June 16, 2024

Open Letter to Faith Leaders.

RtRev. Willybard Lagho at a past event. (Photo/ Courtesy)

By Rt. Rev. Willybard Lagho,

Catholic Bishop of Malindi

Email, thecoasnewspaper@gmail.com

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A close examination of the dalliance between some faith leaders and politician has raised more questions than answers and divided their flock along political lines. 

The use of religion, (sometimes on Sundays) as a political platform in the name of interfaith payers is wrong because it’s the use of faith to legitimize political authority.

How legitimate are such prayers? Politicians are regaining lost space by inviting faith leaders out of places of worship to alternative forums paid for by politicians.

Faith leaders aligned to one political party should first be admonished and secondly denied representing their church in interfaith forums because their political activism is not only a full time job but hurting the faith and a section of their followers with different political affiliations.

Is this trend among faith leaders motivated by personal financial gains? I hope not.

The interfaith movement has gradually been captured by politicians and is loosing its original vigour unless something is done immediately.

Can this trend be reversed?

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