Mungatana Boycotts Interview

Former Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana Former Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana The COAST Photographer

By The COAST Reporter

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Former assistant minister Danson Mungatana failed to show up for interview for the job of County Assembly Clerk in Tana River.

Mungatana said he was not at all happy with the manner in which the Assembly conducted its business.

Speaking to the COAST Newspaper Mungatana said he had offered himself fully to assist the locals throughout the County but they failed him miserably.

“I must say that am totally disappointed with these guys you call them MCA’s, i first wanted to be the Speaker of the Assembly they turned down my offer, i was later nominated for County Executive Committee member still they declined to ascend to my nomination. This shows clearly that they are not willing to get my services” Mungatana said.

Mungatana had been shortlisted to appear before a panel of interviewees for the position of a county clerk but he failed to show up.

Meanwhile the Tana River County Assembly hired Abdulahi Daid Hussein as a substantive Assembly Clerk following his approva.

On Wednesday County Assembly members adopted the County Assembly Service Board's report recommending the approval of Mr. Hussein to the position that has variously been held by interim and acting clerks.

Mr. Hussein the former Human Resource Director at County Assembly was hired after beating 19 other candidates for the same position.

The motion on the board's report was moved in the house by Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Gabo, the Vice Chairperson of the County Assembly Service Board, who said the nominee had received more marks than the rest during the interview.

Hussein also worked at Equity Bank, Hola Branch, where the MCAs said he assisted many children from poor families to access the Wings to Fly scholarship.

Tana River County has operated without a substantive since inception in 2013 the defunct Transition Authority (TA) seconded Mr. Tom Onyango on interim basis.

Onyango worked for about two years before he left the position to his then deputy, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Dube, who was never confirmed. 

Dube, who was not confirmed to the position, also resigned last year to contest for the position of Member of the National Assembly for Bura constituency, which he lost to Mr. Ali Wario. His position has since then been held by Mr. Musa Mohamed.

 Last year, Dube unsuccessfully vied for the position of County Assembly Speaker, which was clinched by Michael Nkaduda. He applied for the Clerk's position but despite being shortlisted for the interview, he withdrew at the eleventh hour.

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