December 6, 2022

COVID-19: Unite in Combating COVID-19, Hindu Clergy Tells Kenyans

Hindu Priests, Vinod Miraj and Kishor Miraj addressing locals at a food distribution exercise in Mombasa, an initiative by Mombasa Cement. Image: PETER KOMBE



The clergy from different religions have called on Kenyans to join hands in a bid to stop further spread of the corona pandemic.

The priests say the war on COVID19 will only be fought should Kenyans unite.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Monday, Vinod Miraj, a Hindu priest, said the coronavirus disease has united all communities regardless of their social background, religion, status, colour and creed.

He says the war against the corona pandemic requires a multifaceted approach.

“Various communities the world over have joined hands in a bid to combat the spread of the corona pandemic. We are all one and we must fight this disease,” he noted.

His sentiments were echoed by Kishor Miraj, another priest from the Hindu community.

“What we need as a world community is to be corona free,” the priest noted.

At the same time, Bishop Joshua Beja from the World Evangelism Ministry in Likoni Sub County asked Kenyans to share their wealth with the less fortunate in society.

He says the country is undergoing tough economic challenges adding that  vulnerable communities lack some of the basic necessities.

Bishop Joshua Beja from the World Evangelism Ministry in Likoni Sub County and Bishop John Mutuku addressing the media in Mombasa on Friday. Image: PETER KOMBE

The clergy further pointed out that giving as an act is anchored Christian teachings and principles.

Meanwhile, Redeemed Gospel Church clergy Bishop John Mutuku said it is high time Kenyan communities speak with voice

Mutuku said the act of giving paves way for a shower of blessings in one’s life.

“Kenyans should give out what they have by sharing with the less fortunate in society. We should remain as a single Kenyan community,” said the bishop.

Since the confirmation of the first COVID-19 case in Kenya in March this year, various religious groups have been at the forefront in cushioning vulnerable communities with COVID-19 relief food.

Mombasa County through its COVID 19 Emergency Response Relief Committee has also assisting a section of locals with relief food.

 However, some of  residents raised eyebrows on how the program was undertaken on claims that the food was directed to particular households.

 The national government on the other hand  has not come clear on the COVID 19 relief food.

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