October 21, 2021

KADU ASILI Rooting for Majimbo System of Governance

Mombasa politicians and members of the Msimamo Kamili Movement alligned to KADU ASILI addressing the media in Mombasa on Tuesday. They are pushing for the inception of Majimbo system of government. Image Peter Kombe


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A section of politicians aligned to KADU ASILI in Mombasa county have called for the formation of Majimbo system of government as agreed upon by the founding fathers of this nation.

The politicians further argue that devolved units have facilitated graft in some counties.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Tuesday Nzenze Chimako the chair person of Msimamo Kamili movement said the 1962 Lancaster House conference states that all tribes throughout the country have an opportunity to ascend to power for a period of ten years.

“We want a Majimbo system with 8 regional governments, a senate assembly with 8 senators and a provincial assembly” he said.

The chair also says the system recommends a total of 210 legislators and three councilors in each constituency.

The movement is also opposed to the Building Bridges Initiative saying is geared at satisfying the interests a select few.    

“What is the meaning of BBI to the common man? Is to maim opposition? It is for only a few people to remain in power” he says.

They want copies of BBI report descended to the grassroots level.

On the other hand, Phenny Katana, the organizing secretary of the movement alleges that corruption was devolved to counties after devolution came into force.

Phenny Katana addressing journalists in Mombasa on Tuesday. Image, Peter Kombe

“We have heard some of the Coast governors who spearhead BBI campaigns. This is a tool that seeks to satisfy selfish gains” Phenny said.

Meanwhile Adam Ali, a Muslim cleric leader says there is need for the BBI taskforce sensitize Kenyans on the contents of the report.

Ustadh Adam Ali addressing the media at the event at Mwandoni on Tuesday. The Muslim faithful wants the BBI taskforce to carry out a stiff awareness campaigns to Kenyans. Image; Peter Kombe

According to him the BBI is meant to satisfy personal interests.

 “The problems from the Coast region can only be solved by the locals themselves. The region has had so many challenges including unemployment among other issues” said the Muslim faithful.

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