December 1, 2023

Mungatana Refutes Fraudulent Charges

Danson Mungatana. Image: (Courtesy)



Directorate of Criminal Investigation detectives, on Tuesday (August 11, 2020), pounced on the former assistant minister and Garsen MP Danson Mungatana and arrested him for undisclosed allegations. 

The incident attracted media attention that went ahead to report it claiming the Tana River County leader was arrested for obtaining monies in false pretence. 

Refuting a section of media reports through a statement, Mr Mungatana told the Coast Newspaper online platform was only caught at the wrong place and at the wrong time.    

According to him he was in the line of duty and had nothing to do with the business transaction but only there to represent a client. 

On the material day, DCI officers pounced on the legislator-lawyer at Sagret hotel in Nairobi where alongside other personalities were arrested on claims of attempting to obtain money fraudulently.

The former lawmaker explained that he was there representing a Mr Kenneth Odiga, who brokers for contracts among other businesses with another Mr. White Waweru who is a broker for companies.

“They held meetings and I was paid for my services as a lawyer. I was called to a meeting by Mr. Waweru together with owners of the company,” he says in the statement.

The DCI was acting on a Miss Evelyn Njoki’s ‘accusations’ of being introduced to Mr Mungatana regarding a tender at the Department of Defense (DoD) that was worthy Sh70 million.

 According to her the ex-MP was to assist her to secure the tender but Mr Mungatana insists its total lies adding that he was only contracted to render legal services as a lawyer.

“I connected two parties, one with a contract but no capacity and one with capacity but no contract. I never thought that there was any shady dealing and I was going to confirm the issue of commission upon supply,” he says.


Both parties promised to pay him commissions after end of contract but he did not understand why he was being accused of obtaining monies through false pretence when he was just offering his legal services.

Based on the documents and monies at play, he expresses confidence that he was a ‘stranger’ in the whole scheme and ready to clear his name even in court.

It is believed the concerned lady paid an upfront of Sh1 million last month (July), but when the deal failed to materialise she enlisted the assistance of law enforcers.

Danson Mungatana, Image: (Courtesy)

In order to clear himself, Mr Mungatana volunteered to cooperate willingly with the DCI detectives to unearth any ‘shady deal’ that was being cut through seeking his legal mind. 

As they were having tea, according to him, police officers arrived saying that the documents being used for the transaction were fake. 

“I went with my client to check what is happening. I explained to the officers what I know about the transaction and I am available anytime to them,” he adds. 

However, the MP was picked protesting that he was there only offering legal services to his two clients and had nothing to do with the accusations being labelled against him. 

Mr Mungatana has a pending case in court where he is being accused of theft amounting to Sh13 million from Kilifi County. 

The charges against him are fraudulently acquiring public property through false documents and dealing with proceeds of crime. 

He had just arrived from Tana River where he had gone to bury his wife only to be arrested in Nairobi and taken to a Malindi court to answer the charges. 

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