November 29, 2022

Friends of Coast People are Well Known, Its not Ruto

Ganze member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire (Photo/Courtesy)



If we didn’t know Mohamed Ali (Nyali MP), we would have thought the statement he just released was done by a juvenile delinquent high on cheap liquor but the world knows him as master of the absurd, juvenile delinquent and creator of narratives. 

We still remember him on TV program turning an innocent Isiolo timber merchant into “Felicien Kabuga” and trying to place the murder of Jacob Juma on the shoulders of a young college student! 

Looking back, the latter now perfectly makes sense, for whoever Ali was covering for has become obvious over time! 

Deputy President Dr William Ruto (Photo/Courtesy)

Talking of which, let us revisit the murder of Jacob Juma for a moment. Former MP Cyrus Jirongo, while accusing a senior politician of complicity in the killing, narrated at a funeral how that senior politician once strangled a young man to death in Kitale, in broad daylight. Jirongo also later gave an intriguing anecdote of how that same man was repeatedly paid for T-shirts at Kanu’s KICC headquarters, which he kept in the boot of his car the whole time! 

As far as character and morality go, we don’t know at what point that is supposed to be compared to Governor Hassan Joho or anyone else. 

Ali is one of these intellectual dwarfs, reminding us of the proverbial baboon invited to dine with kings, who arrived at the dinner table having walked on all fours, and would repeatedly be asked to go back to the river to wash his hands! 

At the Sugoi Looting Table, Ali has more than achieved his dreams and reached his pinnacle. His gripe with Joho is that in the Governor, he sees a person and level he will never reach a credible Coastal giant who will deliver the masses from the perennial troubles of landlessness, joblessness and marginalisation. 


It is inconceivable for Ali to imagine that the dream of all Coastal people is to feed from the fraudulent hands of William Ruto and seek handouts from his loot. 

Nyali Meber of Parliament Mohammed Ali (Photo/Courtesy)

If he was literate enough, or had the intellectual capacity slightly above a warthog’s, he would know that if the Jubilee government has failed to deliver the Coast from poverty and marginalisation, Ruto has firmly been at the top of that government! 

Ever since ODM was formed in 2005, it has been a darling of the Coast people, because it has consistently spoken the language of land rights, economic empowerment, and resurrection of collapsed industries and improvement of the living standards of the people. Whenever we have agreed over substance and style, whether within our party or with our current partners in government, we have handled these disagreements with utmost dignity, cognizant of the delicate balance between political rhetoric and pragmatic delivery. 

This is something way above the comprehension of intellectual dwarfs like Ali. 

Ali has told us that the Coast is now ready for the leadership of William Ruto! Which Ruto, we ask? 

The one famed for grabbing KCAA and Langata Road Primary land at Wilson, and building a hotel on it? Is it the one who grabbed Adrian Muteshi’s land? Or maybe the one who claimed no money was lost in the Arror and Kimwarer dams projects, even though the arrow pointed to the eater? Might it be the Ruto who has mysteriously acquired a huge ranch in Taita Taveta recently? Or the vindictive and divisive one who has put the whole country on an unsteady footing ahead of 2022? 

This is WHO will deliver the Coast, according to Juvenile Ali? Have we run totally out of leaders, for us to sink that low? Mohamed Ali may never understand the problems of the Coast because he is not originally from there. 

Years of marginalisation have seen our beaches benefit only a select few, our cashewnuts lie in their deathbed, our sugar industry at Ramisi is in the doldrums, our youths struggle for jobs and our land rights still remain a distant dream. 


If we were to feed on Ruto’s rhetoric, we would have to wonder how better off his people in the Rift Valley are, before we can dream of this paradise he wants to bring to the Coast. 

But a casual glance at his backyard (Rift Valley) shows people mired in hunger, lack of water, lack of school classrooms and poor health. Indeed, if this paradise is what he intends for the Coast region, we are doomed! 

Let’s look, for example, at Hassan Omar Sarai’s case on the issue of political parties’ migration from LDP, Narc, ODM to Wiper before and after 2013 before sojourning to Jubilee after 2017 polls to today where we don’t know which party he is in or where he’s heading to? Within a period of eight years, he has traversed eight political parties with nothing to show. 

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Sarai (Photo/Courtesy)

How will he fair with a Coastal Party? To the former members of parliament who were previously elected on political parties which were presumed to be Coastal based since independence, did they achieve anything better than those who were elected in a national based political party? It’s good to evaluate our really challenges and enemies but not always miscalculating in the political equations. 

Finally, let’s remind Mohamed Ali that his juvenile antics and small-boy hyperbole have run their course, and he will be free from 2022 to join his band of intellectual dwarfs in singing praises to a fraudulent tin god with the moral probity of Lucifer. 

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho (Photo/Courtesy)

In the meantime, we would like to let him know that Hassan Joho is not his equal in any way, leave alone Raila Odinga. 

If he wants a contest, our party has enough young men to engage him. If he is looking for relevance, he might do well not to hide behind the Sugoi Monument of Corruption and Evil Deeds! 


Coast ODM MPs 

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