September 22, 2021

Government Rolls out 10 Point Strategy to Facilitate Service Delivery

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i. Image ( Courtesy)


In a bid to strengthen service delivery throughout the country, the Ministry of Interior and coordination of National government has rolled out 10 key pillars.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i , speaking to security bosses from the 47 counties in Mombasa on Wednesday, said the plan will streamline and harmonize government services and operations.

The 10 point plan spans through 2020 to 2021.

The ten point plan include among others; reforms in the police service, countering terrorism, citizen service delivery, war against drugs, reforms in the transport sector and automation of citizen services.

Other key pillars are; integrity, security in universities, fire arms and training of government officers.

On the issue of police reforms, Matiang’i said the ministry will invest in resource mobilization in a bid to achieve reforms in the National Police Service.

He says the move will transform effectiveness and ensure efficiency in the NPS.

Concerning service delivery to Kenyans, the Interior CS called on the PS in charge of Citizen Services to warn officers within the department against using dubious methods for their personal gains.

He vested county commissioners with the responsibility of checking, reporting and taking action on inefficient government officers.

“I have at times had of cases where public officers skip duties or even extend lunch hours. As servants, this must come to an end,” he warned.

  On the issue of automating of government services, the CS explained that starting July 1, government documents including; passports, national IDs and birth and death certificates will be issued on the same day upon application.

He said automation of citizen services will only be achieved through synchronizing existing data sources.

On matters integrity of government servants, the CS said the ministry is focused on achieving radical improvement on integrity issues.

Said the CS “I will not put up with any act of citizen shakedown or creation of fear, anxiety and desperation. You cannot make Kenyans slaves in their own country,”  

The Ministry has also suspended firearms dealers licenses with immediate effect.

This according to Matiang’i will ensure security in the country.

“We cannot always afford to lose our own people in areas where cattle rustling is rampant. Cattle rustling is like any form of crime. It should be dealt with in accordance with the law,” he noted.   

Matiang’i further indicated that among the key pillars government will intensify war on drugs and drug lords.

The CS reiterated the government committment in eradicating drug and white collar crimes.

He noted “We shall use each and every state machinery so that we wipe out all those engaging in drug business,”  

As a way of intensifying security in both public and private universities, technical and vocational training institutions,, the interior security boss said University-Community Security Committees will also be formed.

This he says, will ensure security of locals living around university and technical training institutions.

“We have had cases of insecurity around universities. In this plan we shall incorporate both heads of institutions and the community,” he noted. 

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