You Can Be Sworn In as a Village President If You So Wish: Raila Told

Former Kilifi North MP Gideon Mungáro and Senator Christine Zawadi Former Kilifi North MP Gideon Mungáro and Senator Christine Zawadi

By The Coast Newspaper Team

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been castigated for allegations of playing hide and seek politics.

Raila has been blamed for playing around with the minds of his loyal supporters for cheating them that he can be sworn in as the president of the Republic of Kenya while knowing for sure it’s relatively impossible.

Former Chairman for the Coast Parliamentary Group CPG Gideon Mung’aro says riding on the political goodwill he enjoys and misleads people for no apparent reason.

“Raila is very much aware that what he is championing for is unattainable but he is still busy convincing people that he will be sworn in. Yes he can be sworn in as the president of Nyumba Kumi or village elders for that none will stop him from doing it. He can as well go ahead with his plan but not to be sworn as the President of this Republic” Mung’aro said.

Mung’aro added that Raila cannot unite the country claiming that he funs tribalism.

“How would you lead the country when you believe that a certain tribe is not fit to share the nation with you, how do we trust you when we are aware that you were involved in certain scams” he claimed.

The National Resistance Movement NRM leader has repeatedly said that he would be sworn in anytime as the President of the Peoples assembly.

In his New Year message the opposition leader insisted that he will rally his supporters to demonstrate in the streets to force the government to a negotiation table and add emphasis on the boycott call.

Addressing a battery of Journalists in Mombasa on Sunday, the former Kilifi North Legislator urged Coast residents to forget about politics instead focus on development as the New Year 2018 ushers in.

Mung’aro said as the New Year ushers in Coast residents have to forge their way forward in ensuring that they are incorporated in the current administration.

He insisted that through the Jubilee administration, the Coast region has realized dozens of development projects.

“It is high time Coast residents find some ways of incorporating themselves in the national government. Through this government, this region Coast has realized so meaningful developments” Mung’aro pointed out.

The former lawmaker outlined that every county within the coastal region has a track record of development since the jubilee administration came to power.

“I’m working closely with a section of politicians, clergy, women and the youth in an effort to realize progress in this region.” He stated.

Mung’aro blamed some of the political leaders from the region for opposing the construction of the Inland Container Depots (ICD’s) which is underway in various parts of the country.

He stated that ICD’s have been in existence since time immemorial adding that the construction of the same will ease congestion of containers at the Port of Mombasa.

“ICD’s have been in existence for many years. Initially we had only three but with time we shall have some more.” he said.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has been at the forefront opposing the government in the construction of Inland Container Depot saying it will take away business opportunities from his county.

On the issue of cessation by some of the politicians within the region, Mung’aro termed the move as baseless claiming it has no space in the country.

“The cessation issue has no place here, these politicians are moving nowhere.” He said

At the same time, Kilifi County nominated senator Christine Zawadi called on the locals to apply for various funds disbursed by both the national and the County government.

She highlighted that compared to other coastal counties Kilifi County has not been able to fully utilize the funds released by the national government.

“I want to call upon Kilifi County residents to apply for all the funds from the national government.” The nominated senator said.

 The senator urged county governments to adhere to the 30 per cent tender allocation to the youth and women.

She pleaded on Kenyans throughout the country to maintain peace insisting that the political heat has faded away and Kenyans should strive to put food on the table and develop the country at large.

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