December 8, 2022

Empowerment Programs Reduce Crime Government Says

Youth under Kazi Mtaani Program

By Nyevu Mwarandu


Youth empowerment programs targeting the young people in Kisauni Sub county have been attributed to the decline of crime from the gang phenomenon mantra that has dogged the area for a long time. 

Jamlek Mbuba, deputy county commissioner, is happy the youths that had previously lost their bearing are now using their energies for worthwhile endeavours that are paying dividends. 

In a Kisauni Youth Summit organised by Dream Achievers Youth Organisation, Mr Mbuba commended the youth for embracing government programs like Kazi Mtaani and business loans to start businesses.

“The level of crime has gone down because youth have come out to embrace government initiatives and other youth empowerment programs.

We have in recent times witnessed youth who had been criminals surrendering to authorities and changing for the better,” he said.


The campaign to engage young people in community service has drastically changed their perception to be acceptable and useful members of the society thus taking up errands such the National Hygiene Program (NHP) dubbed ‘Kazi Mtaani’ initiative.

Youth on Kazi Mtaani Program (Photo/Courtesy)

This has seen most of the youths abandoned their criminal activities like doing drugs and substance abuse in lieu of engaging in productive work.

Enos Opiyo, Dream Achievers Youth Organisation (DAYO) programs Officer, says the organization has embarked on series of empowerment projects to reduce criminal activities in the subcounty.

“We want young people to get busy so that social vices can be a thing of the past. We know when people are jobless and idle, crime is always high and that is what this program is discouraging,” he adds.

Youth unblock Sewerage pipes under Kazi Mtaani Program (Photo Courtesy)

By abandoning crime, the youth are giving themselves a lease of life for the future instead of being hunted fugitives with a bullet on their head by the security agencies fighting to control gangs’ insurgency in notorious Kisauni and Likoni constituencies.

Targeted for this program, the government has identified 2,275 and 2,020 youths in Kisauni and Likoni respectively who have been earmarked for different skills to cushion them from the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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