November 29, 2022

Muslim Clerics Rebuke MP For Demolishing Mosque

Some muslim clerics pray at the site where the mosque was demolished. Image: (Courtesy)

By THE COAST Reporter


Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) wants Nyali lawmaker Mohammed Ali to apologize to the Muslim community for the demolition of a mosque in Kadzandani within his constituency.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Monday, Sheikh Mohammed Omar from VOK in Bombolulu said the action by the lawmaker contradicts the teachings and principles of the Islam religion.

Omar notes that the incidence has never happened in Kenyan history and depicts moral values.

“We are asking Ali to ask for forgiveness from the muslim community. Then ask the same forgiveness from God. He should also present us with evidence showing that the mosque should be destroyed.” He warned

At the same time, Sheikh Amir Zani from Likoni sub county claims the lawmaker never seeks advice from the elders.

The Muslim cleric also said that Mohammed has totally failed the test of a responsible leader.

“This has never happened. There is no Muslim faithful who has brought down a mosque. Take part of your monthly salary and ask for forgiveness from Allah,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Alhajj Ramadhan hailing from Shelly Beach in Likoni Sub County wants the lawmaker to bow down before God and repent for what he claims are ‘misdeeds’ a second time.

He says it is unfortunate for such a leader to do such an action.

“The very first time the politician stepped on that ground and ordered for the destruction of the mosque, that time he was Kafir. He must now ask for forgiveness,” he said.

Muslim clerics led by KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao. Image: (Courtesy)

Dr Salim Kassim says the action by the legislator is not only against Islamic teachings and principles but also unconstitutional.

Kassim notes that all places of worship including mosques and churches are holy places and should be accorded all due respect.

“The law must take its course. He is against vision 2030. He is ‘visionless’,” he claimed.

On his part, Kilifi County KMNAC Chairperson Badi Islam condemned the action saying it is unfortunate for such a leader to do such an act.

Islam said places of worship act safe places during times of state disorder.

“We condemn this act in the strongest terms possible. It is in such places that people run for refuge in times of dispair,” he noted.

The construction of the mosque was stopped on Friday. However the situation got dramatic after youths allegedly demolished the mosque on Saturday.

Residents want any development on the public land to be subjected to public participation.

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