. We have the right websites such as www.who, UNICEF and CDC” she noted.

She however admitted that the existence of myths and misconceptions on the pandemic in various online websites thus further advising Kenyans to visit the recommended websites for more information about the disease.

The health official says the department is at the frontline in the war against the pandemic including creating awareness on its existence and its impacts to the contemporary society.

“It is important for us to change the people’s mind set. This is a universal pandemic and an emerging disease. Let us not politicise the disease. It is real and claiming lives,” Agutu said.

She adds that the department has deployed rapid response teams in all entry points to conduct mass test to all truck drivers entering the county.

At the same time, Kisauni sub county peace and security committee chair Irene Randu said the impacts of the pandemic is evident at the grassroots level citing economic crunch and depression amongst family members.

The chair also added that corona virus has led to an upsurge of crime within Kisauni Sub County.

“Crime rate is high. And we would all overcome the situation should we develop a community policing culture. The problem is that police officers are few,” she indicated.

She however asked locals with crime tipoffs to report to the relevant authorities for further action.

Meanwhile Dream Achievers Youth Organisation programs coordinator Enos Opiyo said the organisation has partnered with the department of health within the county to address some of the challenges facing the youths.

Dream Achievers Youth Organisation programs coordinator Enos Opiyo at a past function. Image; (Courtesy)

He called on the county government to ensure that some of the critical challenges are adequately addressed including the issue of rampant unemployment.

“As an organisation, we deal with various thematic areas such as health, education and livelihood. We abide by all government directives in all our undertakings,” Enos noted.

On the issue of peace in Kisauni Sub County, the coordinator said the organisation is working closely with the youths by developing empowerment programs.

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