December 7, 2022

Can Kenyan Media Turn the Page

Battery of Journalists at work (Photo/ Courtesy)

By Mwakera Mwajefa


With implicit/explicit biasism or partisanism within its ranks, can all media professionals expose, isolate and eliminate all forms of incitement to intense hatred or violence that threatens this country’s stability?

Just like the civil societies took a ditch when the late Mwai Kibaki came to power in 2003, media entities may find themselves in the same fix on how they handle the global information crisis in which journalism is being overwhelmed by narrow self-interests of powers that be.

Is it time the media takes headon the corporate centres of power that are felt strongly in this country where hatespeech, fake news and abusive exploitation of information technology are daily menu?

In my view, pluralism and democratic processes are in danger of being undermined by post-August 8th unscrupulous politicians, prevalence of falsehood and divisive information meant to create fear, ignorance and uncertainty within the public at large.

Who’s going to ring the lion’s neck – the media owners, the editors, the educators, the journalists or the public?

Is the future of pluralism and democracy and human rights under threat from propaganda, fake news and hatespeech? Has the citizen the right to receive reliable and useful information?

Could ethical journalism be the key provider of the information democracy or pluralism need for survival?

With attempts of bribery and corruption in the offing will the media succumb to manipulation for propaganda to rent revenue?

Despite such threats, the only solution, in my view, is for the journalists, the editors and the media owners to build professional solidarity and to work together to promote ethics and good governance to confront the information crisis.

The values and standards of journalism MUST the DNA of every media personality gracing the boundaries of this country.

ACTION journalism is the buzzword for 2022-2027 journalistic calendar!


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