June 30, 2022

2018 KCPE Candidates to receive full sponsorship

ALL 2018 kcpe candidates from Ruruma ward who have been called to join national schools will receive full sponsorship from the ward scholarship fund in order to pursue their  studies uninterrupted.

The area MCA Jana Tsuma Jana said the parents would be required to meet travelling expenses, uniform and the few amenities required by individual schools.

Mr. Jana who was addressing the candidates and their parents at Kawala primary school added  that Ruruma scholarship fund will continue to assist partially all other secondary school students including university and tertiary colleges.

The MCA explained that the delay witnessed in implementation of other development projects in the ward was occasioned by new regulations in the tendering process.

He assured the residents that proposed projects will be implemented immediately the tendering is finalized.

He said that Ruruma ward development fund kit for 2018/19 would  be used solely to alleviate the perennial water shortage in the ward.

He said money had been allocated for a new pipeline from Mwakizango bridge to Mulefi primary school, Kombeni Jimba Masaani and Kombeni Bofu Kawala lines including Mkapuni Dzanikeni lines.

Addressing the same crowd, Mr. Philip Mbaji Kaulu, a member of the communications council of Kenya told the county leadership to source for more funds to assist students because funds allocated for bursaries was not sufficient.

He urged students to have clear goals and always endeavor to achieve them if they wished to succeed in life.

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