September 23, 2021

Develop Clear Programs to Avert Impacts of Climate Change, says MP

By The Coast Newspaper Team

The National Assembly Committee on Environment and Natural Resources has called on the environment ministry to develop clear cut policies and programs.

According to the committee this will ensure that climate related challenges are adequately addressed.

Speaking to the media at the sidelines of an IGAD conference in Mombasa on Monday, National Assembly Committee member in charge of Environment and Natural Resources Charity Kathambi said the effects of climate change cannot be over emphasized.

She further noted that the committee has set up a special kitty worth 1 billion shillings to facilitate tree planting in various parts of the country.

She noted “Climate change is real. Our forests, rivers and streams have dried up making water a scarce commodity as we speak,”

The Njoro constituency MP asked the environment ministry to prudently use the kitty in order to enable researchers conduct intensive research on the right trees to plant in different parts of the country.

She says streams, rivers and water points have dried due to the effects of climate change.

On the other hand, Mohammed Elmi Chief Administrative Secretary in charge of Environment and Forestry said climate change has been a concern in the recent past.

He however noted that the government has been able to put up measures to address the impacts of climate change.

“This conference brings together all IGAD countries in the horn of Africa. It brings together local and international climate experts so that they can share their findings on climate matters” he noted.

Mr. Elmi says the resolution of the conference will chat a way forward in mitigating against expected seasonal weather effects.

He said meteorology plays a crucial role in enhancing socio economic growth in any country.

The three day workshop brought together delegates from IGAD countries.

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