May 28, 2022

Officers Hiding Behind Essential Services Warned of Dire Consequences

Ministry of Interior Chief administrative Secretary Hussein Dhadho (in yellow shirt) flanked by other senior government officials in Kwale county on Monday



The government has vowed to take a legal action against public and private officers found offering essential services with their vehicles in counties under partial lockdown.

Speaking to the media at the Lunga Lunga border post in Kwale county on Monday, Hussein Dhadho Chief Administrative secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Interior public officers found defying the order will be arrested and arraigned before court of law.
Dhadho observed that any official offering essential services will be allowed in and out of counties with restricted movement only if he or she is on duty to avoid those misusing their positions.
The counties include; Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa.
The CAS pointed out that the border is strictly opened strictly to ferry cargo and not passengers.
Meanwhile, the CAS called upon Muslim faithfuls to use the Ramadhan period in praying for the country as it struggles to fight off the spread of COVID19 pandemic.

“Pray earnestly during this holy month of Ramadhan for your families, neighbours and the government so that this pandemic does not bring us more harm,” Dhadho urged the Muslims.
His remarks comes after Kwale county commissioner Karuku Ngumo claimed that some officers offering essential services have been ferrying people using their vehicles from Kwale to Mombasa making thus undermining efforts by the police to implement the directive
He was accompanied by Ministry of Health CAS Rashid Aman who said the government intends to start testing all track drivers at all border points to ensure the country is safe.
Transport and infrastructure CAS Chris Obure lauded efforts by multi-agency officers for ensuring the government directive is adhered to.

Transport and infrastructure CAS Chris Obure. (Image Courtesy)

Obure called on Kwale locals to adhere to all government instructions in the combating the corona virus so that the country get back to normalcy.

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