December 7, 2022

Mombasa County to Conduct Headcount of Workers  

Mombasa County Governor Abdulswamad Sherrif NAssir briefing the Media at his office on Monday (Photo By / Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Mwakwaya Raymond


Mombasa County Government will now conduct a Human Resource Audit (HRA) to verify the current number of bona fide workers and their responsibilities.

Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir says the intended exercise will enable his administration to understand fully the technical knowhow of every employee for any possible promotion or redeployment.

He says Mombasa County has a strong workforce with diverse knowledge, but many are underutilized because of their irregular job placement.

He added that the audit will then enable his government to make necessary reshuffles and promotions as well as redeployment of staff to their designated areas as far as their technical knowhow is concerned.

“Am sure after this Human Resource Audit I will be able to fully tap on the experience and technical knowhow of every employee, ” he said

‘Ghost Workers’

And what would he do in case he finds there are ghost workers?

Nassir says: “I believe most staff were properly employed, but in any event we find out that there are ghost workers I will definitely burst them out”.

The Governor was addressing the Media in his office on Monday afternoon September 26 during which he promised to be giving weekly media briefings.

On revenue collection, he pledged to dispatch an enhanced county revenue collection team to undertake the exercise.

“We have a team that is well briefed on its mandate and it will soon take charge in collection of Parking fees and other county cess,” he added.

Mombasa county Governor Abdulswamad Sherrif Nassir diplaying a name tag of one of the Revenue collecetors at a Press Conference in his office. (Photo By / Mwakwaya Raymond)

County Revenue

He made it clear that the revenue team members are well branded with name tags and no member of the public should be cheated to pay money to unscrupulous individuals.

He said so far the county revenue collection has gone up by 70 per cent since he took over office.

“Revenue collection at the moment varies from Kshs 500,00 to 1.8 million which is a 70 per cent increase of the total collection,” he said.

Governor Nassir who was talking exactly one week after he was sworn in also said that Mombasa County will turn into a 24-hour economy fully in order to revamp businesses and boost revenue yield.  

“We cannot talk of a 24-hour economy if we cannot lead by example. Business at Kongowea market will now be a 24-hour operation. We are now fixing the CCTV and the lighting and are in the process of beefing up security to facilitate business operations at the market,” he revealed.

One of the County Revenue collectors fully dressed for the task(Photo By / Mwakwaya Raymond)

Business permits online

He said his plans to have traders to applying and paying for their single business permit online was in the pipeline.

“There shall be no more queuing to make payments; everything shall be done online,” he assured.

Last week the governor signed two executive orders on Health and Finance.

Through the orders, the governor put in place two taskforces to inquire and report into the problems that have continued to plague the two departments.

The probe teams are also required to recommend actions needed to fast track service delivery to the Mombasa residents.

Nassir indicated that soon the county will launch a County Revenue Service, a corporation that will solely be in charge of Revenue collection and any other service pertaining the same.

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