October 6, 2022

Be wary of Fragile Quarries; Gov’t Warns Miners

Kwale County Police Commander Joseph Nthenge: Image (Courtesy)


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Miners in Kwale County have been urged to be more cautious as they go about their business during this period of heavy downpour experienced across the country. 
Issuing the notice, Kwale County Police Commander Joseph Nthenge said currently  quarries are very fragile and could easily collapse hence endanger the lives of the miners.

“I cannot stop miners from going about their during this rainy season but I urge them to be extremely careful. I understand by now the soil is very loose due to the heavy rains,” advised the officer.
The police commander urged the miners to seal all open holes to avoid drowning incidents. 
“We know that during this season, open holes at the quarries will be filled with rainy water. And the community especially children might end up swimming and as a result end up drowning.”
 Mr. Nthenge warned the locals against involving minors in mining activities adding that those found culpable will face a full force of the law.
“I have reports that some miners are taking children to the quarries to help them arrange stones. This habit should stop with immediate effect.”Nthenge warned.

Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya; Image: (Courtesy)

His sentiments come two weeks after Kwale county chief Salim Mvurya and county commissioner Karuku  Ngumo re-opened the quarries after a month closure due to the breakout of COVID-19.

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