July 24, 2024

Hired Goons Demolish Widow’s House in Mombasa

Demolished House at Migadini where Alice used to live with her family (Photo/ The COAST Reporter)

By Charles Ogallo

Email, thecoastnewspaper@gmail.com

A middle aged widow and her family have been left homeless at Chaani area of Mombasa county after a group of people demolished her only house.

The widow celebrated this year’s Madaraka Day in tears after the gang alleged to have been hired by an MCA and local chief raided her house at Migandini area of Chaani in Changamwe Subcounty at night.

Alice, a mother of 6, was forced to spend the nights in the cold following the demolition alleged to have been funded by a cartel of the local MCA who comes from a neighbouring ward. 

The woman said the goons raided her premises at the wee hours of 1st June, 2023 before bring it down in pieces.

After her several attempts to call for assistance from the local administrators including the area OCS and chief they failed to respond to her distress calls.

Accompanied by her lawyer Edwin Yose of Khaminwa and Khaminwa Advocates, the widow accused a neighbour of working in cohort with the MCA to grab and sell her quarter acre land. 

She further accused the neighbour, an employee of KPA, for working in cohort with the MCA , a local village elder, the chief and his assistant to grab her property since 


A team of human rights defenders who visited the area warned the suspected land grabbers against using illegal means to harass innocent squatters and called on the government to intervene by ensuring the victims such as Alice get justice without delay. 

Sheria na Haki Human Rights Institute Executive Director John Etore Akaran warned those involved in the illegal demolition including the area OCS that they would be arrested to face to the law.

His executive secretary added that as a human right organization they would not allow corrupt administrators and politicians to abuse the rights of innocent and vulnerable Kenyans.

He called on squatters to stay firm in defending their rights to own land they have occupied for more than 14 years. 

Wakili Yose further added that his client will be heading to court again to demand that those involved in the demolition of the property in an orchestrated attempts to grab the land, face the law for what he termed as contempt of court. 

Mombasa high court had earlier 2013 issued an order in favor of the woman and provided her with permission for advance possession of the property.

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