December 1, 2023

Government Warns Road Users on Over-speeding

A Boda boda rider in Lamu county. The riders have been accused of overspeedingImage: (Zubeir Athman)



The government has issued a stern warning to users of the Lamu-Garsen route against careless driving on the road during this season of heavy rains.
Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia asked drivers of the vehicles to be extra careful to avoid accidents, injuries and deaths on the road which is too slippery during such a period.
Speaking to the media in Lamu town, Macharia said various sections of the Lamu-Garsen road, particularly those still under construction are in poor state and extremely dangerous.
“We have  in recent days been witnessing heavy rains in most parts of Lamu, making some sections under construction bad hence motorists should avoid overspending and or careless driving.”
You would rather be slow but sure than rushing and end up dying. We don’t want to lose people on our roads each and every day,” advised the administrator.

Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia Image: (Courtesy)

On October 6, 2019, three people were injured in a road accident that involved a Kenya Red Cross Society vehicle and Toyota Wish at Sese area on the Hongwe-Mpeketoni road.
Both the vehicles were speeding on the slippery road before the Red Cross vehicle, while trying to overtake, slithered and rammed into the Toyota.
On October 22 the same year, two people were seriously injured after a car they were travelling in veered off the road and rolled several times at Mambo Sasa Forest near Witu on the Lamu-Mombasa toad.
On August 7, 2019, a four months old baby died and more than ten people injured in a road accident after the bus they were travelling in rammed into a lorry that was transporting construction materials at Hindi area on the Lamu-Mombasa road.

Boda Boda riders carrying customers in Lamu county. Image: (Courtesy)

On August16 this year, 14 people escaped unhurt after a Nissan shuttle they were travelling veered off the road and rolled severally following a tyre burst at Maisha Masha area.
The 14 seater shuttle was bound for Lamu from Mombasa before the accident happened. 

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