July 25, 2024

Malindi Streets Awash with GenZees Protesting Over Finance Bill


By The COAST Reporter

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Business came to a standstill in Malindi town Tuesday (June 25, 2024) when thousands of GenZ youths stormed the tourist resort metropolis’ streets to protest against the Finance Bill 2024.

The protesters, in a game of wits, outfoxed the security agents and approached the town’s streets in different directions that took by surprise both the officers and the motorists at large.

The motorists had difficult times manoeuvring their in and out of the different streets swarming with picketing youths out to make their voices heard over the finance bill.

Some demonstrators started their protest march at Kijiwetanga, the Festival Mall next to the Malindi Airport. 


Some marched from Kwa Ndomo areas at the Malindi roundabout intersection before marching to the Malindi Complex that houses numerous government offices.

Then, the whole humanity traffic converged outside the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) where they staged a brief sit-in while expressing their displeasure of the bill and displaying placards.

Generally, the protesters were largely peaceful save for a short moment when police officers confronted the youths with tear gas canisters as they were passing through the Malindi Police Station.

The protesters, who spoke to journalists, urged the National Assembly to throw out the entire Bill saying the ‘punitive’ taxes proposed would impoverish the common person – especially the youths.

Members of the Kilifi County Assembly (MCAs) interviewed expressed divergent opinions with some saying it would be foolhardy to reject the entire bill as some of the clauses were good for Kenyans while other supported the demonstrators, but urged them to picket peacefully.

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