June 14, 2024

Kilifi Governor Disbands Public Service Board

Kilifi Governor Gedion Mung'aro address the media at his residence in Kilifi moments after disbanding the County Public Service Board.

By Halima Kalisho

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Kilifi County Public Service Board has been disbanded following accusation of hiring staff based on nepotism and abuse of office.

Governor Gedion Mung’aro says the board under its chairperson Rose Ngoa was not delivering on its mandate based on the county law.

The board members, according to him, failed to prove their innocence when summoned to appear before the County Assembly.

“I have taken time to go through the full report and the decision reached unanimously under section 55 of the county government Act 2012 which directs what must be done by the appointing authorities.”

The members shown the door include Raymond Mramba, Alphonce Mrima and Patience Mwangiri.

On a new board, Mr Mung’aro, said he had already submitted a list to the Assembly for vetting.

“The new board is expected to start work immediately the Assembly completes its exercise of vetting them.”

In the meantime, the secretariat will carry out all the duties that do not require approval of the board.

According to him the board failed to represent its reports to the County Assembly for the last three years.

“The board is required to present its report every year to the assembly for the work it has done but they failed to do so.”

The duty of the public service board is developing and implementing human resource policies for the county government.

When reached for comments, the board chair Ms Ngoa attributed their removal on politics and self-interest out to tarnish their names.

“I read politics on all what’s happening at the board and I can tell without fear of contradiction – It’s just politics.”

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