October 22, 2021

Follow Up School Leavers to Curb Terror Recruitment, Government Urged

Amina Mahamud flanked by other colleagues at Anika Centre in Likoni sub county during a youth engagement forum on prevention and countering violent extremism in the area on Friday. Photo: Courtesy



Likoni sub county youths have accused the government on claims of failing to track down high school leavers.

According to them, the education ministry does not have an accurate data on the whereabouts of former high school leavers; a move they allege contributes to the mushrooming of juvenile gangs in the area.

The youths were speaking in Mombasa on Friday during a prevention and countering violent extremism forum that brought together youth leaders across the sub county.

Abel Mulama from Shonda in Likoni Sub County urged the stakeholders in the education sector to prioritize on the same.

“We have so many youths from Likoni Sub County who completed their secondary education level. Can the ministry tell where they are? said Mulama

He insists that most of the public schools in the area do not have adequate learning facilities; including libraries and laboratories.

On her part, Amina Mahamud from Mtongwe in Likoni Sub County accused parents on claims of forfeiting their parental obligations.

She wants youths in the area to join youth empowerment platforms in a bid to counter the challenge of violent extremism.

“Most of the youth fail to show up during public forums. They thus become unaware of what is happening in this sub county,” she said.

At the same time, Likoni youth sub county coordinator from the senate office Shekue Naaman said the government has initiated skill development programs that focus on empowering the youths.

Likoni sub county youth coordinator from the senate office Shekue Naaman (left) flanked by Johnson Mwangangi an IT and Communication specialist at Manyatta Youth Entertainment. photo; Courtesy

He asked the youths to engage in constructive activities in order to counter the narrative of violent extremism.

“The skills will ensure that their (youths) living standard is enhanced. It is no use for them to accuse the government for no reason,” Shekue noted.

Shekue further indicated that violent extremist cases have become rampant in the sub county.

Youths follow through the engagement forum at Anika Centre on Friday. They want the government to track down school leavers in the sub county alleging that most of them are vulnerable to recruitment in illegal groups. Photo; Courtesy

On the other hand, Salim Stephen, prevention and countering violent trainer says there is need for youth leaders to strategize on the issue.

“It is high time that youths play their role in ensuring that that vulnerable youths remain resilient to violent extremism” he noted.

He also wants youths in the area to generate innovative ideas through creative thinking.

Meanwhile, Davis Nzioka urged the youths to refrain from joining juvenile gangs.

He urged them to focus on economic empowerment programs implemented by both the county and the national government.

Nzioka said “there is so much that we can do. The result of joining criminal gangs is something too negative. Why should you lose your life just because of staying idle in a corner?”

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