November 29, 2022

Forceful Disappearance Cases Increase as Family Demands for Kinsman

Haki africa executive director Hussein Khalid. Image: MWAKWAYA RAYMOND

By The COAST Team


Cases of people disappearing mysteriously in the hands of the law enforcers have drastically increased with 19 cases having been reported since the beginning of the year.

Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid says only 6 people out of the 19 cases resurfaced after a prolonged public outcry.Khalid adds that no one who can tell the whereabouts of the remaining 13 persons that went missing early this year.This comes in a wake where a family in Bamburi Mombasa County wants the government to bring back their loved one whom they claim was picked by armed police officers one month ago without any clear reasons.The victim, David Taitumu is alleged to have been forcefully abducted by armed men near Mombasa Primary School on August 14 this year.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Tuesday, Regina Karimi, the victim’s wife, wants the Director of Criminal Investigation to come open and disclose the mestirious disappearance.

Regina Karimi the wife to the allegedly abducted victim. Image: MWAKWAYA RAYMOND

Karimi says her husband, a businessman operating a legal business, has no criminal record or whatsoever.
“We reported the matter to the Central Police and Urban Police Station. They have been telling us to wait as they carry on with the investigation which is rather too slow.” she said.
Report indicate that his phone call went unanswered for two days before going off .
The victim who is a father of one girl had other dependants who relied on him for they daily bread.

“He was the bread winner. We are two of us and currently in the university and entirely depend on him. We do not see any light at the end of the tunnel,”  explained Mutethia who also depends on him
Mutethia further urged Kenyans to report any traces of him to the relevant authorities.

Close relative of the family displays a photo of the allegedly abducted vitim David Taitumu. Image; MWAKWAYA RAYMOND

Haki Africa further urged the government to unearth all those involved in the case and face the wrath of the law.
“Since January to date we have documented a total of 19 cases. Out of these 6 person allegedly abducted have been found and united with their families,” he said.
The executive director notes that cases of enforced disappearance have become rampant in the Coast region.
Haki Africa Rapid Response officer Mathias Shipeta claimed that residents had lost confidence in the security apparatus in the area due to increased  forceful disappearances.
“We have security cameras located in every corner of this county. It is now worrying that on daily basis we continue to record these cases,”  Shipeta lamented.

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