December 8, 2022

Investigate Senator For Preaching Hate Speech, NCIC Told

Lamu County senator Anwar Loitiptip (Photo Courtesy)

By Dancan Ochieng


National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has been asked to investigate the Lamu County senator Anwar Loitiptip for his ‘hate speech’ against the Luhya community living there.

Vincent Maliamungu Lukano, Lamu Western Association chair, alleges the senator made scathing remarks following a fall out with a worker on his premises.

Speaking to the media at Mpeketoni Township on December 3, 2020; Mr Lukano says his irksome remarks on Luhya community drew the anger of over 500 members of the association.

“He degraded us as no humans and what we want is not only an apology but also an investigation into the issue so that we can justice from his divisive utterances,” he adds.

While the government through BBI is trying to unite the country, Mr Lukano is worried if leaders are allowed to use foul language this may spark ethnic animosity.

According to him the NCIC should move with speed to investigate the matter and then take decisive action against the senator so as to be warning to other leaders with foul mouths.

“We cannot achieve nationhood and let leaders to behave as if they are above the law and can say anything without fear of repercussions,” he adds.

Photo by Dancan Ochieng


Saying the county was volatile in terms of ethnic or religious-induced conflicts, the chairman wants the commission to take stern action against leaders or their supporters who use their positions to commit crime under the guise of freedom of speech.

Caleb Mwelesa, a member, expressed disappointment that the senator while campaigning for the senatorial seat in 2017 portrayed himself as a liberal who recognised the Bill of Rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

“But with his recent utterances we are worried for our lives under his stewardship as the county senator,” he said adding that Mr Loitiptip must seek forgiveness from the community who supported him wholesomely in the election.

“In the run up to the 2017 elections the senator had and we tend to want to believe that Anwar wants to foster co-existence and empathy among all communities regardless of tribe or creed,” added.

He further urged the NCIC to be vigilant against politicians especially with the winds of the coming 2022 elections blowing.
However, the senator refuted those allegations of looking down upon any community saying the accusations leveled against him and his integrity was misplaced and uncalled for.

Lamu County senator Anwar Loitiptip (Photo /Courtesy)

He dismissed the association as only bent on disparaging his character for political reasons which he said was very unfortunate.

In his rebuttal, the senator reiterated that he remained committed to bringing Lamu residents together regardless of their tribe, status or creed with the ultimate goal of achieving cohesion and integration for nationhood.

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