June 19, 2024

Governor Suffers Setback as Assembly Rejects List

Tana River Governor Dhadho Ghodhana addressing the Media in his office (Photo/ Courtesy)

By Haguye Guye

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Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana suffered a setback after three of his executive member nominees he submitted for approval by the County assembly were rejected.

The assembly overwhelmingly rejected the appointment of three nominees citing lack of two third gender threshold.

Through a motion tabled by the committee on appointment chaired by Deputy speaker Ms. Raha Katisha the assembly unanimously opposed the approval of the three nominees who included Messrs. Abdullahi Hanti for public service and information, Mr. Joshua Jarha for environment and climate change and Mr. Jillo Algi for water, energy, mining and natural resources dockets.

Tana River Governor Dhado Ghodhana being received at County Assembely by the Speaker Osman Galole and Senator Danson Buya Mungatana (Photo/ Courtesy)

Mrs.Katisha who is also the MCA for Garsen South said though the three nominees have the required qualifications they lack requisite experience to warrant them to be executive members.

‘Although the three have the required qualifications they lack extensive knowledge to diligently serve the residents of Tana River and we therefore reject them” she said 

However, a dissenting opinion by some Members who demanded the three nominees approved despite the lack of gender threshold could not change the stand of the Assembly.

Drama almost ensued when Mikinduni MCA Paul Maro attempted to turn the assembly into a church hall by demanding members to set aside house business and worship God in the chamber.

‘Let’s follow Gods commandments but not Human made laws and for this we must approve the three nominees because we have no reason to reject them” he stressed

Members accused Mr. Maro for the sentiments which they termed them as disrespectful not to members only but to God as well.

He claimed that members were deliberately pulling down efforts by the Governor whose trying his best to submit names of local residents in order to uplift their living standards and those of their families through such employment.

‘What I see here is total division and I want to ask members to shun away tribalism in the house. We could be right to talk about legal procedures in the house but also lets not overlook God’s preaching and discard minor issues to accommodate others. We shall be answerable to God for not being mindful of others come judgement day” he said.

Tana River County Assembly in session (Photo ?Courtesy)

The speaker of the assembly Mr. Osman Galole equally had some rough time to calm feud between the two opposing camps.

He called on members to respect the regulations of the house by conducting themselves with utmost decorum.

Nominated MCA Linah Jarha vowed not to accept the eight nominees until the two third gender rule is adhered to by nominating women to the CeC Positions.

Nominated MCA Abdulhakim Shehe who represents people living with disabilities asked the assembly to stop wasting time on the issue instead approve the nominees not to halt service delivery to the residents of Tana River county.

Last week local Human Rights defenders issued an Ultimatum to the assembly to reject Governor Dhadho Godhana’s list of nominees claiming that it lacks community cultural diversity.

Messrs. Rashid Onchaga, Frankheart Ddaiddo and Ms.Yasmin Hassan asked the assembly not to approve the nominees complaining that the Governor contravened the constitutional provisions adding that they will be forced to take legal action against members if they don’t heed their call.

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