June 16, 2024

Revive Cash Crops in Coast, ASK Appeals to Leaders

Agricultural Society of Kenya Mombasa Branch Chairperson Anisa Abdallah accompanied by Bandari Sacco manager Otieno Bee doing some inspections ready for this years event. (Photo/ Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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Agricultural Society of Kenya is appealing passionately to Coast Leadership to give a chance on the revival of cash crops saying this will rejuvenate economic status of its local people.

A big percentage of its population is languishing in abject poverty while huge chunks of land are lying idle due to unexplained or unclear reasons.

Anisa Abdallah, Agricultural Society of Kenya Mombasa branch chairperson, cites crops such as cashew nut, coconut, bixa among others can be improved to enhance their produce so as to elevate locals’ standards of living.

“Time is now for our leaders to invest in technological agriculture to reap dividends in our local cash and food crops that do well within our ecosystems,” she adds.

According to her farmers should be encouraged to plant new crops as the current ones, especially coconut and cashew nut trees have aged with negligible yields.

Mining and other natural resources notwithstanding, the region boasts of arable parcels of land suitable for agricultural activities.

However, due to traditional farming methods, the region has been unable to feed itself with huge reliance of foodstuffs from without though it has resources not only to feed its inhabitants, but also sale elsewhere.

The chairperson wants this conservative farming be changed for modern one and she is of view to start engaging local lawmakers with intent of convincing them to pump some resources in the revival of the Coast’s cash crops.

“I talked to two legislators on the same and even agreed to sponsor some youth to attend our conference in Agriculture which will be held days before the show opens it’s doors to offer them a chance to learn much on agricultural openings,” she told journalist’s at Jomo Kenyatta ground, Mkomani on August 7, 2023.

She says the ASK gives unique opportunities not only to farmers but also even youngsters to learn emerging issues in the agriculture and many other related sectors.

The chairlady challenged youth to venture into farming sector saying it was a job just like any other and it was worth undertaking with good returns.

“Many youths shy away from farming but let me tell you that there’s alot of money in it leave alone the fact that all meals come from the farm.”

According to her large number of youth would rather go hungry than to take up farming as a career or business.

With the collapse of the tourism industry, she adds this has even worsened the poverty index in the region which depends on industry for its economic survival.

The chairperson explained that more families were likely to face the famine if efforts to arrest the situation were not put in place soon.

This year’s international Mombasa show will open its gate in September 06 with a number of local and international exhibitors to grace it.

Current records indicate that over 150 exhibitors have so far confirmed their participation in this year.

Separately, Bandari Sacco manager Otieno Bee challenged showgoers not to shy away from applying for loans saying it was the only way they could better their lives through aided farming.

“If poverty is to be kicked out of this region, then locals must apply for loans and venture into business and make money.”

According to him his organization has resolved to offer loans at a very low interest to trigger development in the area and especially on agribusiness enterprises

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