June 30, 2022

Ruto Presides Launch of Duruma Bible in Kwale

Deputy President William Ruto receiving a Duruma Bible from Bible Translation and Literacy director in Kenya Peter Munguti (Photo By Kahonzi Kaliwa)

By Kahonzi Kaliwa

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Christians in the Duruma community of Kwale and larger Coast region can finally enjoy reading the Bible in their vernacular.

Duruma New Testament Bible is off the press, and the locals in Kwake received it with much pomp and pageantry.

The launch ceremony was witnessed by, among others, the Deputy President William Ruto.

Bible Translation Literacy (BTL) company said the translation cost sh 125 Million on while Shs.3.5 Million was spent on the printing of the duruma bible for a period of 34 years.

Speaking at the event held at Kinango Primary School, Ruto commended BTL for facilitating Bible understanding among the Duruma community.

“Now you have no reason not to go to heaven, in the past you would probably say Swahili is difficult, we do not understand English, now you’ve no reason to miss heaven”, said the vice president.

The deputy president said the church had made a significant contribution to Kenya’s independence and development.

“I urge the church to know that a large percentage of the country’s development is due to the church, and if you see that the word of God can be read in all the languages ​​of Kenya we understand that ,we as leaders have a better nation that knows God,” said the Dp.

Deputy President William Ruto (Third From Left) with Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya ( second from left) alongside several clerics dancing (PhotoBy Kahonzi kaliwa)

Politicians in witchcraft

Ruto made an interesting revelation about politicians: 

“I know you might not be aware, but me tell you. Many politicians suffer in the hands of magicians and sorcerers, many of them have cuts and marks all over their bodies, rubbed with charcoal, rubbed with ashes, and all sorts of concoctions.

“By knowing God, many who travel to Tanzania and Unguja will now be saved and come to know the True God.”

The vice president has promised to stand with the country’s clergy to see that they can translate the Bible into all the languages ​​of the country for the next 10 years.

“I want to tell you that the Kenyan government will stand by you because you are helping us to create languages, so that the nation can know God,” Ruto pledged.

More bible translations

Bible Translation and Literacy director in Kenya Peter Munguti , says that they are working with 25 groups and have already launched 5 New Testament Bibles among the 7 translated Bibles in the country.

“In coast region we have translated to 8 communities and we continue to translate the bible for what we have not finished. In May we launched a Kidigo Bible and in the coming months we will launch Pokomo bible ,Chonyi ,Wata community among others.

“In continental areas we continue to translate for Rendile bible, suba, Marakwet and Dasnatch and even Tugen,” Rev. Munguti said.

He added: Everyone should get their own copy as it is easy to understand. There must be  words that they could not understand in other languages ​, but with this mother tongue bible they will understand better.

“Those who write songs in their mother tongue will also have the opportunity to write on biblical principles,” the reverend explained.

During the occasion, Kwale governor Salim Mvurya pledged to support Deputy President William Ruto in his bid to run for presidency in the 2022 general election through the UDA party.

“The vice president is enough to lead this nation so that the work can continue, and in Kwale county the deputy governor Fatuma Achani is enough to be the governor come 2022.

“Mr DP we support you 100 percent so that when you become the President next year you meet our needs.”

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