May 28, 2023

Move Away Before You’re Swept Away by Floods, Residents Urged

The meteorological department has warned of a heavy downpour at the South Coast. Image: (Courtesy)



The Directorate of Meteorological department in Kwale County has called on families living in flood prone areas to move to higher grounds to avoid being swept away by floods.

Addressing the media in Kwale County on Thursday Dominic Mbindyo , County Director in charge of meteorological department predicted of a possible flooding due to heavy rains in the region.

The director notes that families from Kiwegu, Vanga, Jego in Lungalunga subcounties and those living in Lemba area and Diani paradise, Msambweni sub county are at high risk of experiencing floods this season.

He further revealed that a heavy downpour is expected in the first and second week of May.

“The rains are as a result of high temperatures at the sea level and the showers will be accompanied by strong winds. Be on the lookout during this season,” said the director.

The weatherman urged the county government to unblock clogged drainage systems in all towns to avoid flooding. 

“In Diani and Ukunda flooding is a result of blocked drainages systems. This is because some residents had built houses on water streams,” insisted Mbindyo.

His sentiments were echoed by Kwale County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo who challenged fishermen in the region to take precautions during this rain season. 

Kwale County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo. Image: (Courtesy)

“When the sea becomes turbulent stay at home, don’t risk your lives.  I understand you have to feed your families but please let us be careful for our own safety,” advised the administrator

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