June 19, 2024

Tourism Boom as Tong II-Moo-Do Championships Kicks off in Mombasa

Tong ll-Moo-Do Federation president Clarence Mwakio leads Kenya's team Jasiri to prepare ahead of the championships at Light International. (photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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Thousands of tourists are flocking in the Port City of Mombasa and its environs as Tong ll-Moo-Do starts the 11th championships.

Tong ll-Moo-Do Federation president Clarence Mwakio says apart from the competing teams thousands of fans have thronged the County to cheer up their respective teams.

According to Mwakio hotel industry will record good bed-occupancy as the number of visitors for the festive season and championships take centre stage.

“Apart from playing Tong ll-Moo-Do, players also have a program to visit different tourist destinations such as Tsavo National Park, Masai Mara, Amboseli alongside other areas of interest.”

The president, who was addressing the media early this week at Light International on its readiness, praised the government’s commitment in supporting this championships.

“The government, through its state department of sports, has pledged to release a total of Sh100 million in support of the event.”

In his earlier statement, the federation said it needed about Sh230 million to stage the championships adding that the remaining amount would be raised through sponsorship and other sources.

The two week event is set to kick off on Saturday, December 09, 2023 at Light International venue.

Countries that have confirmed participation are forty with some of teams already in Mombasa for the championships.

Kenya’s team, Jasiri, is currently training at Light International, ready to defend its title though some opponents are expected to offer a stiff challenge in their quest to dethrone Kenya.

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