June 16, 2024

Wananyuki FC Elects New Officials

Players of Wananyuki Football Club in a group photograph during one of its FKF Division Two matches in Mombasa County. (Photo By Halima Charo)

By Halima Charo

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Mombasa’s Wananyuki FC, which is among the oldest clubs in Kenya, has elected new officials bringing to an end protracted leadership wrangles.

The club established in 1950 is known for producing national team players such as Mahmud Abbas (Kenya One), Kadir Farah, Mahmud Mohammed and Badi Ali.

Reclaiming its glamour

In 1980’s, Wananyuki was among top teams in the Division One of the defunct Kenya Football Federation (KFF) league in  Mombasa and it was a thorn in the flesh for many established teams such as Mwenge, Feisal, Ramogi, Kenatco and Nyundo .

The Mwembekuku based team finished in the second position in the just concluded Division Two League of Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Mombasa County.

The team boasts of having its own club complex where a larger part of it has been rented and fetching about Sh1.4 million annually.

The officials elected are Kassim Adnan (Chairman), Stambul Seif (Secretary), David Wanjohi (Treasurer), Anwar Abdulaziz (Vice Chairman), Mohamed Abdi (Assistant Secretary) and Nabil Karama (Assistant Treasurer).

Peaceful transition

The new team will replace former officials who have been holding their position on an interim basis for several years that forced a section of members petitioning FKF demanding for election which was long overdue.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa, Football Kenya Federation Coast National Executive Member Gabriel Mghendi commended the club for holding a peaceful election and expressed hope that this will bring to an end the leadership wrangles.

“When club members, elders and former officials approached us to intervene, we advised them to follow the club’s constitution and work together to iron out their differences amicably,” said Mghendi.

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