June 16, 2024

Government Told to Support Sports Tourism

Tong IL-Moo-Do President Clarence Mwakio addressing the media in Mombasa ahead of the 11 th Edition Championship. (Photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond

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Kenya can earn a lot of foreign currency if it can invest in the sports tourism and sporting industry. 

Tong II-Moo-Do President Clarence Mwakio, addressing the media in Mombasa, says the government should diversify its focus beyond athletics and football adding that other sports events are equally important to rack in revenue.

Mwakio wants the government to extend its sponsorship to all sporting disciplines that can be turned into investments to attract revenue and foreign currency.

According to him since Tong ll-Moo-Do was introduced to Kenya some 20 years ago, the Kenyan team _Jasiri_ has won several championships both at home and internationally.

“It’s high time the government diversify by expanding the wings to cover other sporting events in its sponsorship apart from football so as to increase its revenue collection.”

The president says that any support geared towards any international sporting event will mean an annual increase in foreign exchange, thus, with more fans the country will get more revenue as teams keep growing every year both locally and globally.

In the past events held at Port City of Mombasa, the County received a lot of domestic and international tourists courtesy of the Tong ll-Moo-Do championships.

Acknowledging football commanded a large audience in the country, however, Mwakio notes that it will be foolhardy for the government to turn a blind eye to other promising sports disciplines that can be beneficial for its economic growth.

In his estimates, this year’s championship will cost about Sh500 million which he wants the government to give only Sh270 million of the targeted sum.

Kenya will host this year’s 11th Edition of Tong Il-Moo-Do Championships slated for December 09 to 20, 2023 in Mombasa.

This year a record 42 countries confirming to participate in the championship to be held at Agha Khan Academy. 

Among the teams expected are USA, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Turkey, Paraguay, Angola and Philippine.

In last year’s event, against all odds Team _Jasiri_ managed to bag a total of 185 medals out of which 45 were gold medals.

However, the Kenyan government is yet to confirm its sponsorship of the event.

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