June 16, 2024

Kwale Women Vow to Capture all Seats Come 2022

Kwale Deputy Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani (Right), Josphat Chirema Kombo (Left) Governor Salim Mvurya (Centre) Photo By Kahonzi Kaliwa

By Kahonzi Kaliwa

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Kwale county gubernatorial aspirant Fatuma Achani has endorsed Samburu-Chengoni MCA Josphat Chirema Kombo as her running mate in the oncoming 2022 general election.

Fatuma Achani, who is the county deputy governor, said she made the decision after she  consulted Kinango subcounty clergy.

“I want to thank governor Salim Mvurya for his guidance and wisdom throughout this process; we are now set and I ask the people of Kwale for their votes,” the deputy governor said.

She was mentored to gun for the seat through a new initiative dubbed “Wadada Wa Pawa” steered by  National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK).
The ongoing programme is set to empower women to have equal rights on leadership.

As a result of the programme, more than 30 women from Kwale County have shown interest to vie for political positions in the coming general elections.

The has earned wide support of  the Kwale community and helped to erode old thinking that leadership was a male preserve in the community.

Religious leader Geofrey Wanyoike (Photo By Kahonzi Kaliwa)

Religious leaders led by Geofrey Wanyoike have agreed to support women running for political office after receiving training on the importance of women leadership in the county and country at large.

“Now is the time for women to take up leadership positions because they have been empowered by NCCK to realize that they too can lead.  Through NCCK we now see women are  more open, but in the past we were preventing them from leading,” says the pastor.

Killing old mindsets
An elder Abdullah Juma said: “Traditions of confining women to household chores have been misused to claim a woman could not take over public leadership positions.
“But after receiving training from NCCK, we have seen the importance of supporting women in leadership.  What a male leader can do, a woman can do more.”

Michael Tsimba, the leader of the council of elders, said time is ripe to ensure every gender is given a leadership role.

“We have seen in the home that men have failed in their responsibilities and women carry those responsibilities themselves, so women’s leadership is better. I would like women’s development to be given more emphasis,” says Mr Tsimba.

Mkongani ward constituency Aspirant Pendo Lugogo (Photo By Kahonzi Kaliwa

Yes women we can
Mkongani ward constituency candidate Pendo Lugogo has agreed to the training he received from NCCK through the “sisters of the gift” project would enable her to enter the race.

“I am inspired by NCCK that  as a mother, I can run for political office and win elections.  Information is power because women have been immersed in politics without even planning, but through this project I have already begun to see change and there is hope. Women will win the next election,” says Ms Pendo.

An aspirant for the constituency Elizabeth Mwangolo urged young people and women to turn out to vote in the 2022 polls.

Ms Mwangolo regretted over lack of female MCAs in the county, a situation that deprives them of the opportunities in public decisions making process.

“No mother has been elected to parliament; our voices are not fully heard, but I believe in the next election we will find women elected in the county and even the national assembly,” said Ms Mwangolo.

Ginora Kinyasi is a woman running for senator in Kwale County while Nimusimu Mwasina is vying for Matuga parliamentary seat. 

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