By Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya

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As the clock ticks towards the August polls community political affiliations are playing a centre stage in deciding the future of the political dispensation in Tana River County.

New political affiliations are emerging while old ones discontinued following various reasons in several areas.

The Orma Wardei merger which carried the day in the last general elections was the first to be disbanded after the later walked out of the affiliation.

Wardei community claimed of being short changed in the merger that propelled Governor Hussein Dhado to power in the 2013 general elections.

According to Wardei chairman Hassan Farah, the deal was to be a fifty-fifty percent for each community something that never prevailed.

Farah claimed Governor Dado changed the deal for his selfish interests and the community had no option but to walk out of the affiliation.

The Wardei have now found a new merger comprised of the Pokomo and the Somali communities.

The merger of the three communities was orchestrated by the quest to change Governor Dado’s leadership which is claimed to be dogged with rampant corruption and tribalism.

Dado is claimed to have pushed both the Wardei and the Somali’s out of his government months after ascending to power, a move that angered the two communities forcing for a serious search of a new coalition.

Under the new merger, the three communities have agreed to share the three major slots Gubernatorial, Deputy Gubernatorial and that of the Women Rep for every sub county and community.

Garsen sub County got the gubernatorial seat, the Deputy governors seat went to Galole while the Somali Community in Bura bagged the women Rep slot.

Former County Executive Member for Health Hassan Bare, a Wardei who resigned from the Dado government in March this year will now deputize Danson Buya  Mungatana who is a Pokomo,  while the Somali community under their coalition Somali Wein endorsed Rukia Abdi for the women Representative seat.

Rukia Abdi who holds a masters degree in Human Resource comes from the Haji Soba clan which has the majority of the Somali’s compared to the Babu Sani clan.

The Somali are expected to vote as a block for Mungatana’s candidature after settling on Rukia who has since joined the Kenya Patriotic Party-Team Mungatana.

Rukia floored two other women Mariam Run from the Haria and Fathia Abdi from Gare clans before being endorsed by the Somali Wein a Somali council of elders in the county.

The team has also in cooperated other parties including Chama Cha Uzalenda which is fielding Maur Bwanamaka popularly known as Mathapu for the county Senatorial seat.

He brings in his oratorical expertise which has earned the Mungatana team a great deal of trust and confidence.

Maur is a Pokomo Muslim from Galole based in Mombasa but recently changed his political base to his ancient land Tana River.

On the other hand the Wardei community had earlier settled on the former county Assembly speaker Dr Nuh Nassir, to be the torch bearer but changed later after he failed to abide by the rules of the game set by his tribesmen.

The Wardei Chairman Farah, insisted that the community had resolved to cooperate with the government and that Dr Nuh was to decamp from Wiper Party to Jubilee party which he defied.

“He was also to constantly give briefings and consult the community elders and elites in any step he opted to undertake which he never did” Farah added.

Farah said Nuh was also to look for a strong coalition from the two other big communities Pokomo and Somali but not the Orma’s as they had short changed them in the previous deal allegations Nuh vehemently denied.

Nuh further picked his deputy from Munyo yaya community and not the Pokomo nor the Somali communities as earlier agreed.

According to the Wardei Nuh Nassir violated all the conditions and he had to be replaced immediately with Hassan Bare the former CeC health.

Now the three community merger brings together over 70,000 votes with Pokomo votes standing at 45,000, Somali 15,000, while the Wardei commanding 15,000 votes in the latest voter registration.

Many have perceived this merger as a formidable force to reckon with and it’s currently causing sleepless nights to Governor Hussen Dado.

Though Governor Hussein retained his deputy Jire Said Mohammed a Wardei, the community is said to be done with him following his insincere on the previous undertaking.

Currently he is even accused of endorsing Orma candidates in most of the major elective positions in the County.

In Garsen Hussein is said to be fronting Mohammed Salaat while in Galole is Hassan Dukicha and in Bura Ali Wario all being from the Orma Community.

The other Pokomo factor which is led by retired major Dado Godhana under the ODM party picked Batuyu Keah a Muiluana from Bura Constituency.

His team is also comprised of mama Alfeit Mumbo women Rep and Michael Inkaduda Senatorial position from Galole and Garsen respectively.

They are all Christians and locals say they looked down upon the Muslim community which forms the second largest block of voters in the county.

Analysts say the majority of the contenders of the Team Godhana are from one community Pokomo which might not egger well for them.

Many feel that though the Pokomo vote will be spit between the two contenders Mungatana and Godhana majority of them from the lower Tana Delta where Mungatana comes from are said to have pitched camp in his Team Mungatana.

He is also said to have a large chunk of followers in the Galole pitting the ODM candidate major Godhana who hails from Handampia in the same sub county Galole.

Major Godhana is said to be conducting night door to door campaigns and to specific households unlike his counterpart Mungatana who moves from village to village in broad day light.

In the eyes of the Pokomo Community major Godhana is seen as an imposter of Governor Hussen with the intention of dividing the Pokomo votes.

He is accused of being financed by Hussein for the past five years.

‘I was personally sent to deliver an envelope to major Godhana which had some money at Eden Rock hotel in Malindi when I was still the CeC money given to him by governor Hussein” Bare said

Former finance CeC Jilo Algi of PDR Party from the Orma community in Garsen who is also in the gubernatorial race picked Issack Hussein a Wardei.

Both the Orma and Wardei votes will be split to the various contenders though Bare is said to have an upper hand as his clan Wardei Sera is the largest and commands a large number of registered voters.

There are 5 wardei sub clans and share the 24000 votes of Wardei as follows Wardei Sera - 10,000, Wardei wenyoi 6,000 votes and Wardei Bula Bisiq 3,000 votes.

Others are the Wardei Sheqaal, Harti Maqhaawul 2,500 votes and Wardei Mohamed Suwer 2,300 votes

Generally Wardei wenyoy votes will be shared between Dado and Mungatana as they both command some following.

Its perceived that this time round the Wardei Bula Bisiq who always entirely supported Dr Nuh are also divided with majority led by Sheikh Nuh Mohammed Roble supporting Dado while Others are for Mungatana.


By The Coast Reporter

Kenya has received 55,000 metric tonnes of rice worth kshs. 2.4b from China to avert food crisis in the country.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri confirmed the rice consignments arrived at Mombasa Port last week was a gift to Kenya from the Chinese Government.

Kiunjuri said the rice will be distributed as relief food to hunger stricken Kenyans across the country.

"The rice is now being cleared at the port and by next week, the government will start distributing them to Kenyans who are suffering from hunger across the country. This is relief food, it will be given out to Kenyans free" Kiunjuri told reporters in Mombasa during a meeting with Mombasa businessmen from the Gema community.

China is among the leading donors to Kenya and has been involved in major development projects in the country including SGR.




By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

The Government will not tolerate politicians using their campaigns to promote hate speech and violence among Kenyans at the Coast during this electioneering period, Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa warned on Friday.

Marwa warned suspected politicians that they risk arrests and prosecutions as he instructed security agencies  to deal accordingly with any suspected hate-monger particularly in Mombasa county where  many politicians are claimed to be  inciting residents on tribal and religious grounds in order to win their votes.

Addressing hundreds of village elders who gathered at The School of Government in Mombasa early  Friday, Marwa said security agents have been alerted of  undisclosed plots by certain politicians in Mombasa to use goons during ongoing campaigns to fuel violence  and disrupt the elections.

The tough talking Marwa singled out politicians from Kisauni constituency in Mombasa accusing them  of using orthodox ways to bail out suspected criminals from police cells in attempts to use them to fuel violence during political campaigns.

He added that government officers in the entire Coast region have committed themselves in ensuring all candidates vying for various seats in the August elections get equal opportunities in terms of security to enable them to conduct  peaceful campaigns ahead of the general  elections.

“I want to tell you the government is well prepared and these officers including myself are ready to die for the peace in this country. We can not allow these few power hungry politicians to interfere with peace in our counties. Let them try and they shall see fire, I tell you” the no none sense Marwa warned.

He  also directed all County Commissioners in the entire Coast region to urgently convene a meeting between their county security officers and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC to ensure they initiate campaign guidelines for candidates to help avert acts of violence.

“Mr Achoki, you will have to convene a meeting between county security officers and IEBC and ensure there are regulations that will guide how candidates conduct their campaign rallies. Candidates will have to submit their campaigns calendars to the police stations as earlier as possibly in order to allow you and your officers to arrange for security and other logistics “Nr Narwa added.

Meanwhile, the Coast Regional Coordinator appealed to local residents particularly village elders and local leaders to cooperate with security officers in the fight against insecurity in the entire Coast region,

Marwa also thanked the Muslim community for their support to the government’s efforts to maintain peace and security during Ramadan period. 


JUNE 13, 2017

I am pleased to welcome you here today, Kenyans and friends of Kenya, from all walks of life to reflect on the values that define us as a Nation, and chart a path together towards the 2017 General Election.

It is a time to focus on what we collectively need to do, to keep our country on the right footing on this 55th day to the 8th August General Election.

But even as we focus on 8th August, let us not forget our history. A history that our fathers and mothers tirelessly worked together, to bring all our different communities into a single cohesive nation. They built a nation that chose to celebrate our diversity, rather than use it to divide us: They rallied us around our national anthem that places particular emphasis on justice, unity, peace and liberty.

Ladies and gentlemen, this, is what our heritage is. This, is what we must strive to defend and protect as we consolidate our democracy.

It is important, however, to emphasize that the protection of democracy requires all of us, to work together. It is fundamental to the protection of the sovereign power of the people of Kenya. The people of Kenya exercise this power “either directly or through their democratically elected representatives”.  As leaders seeking political office, those positions constitutionally belong to the Kenyan people.

As institutions given the responsibility to midwife democratic elections, the enormity of that responsibility cannot be over-stated. Each of us has a task to ensure that the electoral process is transparent, just and peaceful.

All stakeholders, state and non-state actors have their responsibilities curved out. A responsibility to protect individual rights and freedoms of all Kenyans during the electoral process.


The collaboration in the hosting this event, is self-evident. I recognize the contribution of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the ‘Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu’ Initiative, the Government of Kenya and our development partners who have made this occasion possible. Thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We meet here to assess the progress thus far and to reflect on the challenges we face as a people, committed to providing solutions and steering our nation in the right direction on matters elections.

On our part as the Commission, we successfully completed the registration of voters increasing the national coverage by 26% of voters. Out of the 19.6 million voters, 49% are women and 51% men.

What we also observe is that majority of the registered voters are youths standing at more than 50%. We are at the moment, working on improving the quality of the register based on the findings of the recently finalized KPMG audit. We wish to conclude this exercise in a week or so.

The Commission also just concluded the process of candidate nomination. The process was successful in many respects except for a few notable challenges. A total of 14,552 candidates have so far been cleared to compete for the available 1,882 seats across the country.

Sadly, the participation of women and youth in the nomination is still a matter of concern. It is our hope that political parties will do more to increase the interest of women and youth to participate in election.

We are also pleased to announce that 45,000 KIEMS kits (the Kenya Integrated Election Management System) are now in the country, with the last batch having been delivered yesterday. The Commission has sought to ensure that it puts in place a more reliable electronic system for purposes of voter identification and results transmission. This assurance shall be obtained through a series of tests that the Commission shall carry out on the technology before the elections. The Commission is also investing in information security to ensure reliability, availability and integrity of our systems.

The Commission developed the elections results management framework, that will guide election officials and stakeholders on election results. Our aim is to ensure that there is greater transparency in the manner in which the results and tallied, collated, announced and declared at the different stages.


We are pleased to announce, that the National Tallying Centre for the Presidential Election shall be at Bomas of Kenya. The Tallying Centre has been redesigned informed by principles of transparency and accountability in results management.

During the course of this conference, there will be detailed presentations on the issues that I have briefly touched on. You will also be issued with a report that captures in greater detail the state of preparedness for the General Election.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There have been moments when justice, peace and liberty have come under trial in our country. Our memory is still fresh to events of 1992, 1997, and 2007, all sadly related to elections. But in all these situations, we were able to retrace our steps and chose justice and peace over anarchy and war.

The importance of electing leaders with Integrity in compliance with Chapter Six of the Constitution and the Leadership and Integrity Act cannot be over emphasized.   I quote Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a former President of the Assembly of India, who stated that;

“If the people who are elected are capable, and men of character and integrity, then they would be able to make the best even of a defective Constitution. If they are lacking in these, the Constitution cannot help the country. After all, a Constitution like a machine, is a lifeless thing. It acquires life because of the men who control it and operate it, and India [like KENYA today] needs nothing more than a set of honest men who will have the interest of the country before them … It requires men of strong character, men of vision, men who will not sacrifice the interests of the country at large for the sake of smaller groups and areas … We can only hope that the country will throw up such men [and women of course] in abundance.”

We have collaborated with the Hon Attorney General, the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and other state and non-state agencies to ensure that as we cleared candidates for nomination we adhered to the tenets of Chapter Six. This collaboration can only be done within the law, and there are serious challenges.  This chapter Six working group must live beyond this election.  I hope Parliament shall enact laws to remove the legal roadblocks that this working group has encountered during this electoral period, to secure its longevity.

I urge all of us to work together in the next 55 days towards a transparent, just and peaceful electoral process. Let us desist from the politics of division and embrace the politics of unity. Do not let this election, be a pretext that threatens communities that have always lived in peace. Let us protect women, children and the vulnerable from violence and threats of violence. And let the young people, stand out, to be counted as agents of peace and democracy.

For those seeking political office, I urge you to campaign with grace and humility, remembering that the sovereign power still belongs to the people of Kenya.

On my own behalf and that of my team, I pledge our unwavering commitment to deliver a free, fair and credible election.


By The COAST Newspaper Reporter

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Kenya Patriots Party KPP Gubernatorial candidate for Tana River County Danson Mungatana wants electorates to elect a team of like minded leaders if they want any meaningful development in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Mungatana said for any economic blue print to sail through at any given government level be it national or county it must have full backing of assembly members.

“It is in this regard that I urge you to elect a team of like minded Members of National or County Assembly MP’s and MCA’s respectively irrespective of their party affiliations to help achieve the economic goal” Mungatana said.

Mungatana made the remarks as he endorsed Mama Katisha Rhoda Raha who is vying for the Garsen South ward on a KADU Asili ticket.

“I have an agenda for this County and that agenda can only be realized if the county assembly members support me, that’s why I appeal as you elect me to be your next governor come August polls also do me a favor by electing leaders who will work with me harmoniously” Mungatana said.

Residents in Tana River are said to be carefully looking at every contender not to repeat the mistake of electing leaders on the influence of party politics or any kind of wave as it happened in the last general elections.

Mungatana’s team is comprised of candidates drawn from various ethnicity groups and political parties beating the six piece campaign that duped many in the previous elections.

On the senatorial seat, Mungatana is said to be working with Chama Cha Uzalendo candidate Maur Bwanamaka who is said to be fighting his wars in the corridors of justice pending clearance from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC.

Rukia Abdi Mohammed eying the women rep seat is of Somali origin while his deputy who is a former County Executive Committee CeC is from the Wardei Community.

Sources have revealed that though the former chairlady Wavinya Ndeti left the party, the wars between her and Bwanamaka are yet to come to an end.

Addressing a public rally at Egekumbi and Odha villages over the weekend the former Garsen Member of Parliament urged locals to think beyond party and religion lines and make responsible choices as choices have consequences.

He also appealed to other contenders to think about the future by not engaging in violent campaigns as they might turn to be destructive.

“Let’s campaign peaceful and not to indulge in any acts of violence because each one of us knows how volatile this area is when it comes to tribal clashes” the KPP candidate added.

Tana River suffered immensely in the tribal clashes that were witnessed some months before the country went into the 2012 general elections leaving several people dead and hundreds fleeing their homes.

 He said his government will put much emphasis on enhancing lives of the locals by supporting economic activities across the county.

Mungatana said “the Watta community has been forgotten by the current government not knowing that they also deserve decent lives like any other person in the county”

 He accused the Tana River Governor Hussein Dado for not setting any development project for them despite having supported him to ascend to power.

Like any other contenders he never minced his words in making any pledges where he promised to bring real change in the living standards of the Watta community. 

The Watta Community are said to be truly the only indigenous Tana River people who were there even before the Pokomo came over. 

Analysts say a society is only as strong as its weakest link.

Any comment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By The COAST Newspaper Rreporter

National Cohesion and Integration Commission has appealed to Kenyans of all cadres to promote peace and harmony during and after the electioneering period.

Addressing security agencies in Mandera, National Cohesion and Integration Commission Commissioner Morris Dzoro, said there is need to coexist harmoniously if peace is to prevail amongst different communities.

Dzoro said Inter peace team should intensify their efforts in promoting the same for they have immense experience built over the years in various contexts around the world.

He challenged them to identify the root causes of conflict and design locally owned solutions for sustainable peace.

“It is against this background that the NCIC signed an MoU with Inter peace to implement a long-term process that will engage the local community in a participatory and inclusive process necessary” Dzoro said.

The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to the peace building process and advancing shared responsibility by the communities towards a peaceful and cohesive society in Mandera County.

The Main objective of the project is to identify the challenges to Peace and to develop a coordinated action plan and strategy for the peace building programme.

He said among the challenges identified by the research process was the issue of trust between communities and security agencies in the county.

“As our researchers will share, this lack of trust is a systemic issue and may not be ascribed to a specific individual” The Commissioner said

His remarks comes barely a few days after several explosions were experienced in Mandera where several people lost their lives through Improvised explosive devices set along different roads.

The Northern part of Kenya has historically suffered from marginalization in comparison with other parts of Kenya which resulting in widespread poverty, increased competition over resources and societal tensions. Intermittent conflicts have consequently been a feature of life among pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya for a long time.

Commissioner Dzoro added that the location of Mandera County at the convergence of three countries with porous borders makes it particularly prone to conflict.

“The County has experienced episodes of conflict since 1983, driven by a host of social, economic, political and regional factors.

The social factors include clan rivalries over land and other resources, tussles for clan supremacy; the existence of clan militias; and a high level of illiteracy.

Economic factors include high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth; limited access to opportunities; unequal distribution of resources; land ownership and changes in the land value system; and access to the Daua River - the only permanent fresh water source and farming belt in the County” Dzoro noted.

According to the US Department of State Mandera triangle is one of the most conflict prone areas in the world.

Most of the government officers working in areas like Mandera have greater courage given the conditions they find themselves in.

He said the Commission was currently working towards delivering a peaceful general election in the upcoming August polls.

Among the strategies it has embraced is the deployment of cohesion monitors in each county to not only monitor hate speech but also to act as early warning agents.

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Mombasa' High Court is set to decide the fate of Diani Deputy OCS’ Ashford Karani next week after he failed to recognize an order which barred him and his officers from forcefully evicting a widow from her late husband’s house in Diani town.

The Deputy OCS who could not be reached to respond is claimed to have been compromised by certain tycoons allegedly eying properties worth millions of shillings which are currently under the custody of the widow, Mrs Ramla Azam.

The properties which include a 0.11 hectare of prime land, a bus spares, a garage and several rental shops were left under the custody of the widow by her late husband Azam Khan Abdalla Khan, a once popular businessman in Diani town. He died on 1st October, 1999.

Mr Karani had appeared before a  Mombasa High Court for contempt of the order issued earlier by a Kadhi court after he led a contingent of police officers to forcefully evict the widow from a house she claims to have been left behind for her family.

The Coast Newspaper can authoritatively report that Mrs Azam, a mother of 6 children is currently leaving a miserable life together with her children in a shanty next to the house in question following the forceful eviction and takeover of her house by one of her in-laws.

It has therefore emerged that the police officers acted in cohort with one of the widow’s in-laws claimed to have strong interests in taking over the deceased properties.

However, the visibly depressed widow told The Coast Newspaper that the bragging in-law Mazar Khan and his cousin Nazir Ali Khan allegedly ganged up with some top police officers at the Diani Police Station to deny her and the children the rights to own her late husband’s properties.

“This man and his wife have subjected my children and I into arbitrary abuse of our rights to own this land and properties left behind by my late husband. You can see the misery am going through, they have already instructed my tenants to stop paying rent to me, where is justice, why are they inhuman even to a widow like me?” Mrs Azam lamented as she asked the government to intervene in here situation.

The properties have been under Mrs Azam’s custody with the help of her father in-law the late Ali Khan Rahim Khan Jindu Khan who also passed away on 24th February,2014, according to her.

She claimed that her miseries started after the death of the father in-law, a time when Mazar Abdalla Khan , a brother to her later husband started demanding that he be handed over all land ownership documents , including the power of attorney in an attempt to change and sell the piece land which has since been under Caveat.

“This man started frustrating me and my family immediately my father in-law died on 24th February, 2014. He has used the police to force me to budge to his demand but I have said no. He even took me to court with a forged title deed claiming the land belongs to him but even before the court ruling he was already here with his police officers forcing me out of my house. Now am forced to live here in this shanty without even a toilet, while he enjoys life with his wife in my own house” Mrs Azam said.

The High Court had earlier directed the Deputy OCS through an order issued in April, 2017 to protect the widow from evictions until a succession case that was before the Kadhi's court could be heard and determined.

In the succession case, the in-law is claiming total ownership of the land and the house against Mrs Azam who has also put a strong case to defend her rights of ownership of her late husband's properties under the Islamic law.

The High Court has also directed that status quo be maintained between the two parties.

Meanwhile, the in-law has gone further to demand that all tenants operating businesses in the building stop remitting rents to the widow against the court order.

In letters written to all tenants occupying shops in the building situated adjacent to the garage, Mazar Khan's lawyers had instructed that all rents payment be made to him as from June, 2017, something Mrs Azam has objected and asked her tenants to continue paying through her.

The tenants confirmed to the Coast Newspaper that they will continue to pay the rents as usual directly to Mrs Azam whom they proudly termed as a humble and caring landlady.

By The COAST Newspaper Reporter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A none Governmental organization in Mombasa wants security agencies to arrest all parents who have failed to take their children to school but rather turned them to beggars in the streets.

Chief Executive Officer for Haki Africa Hussein Khalid also wants local administrators including chiefs, sub chiefs and ward administrators to be dismissed from work if they fail to ensure all school going children are in class.

In a press statement released to media houses on Wednesday, Khalid said most children are left to roam in major cities within the Coast Region hence forced to engage in odd businesses.

He said such children end up being prostitutes and endangering their lives at a very tender age.

Khalid accused parents for forcing their children to beg other than taking them to schools.

“In many cases the parents do not care about the welfare of their children including their right to education where as some force them to go out in the streets and beg for money from passer’s in the evening and on weekends” Khalid added.

He said though these children fail to attend school and keep on begging the security apparatus have not taken any measures to curb the same.

He strongly took issue with both the County and National government for not protecting the young children from exploitation by their parents and others who took advantage of their destitution.

The CEO said ‘Haki Africa is demanding all children below the age of 18 be in schools without fail”

He added that the rights of the children must take precedence over all other rights.

“Any parent, whose child is found begging or who is begging with a child at any time anywhere any day including weekends, should be arrested immediately” Khalid directed.

According to a report released by the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) some few years ago showed young children at the Coast engage in child prostitution and pornography.

Places like Mtwapa, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Voi and Diani were highlighted as red zones.

The report also revealed that most school going children roam aimlessly around the streets while their parents are fully aware of this illicit behavior.

It also indicated that for those who are aware even send them to beg in the streets as the thirst for money is relatively high hence leading to prostitution and other vices in the community.

Efforts to get any comment from both the County and National government were fruitless.


Visit the website:

For COMMENTS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By The COAST Newspaper Reporter

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission barred Professor Gabriel Katana from contesting in the forth coming general elections.

Professor Katana was barred after it was discovered that he belonged to two different political parties which is against the law.

However, Katana over the weekend claimed that he had withdrawn from the Kilifi County gubernatorial race following various reasons.

In a Press Conference Prof Katana a Physics Lecturer at Pwani University announced his withdrawal from the race citing a mix up of names in two different political parties.

According to IEBC, Prof Katana who had already secured a ticket with the Wiper Party for the governor's race his name appeared in the Wiper Party of Kalonzo Musyoka and it also featured in the Nyali MP Hezron Awiti's Vibrant Development Party.

‘When I submitted my nomination papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for verification and clearance it was found that my names appear in the list of members of the two parties and this caused the confusion for me to be cleared," Prof Katana said.

The Professor said: "I rushed to the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and found the same mix up.

I was advised to write an official letter explaining that am in the Wiper Party and so i did but this never solved the problem on time at the IEBC"

He accused IEBC for the slow-pace in verification of names of aspirants adding that the process was too slow while the number of those who seek the services was too high.

Prof Katana who was accompanied by his would be running mate Duncan Nyale, the Proposer James Mariko Saidi and Seconder Edison Mwayaa wondered who could have registered his name with the Vibrant Development Party without his consent.

The don's supporters in the region accused the Vibrant Development Party for secretly sneaking his name to the IEBC without consulting him.

They said it was a blow to the Wiper Party which was at a better position to win the governor's seat this time round

However, the ODM supporters in the area celebrated the move because analysts say Professor Katana posed the greatest threat to the incumbent Governor Amason Jeffa Kingi.

Khairat Mosque Ustadh Mohamed Rashid said: "Prof Katana enjoys a large support from the residents just like governor Kingi and was set to give him a great challenge for his money in the forth coming general elections but it is a relief to Kingi"

Meanwhile, five independent candidates for MCA seats are going to court to sue IEBC over rejection of their papers .Omar Mbaruk, Maurice Tsuma, Emmanuel Mweri, Festus Tsumah and Charo Nzaro are complaining that the Constituency Returning Officer Mr Hussein Abdulwahi rejected their documents without giving them sufficient reasons.

They want the court to compel him to allow them to vie as independent candidates. Efforts to get comments from Mr Abdulwahi were not successful.

By The COAST Newspaper Reporter

Governor John Mruttu has urged the Maasai community to embrace formal education.

Addressing members of the Maasai community in Orkung'u, Taveta during the Orng'esherr ceremony that marks the graduation from Iltuati (Moranism) to Irrmirishi (adulthood) governor Murutu said education is a key element thatensures a community keeps up with the evolving world.

He however recommended formulation of policies that are favorable to cattle herders to boost their main income generating activity. 

In the Maasai Community, Muranism is an age group that lasts for 23 years and is composed of the youth between 15-41 years of age who provide protection for the community. 

While Irrmirishi is a junior adulthood age group that is consulted in all community engagements and actions. The governor was accompanied by Mata Ward MCA Reuben Ole Tiges, County Assembly Speaker Hon Meshack Maganga and Hon Crispus Tondoo.

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