June 16, 2024

A Dereliction of Duty for MP’s to Walk out During Debate on Affordable Housing Bill 

Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana addressing the media at Watamu Kilifi County (Photo By Mwakwaya Raymond)

By Senator Danson Mungatana

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The Constitution of Kenya Article 95 makes reference to the duties of an MP and one of it is to represent your voters.

During the Affordable Housing Bill debate, the Azimio MPs walked out during debate instead of staying to argue their case to the end.

This is a total let down of the people who elected them and also of Kenyans as a whole who needed to hear all points of view. 

Just like lawyers who have a duty to represent their clients and not to win cases, MPs have a duty to represent voters and not to win all the debates in the chamber.

Kenyans expected more from the MPs, but as the Bill now moves to Senate, we expect a more robust debate and all issues to be raised in a sober manner. 

Danson Mungatana

Senator – Tana River

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