February 17, 2024

COVID-19: Teacher In Custody For Defiling a Minor

Diani Police Station. Image: (Courtesy)

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Police are holding a primary school teacher for allegedly defiling a minor.
The accused, a teacher at Kiruku Primary School in Lunga Lunga Sub County has been detained at Diani police station.
Mathias Mramba was arrested after the family of the 16 years old girl went missing.
The teacher, aged 30 is alleged to have defiled the minor for two consecutive weeks.

Msambweni sub-county police commander Nehemiah Bitok confirmed the incident, saying the minor disappeared on 26 June under an unclear circumstances. 
“The parents notified the police that their daughter was missing only to be found at Ratinga in Ukunda after some days later,” said Bitok.
According to the girl, the teacher used to lock her in a darkroom, threatening to kill her before defiling her every passing day.

The minor also alleged that Mramba had an accomplice who used to grab her while he mercilessly defiled her.
“There was another man who forcefully held me when I refused to give in myself to the teacher,” said the girl.
She said the room was very cold, stuffy and knives were scattered all over the floor.
“The day I was ‘kidnapped’ I met with the two men, one of them greeted her and the next thing I remember is I found myself locked up in a strange room.”  She narrated in between sobs.

Diani Police Station van. Image; (Courtesy)

Her parents now want justice for their daughter.
At the same time, Kwale County Commander Joseph Nthenge says cases of defilement have shot up to over 18 between the months of March and July.

Police are pursuing the second perpetrator who is on the run.
The accused will be arraigned in court on Monday.
Meanwhile, Bitok has warned parents to be responsible of their children.

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