May 28, 2022

Abide by Government Directives on COVID-19, Catholics Say

Kiembeni Parish priest Father Vincent Alicho called on the church to work jointly with government to combat the spread of COVID-19. Image; (Courtesy)


Catholic clerics in Mombasa County have lauded the government’s move of locking down COVID-19 hit counties.
The clergy says the directive aimed at saving millions of locals in these counties from contacting this deadly disease and the same should not be misinterpreted as though the government was curtailing the freedom of movement of her citizens.
Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Saturday, Kiembeni parish priest Father Vincent Alicho said it is high time the church works jointly with government in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Alicho reiterated the church commitment in combating the spread of the novel corona virus.
“I want to appeal to my fellow clerics that we should work together with government. Let us comply with what the government has said,” the priest noted.
He further urged the church to give alms to the less fortunate in society saying the country is undergoing a testing time.
The father called on Kenyans to adhere to the government directives of sanitizing their hands, wearing face masks and maintaining the social distancing rule.

Kiembeni Catholic Parish Priest Rev Father Vincent Alicho at a past Church function. Image; (Courtesy)

The catholic cleric further appealed to the political class to stand with Kenyans during this period saying there are thousands of families throughout the country that lack even basic commodities.
“I want to thank political leaders for the initiative of giving out part of their salaries to be channeled to the less fortunate. That is a whole-hearted sacrifice they have done,”
Concerning the Easter message to Kenyans, the cleric wants the church to ensure a peaceful co-existence amongst the diverse communities throughout the country.
According to the catholic clergy, this year’s Easter brings in a message of hope, love, kindness and peace to Kenyans.
“It is time for peace to rein in in the church and the country at large. It is in fact a time that we give what we have to the underprivileged,” he said.
Meanwhile, Father Henry Ndune called on the church to stay indoors while commemorating Easter festivities due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
Ndune who is the Mtongwe parish priest notes that staying indoors is the only sure way to ensure the corona virus does not spread to other areas.

“I want to tell parents that their children should adhere to the set guidelines. Parents should also outline learning schedules for them” He added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a recent state of the nation address. Image, (Courtesy)

The government on April 6, stepped up the fight against corona virus with an array of stricter measures amid new cases and a rising death toll.
The new measures, falling short of declaring a national lock down, put about a fourth of Kenya’s population under containment, restricting their movement outside their counties.
In the measures, President Uhuru Kenyatta said there shall be cessation of all movement by road, rail or air in and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area and the counties of Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa. 

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