December 7, 2022

Murshid Calls for Action on Disappeared Kenyans

Former commissioner in the apex National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Mr Murshid Abdalla (Photo . Courtesy)

By The COAST Reporter


A former commissioner in the apex National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Mr Murshid Abdalla has condemned disappearances of Kenyans especially in Mombasa.

Mr Abdalla said acts of forced disappearances should come to an end and action taken against whoever are involved.

The former commissioner who is contesting Mvita constituency seat promised to use parliament to address the issue of disappearances once he gets elected.

A bill to spell out  punitive actions for perpetrators of forced disappearance would be his priority number one when he elected.

He claimed lack of law to prevent the vice and protects has made perpetrators to have a field day to victimize people.

“We should not continue to tolerate that, people to disappear without trace, if we have criminals they can be jailed and the law must follow its course, “said Abdalla while addressing a political gathering in Majengo Kingorani on Sunday.

He added “This issue of forceful abductions of persons, should stop, this are not chicken, they are human beings who are protected by the constitution, let us not violate the aw.

“If there is a criminal let him be prosecuted, but the stories of mistaken identity should stop.”

Abdalla blamed  MPs from Mombasa County  for failing to follow up on the issue of disappearances and protection of rights of the victims.

“I blame the leaders who represent the people because they have failed to make policies that can protect the people and also restrict forceful disappearances,” said the former police commissioner.

Abdalla Abdallah, who is vying on United Green Movement (UGM) party ticket, said his candidature is about bringing transformative leadership centered on resolving pertinent issues affecting Mvita residents.

“My agenda is economic, provision of clean water, improvement of health and education standards. It’s about bringing servant leadership to Mvita people by providing sustainable solutions to those core issues facing them.

The Indian trained Constitutional Lawyer said he will bank on wealth of experience in private and public sectors and employ a highly creative process to address the needs of  Mvita residents.

“Mvita people need a transformative leader, because there is no shortage of leaders with good quality. We urge our people to elect development conscious leaders to deliver development to them,” said Abdala.

Former commissioner in the apex National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Mr Murshid Abdalla 9Photo/ Courtesy)

The aspirant will now battle it out with Mohammed Machele (ODM), Omar Shallo (UDA), Mohammed Juma (Wiper) and Said Twaha (PAA) among others.

Murshid was gggggg by Mombasa senator aspirant Alamin Siwa Somo and Women rep aspirant Hamisa Zaja.

Abdalla, who also served as National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG CDF) Chairman during Tourism Cabinet Secretary (CS), Najib Balala’s tenure as Mvita MP, also indicated that his development was conscious with bias towards youth and women empowerment.

About transfer of cargo logistics to Naivasha, Abdalla claimed the elected leaders have failed to push the the matter to ensure Mombasa is compensated for the lose.

“We have seen both sides saying they will revert the SGR policy on mandatory cargo haulage through SGR, they are just duping residents so that they can be elected. They are using lip service, but they don’t mean well for us because they would have done it so long ago,” said Abdalla.

“It’s against the law to allow the mandatory cargo haulage through the Railway, we will push and ensure the people of Mombasa get their economic rights ” he added.

He took a swipe at politicians, who are using young and energetic youth to cause chaos and mayhem to their political opponents during political meetings and campaigns, where he urged the youth not to be used as political machinery for hire.

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