June 16, 2024

Boga Calls for Peaceful Polls

ODM Kwale County Aspirant Hamad Boga. (Photo/ Courtesy)

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Kwale county governorship aspirant Mr Hamadi Boga has urged different communities in the county to reject any leader who tries to divide them along ethnic lines.

When addressing locals at Mvindeni in Ukunda ward, Boga advised them to maintain peaceful coexistence before, during and after the August 9 general elections.

“As Kwale people we’ve always been peaceful. As we approach elections, let us not allow leaders to interfere with our peaceful co-existence,” he said.

Boga also said that election is a seasonal event that never put a neighbour against neighbour.

ODM Gubernatorial Aspirant Kwale County Hamad Boga addressing the media at a function. (Photo/Courtesy)

He urged the locals to allow each leader sell their agendas in peace and the people will decide on who suits them for the different political positions.

“Everyone has a right to vie for a seat and the people will decide on who to choose come August 9th during the general elections,” he said.

Boga also called upon political leaders to stop spreading hatred to the people against their opponents.

Boga said he will focus on bringing investors to Kwale so as to assist the people on employment opportunities and income generating activities.

“Yes the current leadership has assisted our people on education and most of them are degree holders but they lack jobs and have no forms of acquiring,” he said.

He said that Kwale county has a potential to have investors come and invest in the area and assist the locals in employment opportunities.

Tourism PS Safina Kwekwe (Photo / Courtesy)

“Even Agriculture department in the area needs to be improved, our soil here can grow tomatoes, cotton, cashew nuts, mangoes, oranges all in large quantities for business therefore through my leadership I will get investors and I will also make the people to embrace Agriculture and stop depending on relief food,” he said.

Boga will be vying for the seat on Orange Democratic Movement and will be deputized by Nurein Mwatsahu former Kwale county chief officer for public administration.

Earlier on Boga had chosen correctional services PS Safina Kwekwe as his running mate but was forced to change after the state denied Kwekwe’s resignation.

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