June 24, 2022

Tears Of Joy As Needy Students Get Bursaries To Proceed With Education

Jocham Hospital chief administrator James Obuya (right) explains a point to Mombasa doctors when they toured a newl wing. The hospital was upfor more than Sh100 million

It was tears of joy for parents who had lost hope for their children to join secondary and university due to lack of  fees when Kilifi county women representative office came to their rescue.

Mr Harrison Guni from Magarini was the first to break the news to the gathering as fellow parents had been called by the affirmative action office led by Kilifi county women rep Mbeyu Mwanyanje to evaluate the performance of 51 students being sponsored by her office.

As tears of joy rolled Mr Guni could not hide his joy narrating the story at Bofa beach resort in Kilifi town how Ms Mwanyanje came to the rescue of his daughter a week after he was chased from the School he sent her.

 “My daughter had a calling letter form to Ngao girls but having learnt of the challenges of the area I sought a word of advice from one of my friends who advised me to try Bahari girls,” Said Guni, a retired teacher.

He said he took his daughter and went to Magarini CDF office where he was given a letter to present to the Principal to admit the girl that the office could later send fees for the students.

“When I reached the Principal’s office, she received the letter but soon after perusing it told me to take my child back home till I get the fees then I go check whether the chance would still be there for my daughter,” he said.

But he could not soften the heart of the Principal who insisted that they should go back look for the money till for at least for one term then the students may be admitted.

His daughter Mercyline Guni who wants to become a doctor said she cried with her loudest voice at the Principal’s office when they were forced out of her office because according to her situation she knew her career is doomed.

“I thank Ms Mwanyanje and his entire office for this far they have brought us, I will prove to them that the sky is the just the beginning of my carrier,” Said Guni.

Giving her performance, Ms Guni said in the first term she got B+, second term another B+ while in the third term she garnered a B plain.

Addressing them county commissioner Kilifi Magu Mutindika said students who will misbehave will be treated as criminals, arrested and be jailed.

He told the students not to associate themselves with people who do not have interest in education

“We will arrest you and send you to the various correction centers we have across the country if you will engage yourselves in criminal activities, we have enough free food for you.” Said Mutindika.

Kilifi county women representative Mbeyu Mwanyanje addressing them before giving them the Scholarship said the only way to enjoy the fund is to work extra hard.

She said her office will cater for 50 needy bright students from poor families in the county every year for the time she will be in office.

“My office will immediately withdraw support from any student who will not be performing, there are so many students who needed the same scholarship but never made it and are at home due to lack of fees,” Said Mbeyu.

She said the students have no reason to fail as her office has vowed to provide support for every need they will have so long as it is connected with studies.

“Don’t ask me for money to visit relatives or going to make merry, please come to me on education matters only. If you want to proceed up to University, my office is ready to take you there don’t lose hope,” she said.

At the same time she asked the national government to increase the allocation to the women rep’s office from the current 7 Million to 10 Million per Sub-county so that the locals can be served better.

The chairman of the board Jonathan Mativo said his office went to the really needy students whose parents and guardians could not make it for them to proceed.

“The reason as to why you have seen most of these parents shading tears of joy as they narrate their stories is that all had lost their hope,” Said Mativo He asked the School managements where the students are learning not to send any of them back home but consult his office should anything arise with the students

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