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Wananchi in Taita Taveta have gone back to their normal lives after being dragged into a peaceful electioneering period in search of  heir leaders.

During this period they were treated to rare shows of either song and dance while the many aspirants fighting it on different political vehicles used this opportunity to wash their linen in public. 

However, the day of reckoning was the 8th day of August when the residents armed with either a passport and national identity card braved the early morning chilly whether experienced in the county to elect leaders of their choice.

The most coveted seat was that the governor which attracted eight candidates drawn from different political divide.

But the main horses were Granton  Samboja who vied on wiper ticket, Dan Mwazo of Jubilee, Thomas Mwadeghu on ODM and the incumbent governor John Mruttu who opted to seek reelection as an independent candidate following the shambolic ODM nominations.

Samboja who is a media practioner is smiling all the way to the bank after flooring the rest including Mruttu who was enjoying incumbency.

He garnered 40,764  votes, followed by Mruttu who had 23,974, then Mwazo – 22,706  who attracted to the ruling party Jubilee after being carried in the deputy president William Rutos helicopter. The last of the four was Mwadeghu who had high hope of clinching the seat on that ODM which was under the NASA umbrella came a distant fourth with  20436 votes while the only woman candidate was the former central bank deputy governor who had a paltry 2,372 votes .

In the senatorial seat which had four candidates saw Jones Mwaruma (ODM) winning the seat with43,803  votes beating Joyce Lay of Jubilee who got   35,590votes.

In the women representative position Lydia Haika  is home and dry after beating her closest rival Priscillar Mwangeka after garnering  45,528 votes against the former Voi mayor who the residents rewarded  her 29,508 votes.

In the parliamentary competition three MPs retained their seats Jones  Mlolwa (ODM)  in Voi constituency easily won his seat back with   18,408 votes against Dishon  Mngoda’s (Jubilee) 14,609 votes.

In Mwatate Andrew Mwadime went back to the August house after beating  a new comer professor Morris Mombodenyi. They  got  15,396 and 7,937 votes respectively.

In the border town of Taveta the incumbent mp Naomi Shabaan sallied through with much ado. She beat her closest competitor Morris  Mutiso with 11,322 votes and the new comer received  11,135 votes.

In the last constituency in the county - Wundanyi, a youthful Danson Mwashako was the darling of the people. He garnered  8,373 votes followed by Simeon Mwachie of the Jubilee party who got 5,116 votes.

In the presidential race Rails Amolo Odinga of NASA garnered 79,089 votes while president Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee party was awarded with 30,923 votes.

Campaigns are over so is voting which were relatively peaceful ensured that residents got leaders of their choice and they have chosen to go on with their lives unlike chaos which are being experienced in other parts of the country.


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The issuance of certificate to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho after almost four days of waiting puts to rest the growing anxiety among his supporters and gives him another term to run county affairs.

On Saturday, the Mombasa County IEBC returning officer Nancy Kariuki announced the governor as the winner with 221,177 votes after postponing the same more than three since the Tuesday voting exercise.

The confirmation of his winner puts the political careers of his four challengers Suleiman Shahbal (Jubilee), Hassan Omar (Wiper), Hezron Awiti (VDP) and Daniel Kitsao (Kadu-Asili) into an abyss.

For Shahbal, this was his second chance to face-off with the governor but his dismal performance by scooping only 69,515 votes compared to his 2013 performance where he garnered 94,905 against Joho’s 132,583 votes.

Chiding those who poked fun at his academic qualification while receiving his certificate, Mr Joho said those who called him ‘D-‘had failed miserably to unseat him in the just concluded general election.

“I am the governor and have forgiven them. If they have any agenda they would like to share with me. I am ready to listen and incorporate their agendas to my own,” he added.

Apart from Mr Shahbal’s poor show, one touted to be Joho’s challenger and matchmaker Wiper secretary-general Hassan Omar only got 43,787 votes to emerge a distant third while Vibrant Democratic Party leader Hezron Awiti garnered a paltry 4,709 and Kadu-Asili candidate Daniel Kitsao had 1,670.

According to political pundits the disappointing performance of Joho’s opponents could be attributed to their failure to understand the dynamics of local-to-national politics and voting patterns of the six constituencies.

“Each of the six Mombasa County constituencies has its own unique demographical voting pattern order that a politician must understand to tick. Joho understands that and that is why he ran supreme in the six subcounties,” says an insider who pleaded for anonymity.

The governor’s insider adds that they were ‘happy’ to play the ‘victim’ against the Jubilee leadership with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s altercation propelling Joho to nationally stardom recognition.

But with the re-election of President Kenyatta to office some political observers and coastal analysts warn that the governor will have to change tact to ‘survive’ the grueling five year term bestowed on him.

“He has ambitions to run for presidency in 2022 but that will be a different ballgame that requires national appeal in every corner of the republic and not designated home turfs or political party boundaries,” says Philip Mbaji from his Technical University of Mombasa desk.

In his view, the pact reached between Nasa leader Raila Odinga and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka might be an impingement and complicate Joho’s quest for presidency using ODM ticket.

“Joho is in a catch-22 situation when it comes to 2022 presidential race because of what has just happened in this election where his party boss has lost the position rendering him (Odinga) irrelevant,” he says adding that keeping Nasa and ODM floating to 2022 will be a herculean task.

And for the losers of the gubernatorial race, according to Mr Mbaji, their political futures hang by the thread with their only ‘hopes’ resting on the goodwill of their political leadership.

“Relying on untested, inexperienced and amateurish aides was the undoing of Shahbal, Omar, Awiti and Kitsao against the flamboyant governor who throughout the campaign period played pyramidal politics,” says Mbaji.

This pyramidal politics’ outcome can be seen on how the ODM party without opposition from affiliates parties within Nasa managed to pulled a surprise by winning most of the parliamentary and members of county assembly seats.

From Mvita Abdullswamad Nassir retained his seat, Omar Mwinyi took back his Changamwe seat, Mishi Mboko grabbed Likoni and Bady Twalib regained his Jomvu position.

With a few madoadoa here and there the majority of MCAs in the county are from ODM party against what was expected to be a tight race between the two leading Nasa affiliates – ODM versus Wiper

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Tana River gubernatorial contender Damson Mungatana has conceded defeat after loosing to the Orange Democratic Party candidate Major Retired Godhana Gadhae Dhadho who is making a come back after he lost in 2013.

In a press statement to News Rooms, Mungatana congratulated Major Godhana and pledged to work with him.

He said “Am happy with the outcome of the elections and wish the governor elect well and congratulate him for the brave fight”

Mungatana hence called on his team to cooperate with the governor elect for the good of Tana River Communty.

The Kenya Patriots Party KPP candidate said though he lost he was equally happy with the outcome and the effort demonstrated by his team.

“Getting ten thousands votes in Tana River County with virtually no resources to campaign with is not a child’s play” Mungatana said when called over the phone to clarify.

KPP Party did not secure a single seat in Tana River despite fielding several contenders for various positions.

The ambitions of the Team Mungatana which comprised of his deputy Hassan Bare, Women representative contestant  Rukia Abdi Mohammed and the Senator hopeful Maur Bwanamaka did not see the light of the day after they were thrashed left right by their respective counterparts.

The women Rep slot went to Rehema Hassan of Maendeleo Chap Chap party while Juma Wario of Jubilee grabbed the senatorial position.

Though Rehema was elected on a Chap Chap ticket she is an ally of the incoming governor major retired  Godhana whom they have been campaigning together.

Godhana’s campaign trail was comprised of various political parties even those outside the NASA coalition.

Ali Wario Guyo Wipper candidate from the Orma community dislodged Ibrahim Sane a Wardei for the Garsen seat who was making a second attempt in vain.

Member of National Assembly for Bura constituency went to Ford Kenya’s Said Buya Harribae popularly known as Said Posta a Pokomo after trouncing the outgoing Hassan Dukicha from the Orma community.

In Bura Ali Wario – Orma who is serving a third staggered term in parliament managed to retain his seat on a Jubilee ticket.

The Wardei community lost it all despite fielding several candidates for various positions.

Jilo Algee a Wardei who was yawning for the gubernatorial seat failed to match Godhana’s efforts hence losing miserably.

Hassan Bare a Wardei as well is also going home empty handed after his master Damson Mungatana failed to make it to the top seat in Tana River County.

Dr Nuh Nassir a Wardei is packing his order books at the County Assembly paving way for another speaker after loosing in the gubernatorial race.

As the Wardei community county their losses, information has emerged that the community had ganged at the eleventh hour and vowed not to vote for any one outside their community.

Reliable sources revealed that though the outgoing Garsen legislator Ibrahim Sane was vying through the KPP ticket, he quickly diverted his support to Dr Nuh at the eleventh hour.

It’s not clear what led to the last minute change of heart and what really prompted to his last minute decision but locals say the community leaders confronted and demanded him to change his stand so as to support one of their one.

The move did not augur well to the other Wardei contestants for they were all knocked out in every position they had tendered their candidates for.

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Kilifi County Governor elect Ammerson Jefwa Kingi says for once will bring to end medical calamities witnessed in the health sector within hundred days in office.

Addressing Journalists moments after receiving his election certificate on Friday at Pwani University, Kingi said he will set up the largest medical complex in Coast Region that will cost the tax payer 450 million.

“I want to say it here that in my first hundred days in office will set up a medical complex to address the medical challenges witnessed today across the Coast Region” Kingi told Journalists.

He said the modern complex will have state of art facilities that will help patients from travelling abroad to seek for medical attention.

“The medical Complex will not just be big but it will also have modern equipment such as dialysis equipment, modern theatre and many more equipment so as to be able to serve patients adequately.

He said many people have had to travel abroad to seek for medical attention but it will now be a thing of the past once this facility is ready in the hundred days to come.

Several patients across the country are bound to travel abroad especially India in search of medical experts hence spending large amounts of money.

On the political side Kingi said it will serve as a lesson to those who jump ship after being elected on different political outfits.

“How do you change your stand after being given the mandate by the electorates to serve them n a particular party and change your stand only because of money?” Kingi pause.

Though he did not mention names but it was clear that he was referring to his detractors who lost tremendously because of the party factor.

He said that should send a sound warning to all those who would want to repeat the same mistake in future that they will face the wrath of the electorates.

Among the casualties of this scenario are the outgoing Members of Parliament for Kilifi North, Kilifi South Gideon Mung’aro and Mustafa Idd respectively alongside a handful of members of county assembly who jumped to Jubilee after being elected on an Orange Democratic Party ODM ticket.

All the defectors have so far lost their seat to the opposition party ODM and are now contemplating their next cause of action.

Kingi said the ball was now in their court after the electorates exercised their constitutional right by voting them and now have only one mandate to serve the public.

He added “this time round I want to assure all Kilifi people that they will get classic services and they have nothing to worry about”

Kingi emerged the winner after trouncing three of his competitors Gideon Mung’aro of Jubilee, Samuel Kazungu Kambi KADU Asili and Mangi Kahindi James Independent.

He said he has no any intention whatsoever to extend an olive branch to any of his opponents.

Responding to a question from a Journalist on whether his cabinet will comprise any of his competitors as a show of unite for the good of the locals and development at large, Kingi said they opposed him and he has no business working with such individuals.

Reliable sources have revealed that Kingi tenure is bound to face court injunctions as some of the losers have so far petitioned his re election.

Both Mung’aro and Kambi are said to have moved to court to challenge Kingi’s election.

The duo accused him of massive rigging allegations during the election time something that forced them to storm the tallying centre demanding it to be stopped forthwith unconditionally.

Kingi has so far dismissed the allegations and advised those who have any issue with the elections to follow the right procedure and solve the matter in a more organized manner.

“The courts are wide open for all who are not contented with the process, why come and disrupt a constitutional exercise, if it’s not primitive of the highest level” Kingi lamented.

The losers claim Kingi colluded with some Presiding officers and changed the elections results in the form 34A.

Three of the suspects were arrested n Kaloleni Sub county with 3 KIEMS kits and several election materials while two of them managed to escaped.

Kilifi Police commander Wachira Mathenge said the three we held briefly at Kizurini police station where they recorded a statement and were later released.

He said the matter is under investigations.  

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Jubilee brigade in Kilifi suffered a traumatizing defeat as it lost all the elective positions in the county to the opposition Orange Democratic Party ODM..

State house is likely to give the Kilifi brigade a blinking eye following the unprecedented defeat

As for now it’s not clear what the party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta has in mind for the Kilifi brigade who could not convince the electorates to be kind enough and throw to them atleast a member of County Assembly seat irrespective of the powerful, aggressive campaign machinery mounted by the state house.

First to be shown the door was the Jubilee gubernatorial candidate Gideon Mung’aro who has so far suffered defeat in the hands of the incumbent governor Ammerson Jefwa Kingi.

Kingi is in for the second term while Mungaro who was making his first bout for the gubernatorial race has so far resolved to jungle justice by mobilizing his supporters storming tallying centre and engaging in a cat and  mouse with the security agents in Kilifi.

Mung’aro with his team stormed the tallying centre for Kilifi North and forced the County Returning officer Nelly Ilongo to unconditionally suspend the tallying exercise.

He is said to be preparing to file an injunction in a court of law to block the Independent Electoral and boundaries commission from declaring Kingi the bonafied winner of the Kilifi County top seat.

The Kilifi North seat went to Owen Baya a close ally of governor Kingi pitting Esther Kache of the Jubilee.

It’s the first attempt for both Kache and Baya in the parliamentary contest.

Baya also floated the Wipper candidate Eliud Kalama who was trying his luck for the first time alongside other contenders.

In Kaloleni Gunga Mwinga will not go back to make his point of order in the twelfth parliament after being shown the door by a young upcoming politician Paul Katana popularly known as PK.

PK is a businessman, a close ally of Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and his brother Abuu Joho.

He brings in parliament Journalistic expertise for he is a Journalist by profession and worked in the Nation Media Group as a Reporter for nine years.

He also served as a political advisor for the late minister Emmanuel Karisa Maitha

William Kamoti of Rabai managed to retain his seat on a ODM ticket trouncing Mombasa nominated senator Emmah Mbura of Maendeleo Chap Chap Party and Rabai Kisurutini MCA Anthony Kenga Mupe on a Jubilee ticket.

A first time in the field of politics Esther Khondo could not make a sound impact in her quest for the Rabai seat.

Malindi Constituency joins the guineas’ book of records For electing for the first time in history a women to serve as a member of parliament not only in Malindi but in Kilifi County at large.

Aisha Jumwa the MP elect for Malindi Constituency won the seat with a land slide prompting an abrupt end of the political career for the outgoing Member of Parliament Baraka Mutengo.

The Jubilee contender for the Malindi seat Phillip Charo could not match Jumwa’s bout.

Jumwa previously unsuccessfully contested the Bahari parliamentary seat later changed her mind and went for the women rep slot only to shift gear for the Malindi Constituency seat.

She has a rich political career history after having served in the defunct County Assembly as a chairlady of the Kilifi Town Council.

In Magarini Mwalim Harry Kombe a Jubilee candidate was also relieved off his duties after serving for two staggered terms.

His services were declared null and void after he was mercilessly shown the door by the former managing director for Malindi water and sewerage company Michael Kingi.

Kingi is a brother to governor Kingi and a new comer in the political arena.

Former Kilifi County Assembly deputy speaker Teddy Mwambire of ODM gets a notch higher as he climbs the political ladder.

He brings to an end the political life of outgoing Member of Parliament Peter Shehe whose leadership was engulfed by corruption allegations.

He is still has a case to answer in the court of law for misuse of National Government Constituency Development Fund.

Ken Chonga could not either spare the former Journalist and outgoing Member of Parliament for Kilifi South Mustafa Idd who suffered the same rate of defeat.

Mustafa has since joined Mung’aro’s band wagont to stop the tallying process by shouting at security officers and storming tallying centre..

Not so the senatorial position the political ambition of an ex soldier Kennedy  Nyale was put to a quick halt as the incumbent senator Stewart Madzayo retained his seat while former Kibarani MCA Getrude Mbeyu gets a new cape as a women Rep after ruthlessly trouncing her young competitor in politics  Amina Mnyazi of Jubilee.

Shocking enough 27 out of the 35 seats for the Member of County Assembly position went to ODM party jeopardizing chances of nomination slots in the county for the Jubilee party.

By The Coast Newspaper reporter

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Kilifi governor Ammerson Jefwa Kingi wants the government to provide maximum security to all County Returning officers as they announce the outcome of the elections.

Kingi says it’s very pathetic to witness any official of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission being harassed by people who failed to make in the just concluded general elections.

Addressing the press at the Orange Democratic Movement secretariat in Kilifi on Thursday, Kingi advised those who are not happy with the outcome to seek redress in court.

“It’s an extremely primitive behavior to harass an innocent officer because you could not win a seat, this must stop forthwith” Kingi said.

He said it’s understandable that whenever one looses a seat feels dejected but that should not be an excuse to harass an IEBC official.

“I know how it feels but am sure that’s not the reason but the main reason is because they have no face before their master putting in mind the amount of money they used to bribe voters here in Kilifi” Kingi added.

This Morning police engaged rowdy crowd at Kibaoni in Kilifi and Mtwapa after they barricaded the road and lit bone fire.

Contingent of heavily armed police officers, General Service Unit condoned the tallying centre and declare it a no go zone to none authorized personnel.

Yesterday several contenders stormed Kilifi North tallying centre and forced the Returning officer to suspend the tallying exercise which was underway citing a lot of malpractices.

Led by outgoing Kilifi North Member of Parliament Gideon Mung’aro the group of Jubilee and KADU Asili candidates and supporters stormed the tallying centre chanting anti Kingi slogans hence forcing the CRO to unceremoniously suspend the exercise.

They claimed they had arrested three Presiding officers at a hideout altering results of the elections.

They also claimed to have recovered several IEBC materials among them being ballot papers and three KIEMS kits.

“We were tipped off by one of them who was privy to the deal but not for it and that’s why we went for them at their hideout. We managed to arrest three of them one being a lady and two managed to escape” Mung’aro told the media at the tallying centre in Kilifi.

Kilifi County Police Commandant Wachira Mathenge confirmed the incident and said the suspects recorded a statement at Kizurini police station and later were released.

The county commander warned the public from taking the law into their hands saying they will not be tolerated.

“We cannot authenticate the claims made by the politicians and we have to wait for the outcome of the investigations that is currently underway” he said.

Meanwhile tallying has resumed at Kilifi North Centre but at a very low note with very few observers allowed in the tallying hall.


By The Coast Newspaper Reporter.

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Moments after the results started trickling in for the Kilifi County gubernatorial race a section of the contenders casted doubt over its authenticity.

KADU Asili candidate Kazungu Kambi claimed the elections were being rigged.

Kambi who stormed the Kilifi North tallying centre alleged his competitor is colluding with a section of the media to mislead the public that he is way ahead of the others.

He accused the incumbent governor Ammason Jefwa Kingi for releasing false results to the media contrary to the electoral laws.

“How can the media claim that Kingi is leading with over 26,000 when the votes have not even been counted? This is a syndicate that to stole the elections but I want to tell him that we won’t take it lightly” Kambi lamented.

Kambi claimed that one of the national broadcasters had announced that Kingi was far ahead leading after garnering over 26,000 votes.

According to him the results of the gubernatorial contenders for even a single polling station had not yet been releasing but news were all over that one of them was trailing with a very high margin.

The news prompted Kambi to storm the tallying centre for Kilifi North where declaration of the results was going on.

Kingi has not offered a brief on the same and efforts to reach him for a comment were futile as he could not be reached over the phone.

However the elections manager Kilifi County Nelly Ilongo took Kambi and his team through the tallying process and confirmed to him that his claims were unfounded.

Kambi was also accompanied by the KADU Asili women representative contender Witnes Tsuma who vehemently accused the media for taking sides.

“Some of you are given money to mislead the public that Kingi is winning the race which is not true. Please take note that Kilifi people voted peacefully and would not want the media to give false information which will hurt them for no aparent reason” Tsuma said.

Though there was a high voter turnout the exercise was characterized by few emerging issues.

Some voters claimed their names were missing in the voters register despite having verified and confirmed that they were legible registered voters.

Kilifi Primary school polling station had a large number of such cases forcing the victims leaving without exercising their constitutional rights.


By Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya

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A non governmental organization based in the Coast Region - Human Rights Agenda HURIA has dispatched a batch of observers to monitor the general elections set for Tuesday August 8.

The observers were deployed to monitor elections in five of the six counties within the Coast region after undergoing one day training.

Executive Director of the organization Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu says the observers will be stationed in areas perceived to have a likelihood of eruption of violence.

He said the 30 member team is comprised of members drawn from different organizations - Huria, Angaza Empowerment Network, National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders and members from the Media Fraternity.  

Speaking on Saturday after a training of the observers in Mombasa, Lule said the observers have been posted to specific areas in Tana River, Taita Taveta, Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa counties.

“We have positioned the observers to the hotspot areas not just to observe the elections but also to suppress any attempt by anyone who would engage in malpractice during the elections exercise. It is the prayer of everyone that the elections will be free and fair so the presence of the observers will help to deter any malpractice in any given area if any” Lule added.

Lule said he is optimistic the team will execute its mandate as per the law and that the electoral body will also conduct the much awaited elections in a free and fair manner.

However the executive director expressed concerns on the turn out of voters on the voting day.

He said though the much awaited elections are here, he’s worried of the rate at which many are leaving for their rural homes.

‘It’s not clear whether those who are leaving are doing so because they registered themselves in their respective home areas or are doing so because of fear” Lule paused.

He said many people might not exercise their constitutional right of voting incase are leaving due to fear of the unknown.

A spot check at various booking offices showed that indeed many people are heading to rural areas at a very high rate.

Earlier at a press conference the Coast Regional coordinator Nelson Marwa assured locals of their security and advised them to stay back and vote.

“The government has deployed contingent of police officers to all areas of the Region to maintain law and order so you need not to worry” Marwa said

Marwa warned those who intend to disrupt the elections that they will face the full force of the law.

He said “I want to warn you to keep off the elections but if you think you are smart enough just give it a try and I can assure you will face fire”.

Kenya National Commission of Human Rights is said to be conducting a survey to find out whether those who are leaving could be doing so due to fear or are heading home to cast their votes.

The elections will be conducted on Tuesday August 8 where Kenyans will have a chance to elect their leaders; President, Member of National Assembly, Women Representative, Senator, Member of County Assembly and Governor.



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The stakes are high in contests for women across the Coast region gunning for the County Woman Member for National Assembly (County MP) slots with incumbents from Mombasa, Kilifi and Taita Taveta opting for other elective seats.

In Mombasa County, the absences of Mishi Juma Mboko who has opted for the Member of National Assembly seat has seen her previous seat attract ten candidates jostling to replace the gap.

Out of the ten aspirants, a fierce battle is expected between the two main stream protagonists ODM and Jubilee through their candidates Asha Hussein Mohamed and Amina Abdallah respectively.

But the duo should not overlook their other opponents such as Afiya Rama (independent), Zamzam Mohamed (Wiper) and Serah Makau (Vibrant Democratic Party) who enjoy substantial grassroots support.

Others in the race are Elizabeth Lubalo (independent), Mercy Maweu (Ford-Kenya), Halima Mohamed (MCCP), Khadija Muhsin )independent) and Zipporah Obura (ANC).

From the looks of things there is going to be a Nasa intra-party friendly fire that could end up benefiting either Jubilee or one of the three independent candidates.

“Tension is rising within the Nasa camp as to who should be given the priority to speak whenever the flagbearer Raila Odinga and Kalonza Musyoka visit the region. These unresolved internal wrangles will cost Nasa many elective seats next week,” warns a Mombasa based political analyst.

According to the analyst the way the main stream parties conducted their primaries would determine how their preferred candidates will perform on Tuesday’s polls.

However, the ODM aspirant will be in tight corner to explain why her predecessor Mishi Juma has never come out openly on how she used Sh42 million meant to empower the womenfolk in the county.

In Kwale County, the incumbent Zainab Chidzuga who abandoned her previous party ODM to join Jubilee is on a ‘life-saving’ machine to recapture her seat following a resolve by the party supporters (ODM) to ‘punish’ her for betrayal.

Leading the onslaught is none other than the former immediate nominated MP Zuleikha Hassan who is also facing hostile reception from ODM supporters who are not happy with the way the she won the primaries.

“Kwale does not forgive mediocrity of any nature and that will reflect on how party supporters will cast their votes on Tuesday next week. Just mark my words,” says Fatma Meali from Matuga Constituency.

Also in the race is Ann Mburu (MCCP) who expects to garner the upcountry vote-bloc from the county’s urban areas and townships where there are pockets of none indigenous people. Others are Mwanalima Mwapheku (Kanu) and Fatuma Tabwara (Party for Development and Reform).

Just like in Mombasa, the Kilifi County woman representative Aisha Jumwa opted to go for the Malindi member of parliamentary seat leaving behind a trail of nine women battling for the open position.

Those eyeing the seat are Ummi Athman (independent), Juliet Baya (independent), Josephine Bebora (Kanu), Gertrude Charo (Federal Party of Kenya), Witness Kambi (Kadu-Asili), Betty Kitsao (independent), Amina Mnyazi (Jubilee), Priscillar Mungah (Wiper) and Gertrude Mwanyanje (ODM).

Speaking from his Technical University of Mombasa desk, Phillip Mbaji says the cut-throat competition can see the seat going either way based on how parties sell their preferred candidates to electorates.

“Kilifi is no longer anybody’s zone as it were in the 2013 elections. The failures of ODM leadership in running the county affairs have opened the field for anybody to win any elective seat without party bias,” he adds.

In his view, any of the candidates who can marshal grassroots support from the populous subcounties of Kaloleni, Rabai, Kilifi South and Malindi will emerge the winner.

“But for the ODM candidate she has to carry Amason Kingi’s curse of mismanagement of public funds during his tenure as county governor. That will have a telling consequence next week,” he says.

Sibling rivalry within Tana River County race for the seat may just be a blessing in disguise for the incumbent Halima Ware Duri capitalise on and retain her seat after abandoning her Wiper party for Jubilee.

Rivalry between parties affiliated to the National Super Alliance (Nasa) has thrown the county woman representative contest wide open giving fringe candidates an equal opportunity to clinch the seat.

This is because out of the ten candidates vying the seat four of the main stream affiliates ODM, Wiper, ANC and Ford-Kenya each have a candidate giving other parties a better chance to emerge victorious.

In the face-off, Alfelt Abio (ODM), Melisa Hadida (ANC), Sadia Hussein (Wiper) and Maryanroon Jelle (Ford-Kenya) will be engaged in an internal battle while fighting their other opponents.

With only 101,155 votes at stake, the siblings may hand over the seat to the incumbent or Amina Abdullahi (Kanu), Rehema Hassan (MCCP), Saddia Koro (Narc-Kenya) and Rukia Mohamed (Kenya Patroits Party).

However, political pundits warn that although the stakes are high in the race electorates will be guided by their community based ‘negotiated’ democracies that were used the last elections.

For the woman representative race, Lamu County has among the least number of candidates with the incumbent Shakila Mohamed (Wiper) as the frontrunner against Esha Abdalla (ODM), Mariyam Abdalla (MCCP), Monicah Marubu (independent) and Ruweida Obo (Jubilee).

Whoever garners the vast vote-bloc from Lamu West will emerge the winner in the Tuesday elections with the Jubilee candidate having the upper hand against the incumbent Shakila who will also have to contend with her ODM counterpart.

In Taita Taveta County, the race is as unpredictable as the weather and as complex as the sea after the incumbent Joyce Lay ditched ODM and joined Jubilee to vie for the senatorial seat in next week’s polls.

This left the gap to be filled by one of the four candidates: Rosina Kisochi (Social Democratic Party), Lydia Mizighi (Jubilee), Priscillar Mwadime (Wiper) and Hope Anisa Mwakio (ODM) to square its out.

The intra-sibling duel between ODM and Wiper may split the Nasa vote to the advantage of either Jubilee or SDP from the registered 144,373 vote-basket. With parties taking a back seat in the race, it will depend on individual’s leadership skills to woo voters that are disillusioned by the performance of the previous occupier.


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Kenya loses billions of shillings annually through illegal fishing activities in her exclusive economic zones.

Cabinet Secretary, ministry of agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Willy Bett says Kenya loses 10 billion annually due to increased IUU fishing activities.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday when he officially opened MSC centre and national fish labs, the CS said it is estimated that catches representing some 11-26 million tons of seafood valued at some US$ 10 – 23.5 billion are lost annually due to IUU related fishing worldwide.

“IUU fishing does not only undermine resource conservation; threatens food security and livelihoods; destabilizes vulnerable coastal regions and ecosystems” the CS added

Bett said IUU fishing does not only undermine resource conservation; threatens food security and livelihoods; destabilizes vulnerable coastal regions and ecosystems 

The CS also indicated that there are also other serious crimes including labour associated crimes, money laundering, fraud, human trafficking, drugs and arms dealing that need to be fully addressed not to affect the sector as well.  

The MCS centre has been set up for Monitoring Control and Surveillance, of our EEZ.

It is housing the Vessel Monitoring System and Automatic Identification System (VMS/AIS) which is a surveillance tool for monitoring our EEZ to detect compliant and IUU vessels.

It will serve as the command centre for the operation of the soon to be commissioned Off Shore Patrol vessel, PV Doria. It is in this regard that we are officially opening the MSC centre.

Of late there has been an increasing threat to global fisheries and economies through IUU fishing and related crimes that requires collective intervention by the international community.  

The CS said the Government is fully committed to shouldering her share of responsibility on the same.

He said “The government has adopted the blue economic development model for Kenyan marine waters for accelerate economic growth. In addition, Kenya subscribes to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Blue Growth Initiative and has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which recognize the important role played by oceans, seas, lakes and rivers in human development”

Bett added that the government has developed a National Tuna Fisheries Development and Management strategy 2013-2018, which provides a roadmap for the sustainable development of the Kenya's tuna fisheries resources occurring in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and ensuring an efficient tuna fisheries value chain.

According to the CS the overall goal of the strategy is to help transit Kenya’s tuna fisheries from artisanal-based fisheries to modern commercially oriented coastal and oceanic fisheries and accelerate economic growth of the tuna fisheries with direct positive impacts to employment, wealth creation, improved incomes and foreign exchange earnings.

Tuna fisheries are important tradable fishery commodity with a global commercial catch value of USD 3 Billion. Indeed the Western Indian Ocean region accounts for 70 to 80% of the Indian Ocean catch of tuna, representing 20% of the global tuna production (the second largest in the world after the West Pacific ocean). Kenya is therefore located strategically in the rich tuna belt of the Western Indian Ocean region.

Earlier estimates indicate that the tuna fishery in the Kenyan EEZ has the potential of between 150,000 and 300,000 Mt.

The CS also opened the Fish Quality Control Laboratory in Mombasa while the laboratories in Kisumu and Nairobi are also complete.

The construction of the Fish Quality Control Laboratories in Kenya is an idea that was conceptualized as early as the years 2009/2010 when Kenya suffered fish export bans from the major fish market the European Union due to food safety concerns.

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