September 26, 2023

Depression and Divorce can Lead to Drug Abuse, Say Expert

Reach Out Centre Trust Executive director Taib Abdulrahman. Image: PETER KOMBE



Depression and divorce have been cited as key push factors for people engaging in drug and substance use, Taib Abdulrahman who is the executive director of Reachout Trust Centre has revealed.
Addressing the media in Mombasa on Friday Abdulrahman said some people have resorted to drug usage after undergoing a series of family challenges.
According to him, most drug users lie between the age bracket of 14 – 18 and 18 – 35..
“We even have some who are between 45 and 50 years of age, due to family pressure among other issues,” he noted.
Abdulrahman however thanked the county administration for the steps taken to address the challenge of drug and substance abuse.
“The county has put in place effective measures to ensure that drug addicts are well taken care of. There is also good will from the members of the county assembly,” he said.
The director also commended efforts done by journalists and bloggers in disseminating information to the public adding that they are critical players as far as informing the public on issues such as drug and substance use, health among other issues.
The ceo says the organization fully recognizes the media as a major working partner in its daily efforts to ensure the community understands the harmful effects of drug use, HIV and AIDS.
“Today’s engagement will increase public knowledge and awareness on drug use among the youth, who are the most affected,” noted Abdulrahman

Depression can lead to one engage in drug use, drug expert. Image; (Courtesy)

The lobbyist urged both journalists and bloggers within the county to focus more on health related issues by engaging the community on how they can access and get involved in combating drug menace in the region.
The organization also conducts HIV prevention program in Voi sub county in Taita Taveta County. 

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