Give Kenyans an Alternative of Boycott; Civil Societies Tell Raila

KECOSCE Executive Director Phillis Muema KECOSCE Executive Director Phillis Muema

By The Coast Reporter

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Civil Society Organizations in Mombasa County want the leader of National Resistance Movement NRM Raila Odinga to offer alternative products for those he called on his supporters to boycott them.

Led by Executive Director of the Kenya Community Support Centre (KECOSCE) Phylis Muema also Petitioned Raila to offer proof and factual account of how the alleged companies breached the election rules.

Muema wants Kenyans to be vigilant not to be dragged into war of business that they may not necessarily be part of it.

“If you call on Kenyans to boycott certain products then you must be bold enough to show them which other alternative products available for them to use. More so he must show to Kenyans the facts and figures on how the companies he claims to have been involved in the rigging scam” Muema said

She insisted that the current economic boycott initiated by the opposition will end up maiming the country’s economy which she claims is already at the knees.

“I believe the boycott is not good for the country considering the fact that the economy is already at the knees.” She insisted.

Meanwhile the human rights activist has called on Kenyans to remain patient as they wait for the Supreme Court ruling on the recently concluded fresh presidential polls.

The activist said as civil rights crusaders they have noted Kenyans throughout the country are in the quest for justice and not a mere peace campaign.

“Many Kenyans including the youth, women and religious groups are calling not only peace but the enactment of justice. They are tired of the everyday peace campaign.” Muema said

She added that as CSOs they are concerned in the prevalence of justice and upholding of human rights insisting that its part of their responsibility.

 “As CSOs we are so much concerned with how peace prevails in this country. How human rights are upheld.” The official insisted.

She noted that it is high time Kenyans reconciled due to what she termed as tribal divisions amongst Kenyans.

At the same time, the director accused a section of the religious leaders within the county on claims of aligning themselves to a particular party instead of being neutral.

 “I’m worried by some of the religious leaders. It is the responsibility of these leaders to remain as neutral as possible by providing a guide to the current political stalemate in the country.” She said

The human rights crusader outlined that they have full confidence with all the religious leaders throughout the country as they form an integral part in the reconciliation process.

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