December 8, 2022

MUHURI Launches Voter Education and Peace Campaign in Coast Region

IEBC Mombasa county Elections manager Swalhah Yusuf addressing journalists after the launch of the Voter Education and Peaceful campaign (Photo/ Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter


A Mombasa based rights lobby Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) has added its voice on the calls for peaceful campaigns.

Led by the lobby group Executive Director Fredrick Okada, the lobby is urging youth, who happen form about 75 percent of the registered voters, to desist from being used by selfish leaders to cause violence.

He further advised them to use their wisdom and knowledge to vote in accountable leaders regardless of one’s ethnic or religious affiliation.

Okada was addressing the media in Mombasa at IEBC County offices during the flagging off of a peace caravan

The peace caravan under the Kenya Electoral Conflict Mitigation and Civic/Voter Education Support (ECCES) programme funded by USAID through Act! is being implemented in four counties including Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi and Tana River.

The five day event was launched on Thursday in Kilifi County and will cover the four politically volatile counties as a way of engaging with electorates.

“Apart from the caravan, there will be town hall meetings, aspirant’s debates, youth meetings and many other activities to engage the electorate,” Okada said.

IEBC Mombasa county elections manager Swalhah Yusuf said they are ready for the elections.

However, she still called on registered voters to turn up in large numbers and verify their details to avoid being locked out of the voting exercise on August 9.

 “IEBC is on course with their schedule of events as Kenya heads towards the elections, From May 29 to June 7, we will be conducting the candidate’s registration,” said Yusuf.

The officer also said candidates who will breach the IEBC Code of conduct which they have signed will not be cleared to vie for any seat, 

IEBC and Mhuri officers sensatizing the public on Voter Education and peaceful campaigns (Photo / Courtesy()

Such breaches include include incitement, provocation, violence, and voter bribery, among others.

On issue of vote verification Swalha said the turnout was good and urged the electorate who find themselves misplaced or subjected to vote in a polling station then the one registered to, to visit IEBC constituency for verification of the matter.

Muhuri rapid response officer Francis Auma said the elections are being observed by many different parties and so politicians should not try any monkey business.

 “We will partner with IEBC to ensure that leaders who do not adhere to the electoral code of conduct are disqualified from the races,” said Auma.

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