June 13, 2024

Revital Healthcare Signs Mou with Japanese firm to Establish New Manufacturing Plant

Revital Healthcare Chairman Rajni Vora (right) hold the signing MoU with MOL logistics company President Koichi Yashima at plant in Kikambala.(By Ronald Ngob)

By Ronald Ngoba

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A Kilifi-based medical device manufacturing company, Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd, has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Japanese global logistics firm, Mitsui O.S.K.Lines (MOL), for the development t of healthcare supply chain solutions for access across Sub-Sahara Africa.

The firm also entered a deal for the establishment of a new manufacturing plant that will enable hit the target of 300 million syringes per year.

Addressing journalists at the firm’s manufacturing site in Kikambala, Kilifi County, Revital Healthcare’s sales marketing and product development director Roneek Vora, said the sealing of the agreement would facilitate the availability of more healthcare commodities within the continent and secure the region from possible future disease outbreaks.

“Japan has formed a very strong bond with the Kenyan government for many years and this MoU will strengthen and expand the strategic partnership in healthcare assembly kits production.” 

This collaboration, according to him, aims to significantly enhance the manufacturing capacity of medical items to meet the increasing demand of essential healthcare devices in the global market and make Africa the largest healthcare assembly kit facility.

The move will enable local healthcare companies to supply medical devices within a record breaking time and also make Africa a self-sustainable continent.

“We want to ensure that Africa is self-reliant and sustainable and also ensure that any part of the continent that requires access to medical appliances we are there and ready.”

The company has made a significant milestone by becoming the first manufacturer in East and Central Africa to receive US-FDA certification for its 0.5ml Early Activation Syringe.

“These achievements have opened doors for the distribution of critical devices to over 30 countries globally and our commitment to quality and sustainability resonates through our products and partnerships towards making a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.”

Mitsui O.S.K Line MOL logistics president Koichi Yashima expressed gratitude towards the sealing of the deal saying it came at the right time.

The Japanese government, through the MOL, will work hand in hand with the Revital Healthcare so as to achieve the global healthcare goals.

“We as MOL logistics will do our best in supporting Revital Healthcare in the logistics business areas and we are also promising to keep the relationship that has been existing for many years between Kenya and Japan.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Revital Healthcare EPZ was the only manufacturer of the Covid-19 kits in Africa and was among 66 companies in the world that were approved to manufacture the products.

Revital’s core business is the manufacturing of a wide range of products including conventional single-use syringes and the UNICEF and WHO mandated auto-disable syringes aimed at lowering the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV-Aids.

Revital Healthcare chairman Rajni Vora praised President William Ruto’s government for supporting local pharmaceutical industries in the country.

“We want to thank the President’s drive and commitment towards local manufacturing industries. All the local manufacturers including Revital Healthcare are now able to tender directly through Kenya Medical Suppliers Authority.”

According to him the company will create massive job opportunities both directly or indirectly once the new manufacturing plant is completed.

“The new plant once completed will be a lifesaver to many graduates who are jobless in Kilifi County.”

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