By Peter Kombe

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The Ministry of Public Service Gender and Youth affairs has since disbursed over Kshs 95 million Uwezo Fund to different groups in Mombasa County since the program was launched.

Speaking to Journalists in Mombasa on Thursday during a women affirmative fund forum Richard Ruoth, officer in charge of youth affairs in Mvita Sub County said the government is concerned about the welfare of her citizens and therefore the need to empower them economically.

The sub county official outlined that distinct groups within the county have benefited from the funds provided by the government in for of loans including the disabled youth and women groups.

“The Kenyan government is concerned about the welfare of all the citizens. And various groups have benefitted from the program.” He said.

Routh stated that various groups have embraced the move by the government pointing out that about 80 per cent of the beneficiaries within the county have been repaying their loans promptly.

He however expressed concern that the minority few who have not been able to pay back the loans have been granted an extension period by the government to pay taking into account their economic stabilities.

“About 80% of all beneficiaries have been able to pay back the loans with the few being granted a some time to pay back the loans.” He noted.

At the same time, Ministry of Gender and Youth affairs Permanent Secretary   Mwanamaka Mabruk said the aim of the ministry is to empower all groups including women, youth and the disabled in society and  urged them to form groups that will enable them apply for loans and more so exchange ideas.

“The major aim of this ministry is to empower women youth and the disabled groups in society.” The state official said.

The PS called upon the women to wisely use the loans they receive from the government by investing in income generating activities thus uplifting their living standards.

She insisted that women are the drivers of the economy as they engage in micro scale businesses that determine the country’s economic stability.

Over 400 women widows attended the event organized by the Ministry of Public service, Gender and Youth affairs.

By The Coast reporter

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 Ninety nine percent of Mombasa County plastic making plants have complied with the newly formed plastic law. "The National Environmental Management Authority NEMA County director Stephen Wambua has said."

Speaking to the Coast Reporter in Mombasa on Friday the NEMA Director confirmed that since the law came into force in August 2017 most of the plastic making industries within the county have heeded to the demands of the National Environmental management authority.

The NEMA official applauded Kenyans for their strict observance of the new law adding that since its enforcement Mombasa County and the Kenya at large have gained international recognition.

“Kenyans have really observed the law throughout the country.” The official said

He pointed out that the authority officials have conducted a series of awareness campaigns through the use of the media and awareness meetings in a bid to inform the public on the risks posed by plastic papers and bags.

Wambua admitted that some Kenyans are still using plastic bags according to reliable sources and gave out a stern warning insisting that the law will catch up with them.

“We have received some information that some Kenyans still engage in this illegal business.” He insisted 

He noted that in an effort to enforce the law throughout the country, all plastic bags and papers have been banned to ensure that the supply is cut short.

He urged Kenyans throughout the country to surrender all plastic bags and papers to their nearby environmental management offices for recycling of the waste papers into more re usable items.

“I urge all those Kenyans having plastics in their homes to surrender them to our offices for recycling.” He said

The director said on Tuesday and Wednesday authority officials arrested a total of 14 people in various parts of Mombasa county including Mwembe Tayari Market, Saba Saba  and Kongowea Market charged them before a court of law, 10 released as first offenders, 3 charged a fine of Kshs 5,000 each, and one charged a cash bail of Kshs 9,000 after ignoring a court order of appearing before a court of law.

The official noted that in partnership with the county government they will conduct clean up exercises in all the areas of the county to eradicate all plastics bags in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

By Prof Dr. Halimu Shauri
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The stalemate between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Raila Odinga has made Kenya a hostage of the two big families. Apparently, the logjam reminds me of Kenyas early years in the 1960s and 1970s. During this time, the doyens of this nation, aka Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Raila’s father and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru’s father started this jingoism. But why do I go back to history, you may be wondering? Yes, because human beings have to learn from history. Without understanding yesterday, we cannot know today and possibly we cannot predict tomorrow, the future. The thesis here is that the current problem facing Kenya has its roots or clue to solution hidden in the dark Kenyan past.
The early years of Kenyan history have its own dark secrets and hence it’s about time the custodians of such secrets come in the open and tell the nation the truth. Indeed, the early years were murkier and slightly equivalent to what is happening now in Kenya. More precisely, Mzee Jaramogi and Mzee Kenyatta were always at loggerheads. I remember, with wistfulness, one time when Mzee Kenyatta’s motorcade was stoned in the streets of Kisumu because of animosity he had with Mzee Jaramogi. The scuffled that ensued lead to deaths of many protesters in the streets of Kisumu. It is also fresh in my mind, as if this took place yesterday, when Mzee Jaramogi was put under house arrest. Those my age and above remember the popular saying by Jaramogi “not yet uhuru”, a statement that landed Mzee Oginga in deep trouble.
Mzee Oginga and Kenyatta, of course, left the worldly space and went to claim their space with the creator. In the words of Fredric Angels referring to the death of his friend Karl Marx, the doyens of Kenyan independence antagonism stopped to think. To many, including myself, this was to be the end of the feuds between the two families. Precisely, many Kenyans thought that this bull fight is over. Alas, no sooner than the two antagonists stopped thinking that their children started experimenting thinking like their own fathers. They say in my mother community, like father, like son. In fact, the two children did pick the lethal war of their fathers and took it to current new heights. This has been, for those who are vast with the history of Kenya, the result of what is happening today.
For over 53 years, Kenyans across the divide have been reduced to the words of Prof. Caspher Owoundo, cheering crowds for the two families. Indeed, Kenyans of all walks of life including businessmen and women, scholars, professionals and even politicians have been divided along the two families. What has supported this easy division? Money and power have been of course the pillars upon which supporters of the two sides have been oiled. The synergistic effect of wealth and power has been providing the nutrition for the family feud for decades. The war has degenerated, from latent antipathy to a manifest antagonism and vendetta. Kenyans have simply been divided into the two blocks fighting a war that they know little about. If I may innocently ask, what is the Odingas and Kenyattas antipathy all about? What are they actually fighting for? Is what they are fighting for worthy destroying Kenya? Your guess to these questions is not better that mine, I don’t know. Why then is Kenya polarized into two factions, the Raila-Luo family and its supporters and UhuruKikuyu family and its supporters? Indeed, an intelligent lens looking at Kenya sees evilness in the Uhuru-Kikuyu and the Raila-Luo axes. Both the two axes qualify to be axis of evil, if what is going on in Kenya now is something to go by. The rest of the Kenyan families, Kikuyus, Luos and other ethnic compositions have just been reduced into mere spectators and cheering crowds.
Accordingly, Kenya will only move forward when its people move beyond this historic fact of hatred. Karl Marx once said every society contains a seed of its own destruction; the two families seem to be the seed for the destruction of this country. Indeed, Kenya needs a new lease of life; a fresh breath of sobriety and a de-familiarization of the Kenyatta-Odinga families. The Kenyan mind should be disinfected from the Kenyatta and Odinga mantra. Its only when Kenyans will realize that the country has more families than these two protagonists that we will bake true freedom and democracy. At the moment democracy in Kenya means only two things, an Odinga or Kenyatta win. This is to say that real sustainable peace and development will be arrived at when Kenyans learn to desist from the allure of Odingaism and Kenyattaism.
More precisely, our development and political values are defined by the two leaders. We accept what they want and refuse what they don’t want, in law and political decision making. They have become independent institutions themselves wilding tremendous support from the cheerers. The rest of Kenyans have been reduced to consumers of laws and political reforms engineered by the two sons of independence doyens. Many Kenyans are ready to give their lives, in total negation of their own families, to support an Odinga or Uhuru presidency. Sometimes I wonder when I hear Kenyans talk about ethnicity taking centre stage in Kenyan politics and economy or political economy. The assertion that Kenya’s political parties are based on ethnic blocks or are tribal in nature, is a misnomer. This incongruity is negated by the fact that there are only two tribes defined by the Kenyan politics, the Odingas and Kenyattas. The rest of us are tools that support the decade’s protracted antagonism between the two families. What continues to baffles me with no answer is what seed of discord was planted between the two families to make them the exact polar opposites?
In my narrow understanding, the Odinga family has always been the bees, playing the role of the honey maker, while the Kenyatta family, the honey bird that enjoys the honey. Indeed, the Odinga family has been in the forefront in Kenya’s liberation but have not been at the centre of dividing the benefits of such struggles. Odinga’s father, for instance, sacrificed and refused to take up the mantra of Kenyas leadership from the colonialists without Mzee Jomo Kenyatta being released from prison. Many of us remember the slogan, no uhuru (Independence) without Kenyatta, which was led by Odinga’s father and other early freedom fighters. Unfortunately, Mzee Jaramogi had to suffer the consequences of such patriotism during the early years of independence, as reiterated earlier in the early years of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta presidency.
The young Odinga aka Raila took over and wore tightly the shoes of oppositional thinking from his father’s grave. Who in Kenya does not know Raila and what contribution he has made for this country? In many minds of Kenyans, Raila goes down in history as the father, no wonder they call him baba (meaning father), of reforms in Kenya and oppositional politics. Many political analysts see darkness in oppositional politics with a Raila exit. To many Raila has been the voice of the voiceless and the speaker of truth to power. This has earned him accolades in and outside the country. Interestingly, like his father, he has also been a generous and selfless kingmaker. When he had the opportunity to be selfish, just like his father he passed the presidency to Kibaki through his Kibaki Tosha jingle. When Kenya was burning in 2007 he agreed to the Dr Kofi Anaan brokered talks and when he was not happy with the defeat of 2013 he went to the Supreme Court and respected the decision instead of him being selfish. To some all these are symbols of patriotism in Raila. However, others say, he has a super CV but what does he have to show for it? Remember the famous saying “wala nyama na wameza mate (loosely translated to mean those eating meat (in control) and those salivating (spectating). Others say like his father, he will just smell the presidency, but remember life has mysteries, never say never.
The current politico-legal crisis in Kenya will therefore be mitigated only when Kenyans recognize that we have more families than those two of Odinga and Kenyatta. It will happen when each family in Kenya realises that it has a place or role in the leadership of the country. Given the historical knowledge of antagonism between the Odingas and the Kenyattas, the solution to Kenya’s impending constitutional crisis is not in law. It is anchored in resolving a decade’s long social problem, aka a family misunderstanding that predates Raila and Uhuru into their fathers reign. This makes the rest of Kenyans as brokers, supporters or cheering crowds of the two families. We have been made consumers of their products in law and in politics. If you ask a simple question, who has majorly shaped Kenya? Your guess is similar to mine, the Odingas and the Kenyattas. If you ask again what our role in this is has been? Once again you will concur with me as supporters or cheering crowds.
Finally, allow me to caution us, Kenyans, by asking the question: What does this decade’s long Odinga-Kenyatta family resentment mean for the future of Kenya? This is a speculative question and you all know such questions are not easy to answer. However, I my honest opinion, this spells doom for Kenya. Imagine Uhuru or Raila presidency under the prevailing circumstances perpetuating the same rivalry through their children!!! This will now be an intergenerational antipathy between the two families. Am sure the two, like many father’s do, are grooming and mentoring their children to take over. With the heated animosity and exchange between Uhuru and Raila, their children are watching and being socialised into this family hegemonic hatemongering, carrying its vindictiveness forward to the next generation, the generation of the grandsons of the doyens of independent Kenya. Three options exist to end this decade’s long hostage taking of the country by the two families, first, by bringing Uhuru and Raila on the negotiating table to resolve this feud and come up with a political solution once and for all. This is the preferred option because law will never fix a social problem like this one between the two families. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and hence a social or political problem will only be resolved by a corresponding social or political solution respectively. Second, in my honest opinion since Raila has withdrawn from the race, it would be so easy to end this nuanced antagonism if Uhuru would for instance withdraw too. Nkaamba Ikanona sikaamba Itsindzwe (loosely translated as, I have said the cow is fat but I have not said it should be slaughtered) or third, which is not believable from the foregoing, Kenyans decide to vote none of the two protagonist whether in or out of the process.

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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The Institute of Certified Public Accountants has sent a stern warning to politicians to conduct themselves and their political activities with utmost decorum not to hurt further the economy of the country.

ICPAK vice chairperson Rose Mwaura says the country’s economy is highly affected by the heightened uncertainty caused by the political temperatures in the country.

Addressing journalists at the ongoing annual forensic Audit conference at Pride Inn Hotel Shanzu Mombasa, miss Mwaura said Kenya Revenue Authority KRA is currently missing its collection target by 2.6 billion every month.

“The prolonged political activities have seen GDP growth slow down markedly to 5% in the last few months. The 2017 Budget Review on outlook paper (BROP) indicates that KRA is missing revenue collection target almost 2.6 Billion per month due to these activities” Said Mwaura        

She added that the private sector entities are grappling with lost business opportunities while workers are faced by job terminations.

The chairperson has however called on politicians to use better ways in resolving their contentious issues so as to salvage the economy which is currently heeding to the docks.

She also wants both parties to embrace the rule of law and uphold governance and integrity in all their respective areas of operations.

“Strict adherence to these values and the provisions will certainly consolidate cohesion and build a foundation for a prosperous nation” she added.

The ICPAK boss further noted that the Tourism and Manufacturing sectors alongside others are adversely affected by the ongoing politicking following the annulment of the August presidential elections.

“During the hearing of the presidential election arising from the 2017 general elections, the Supreme court annulled the August elections and ordered for fresh elections within 60 days, however the planned repeat elections is in a state of a limbo following the withdrawal of one candidate. We are concerned that the continued political uncertainty is hurting our economy” she noted

She said “It is imperative to constantly remind all political leaders that the future of the nation lies in how well we navigate the current process. We must remember that we have a country to safe guard and we are obligated to reach out to one another in this critical moment of our country’s history”  

In the same effort to address the ongoing stalemate the Chairperson also called on the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission EACC to rise up to its task and act precisely on officers who are implicated in misuse of public offices adding that failure to punish public officers and other officers who fail to live by these values reduces the momentum of commitment to ethics and integrity principles.

“The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission EACC should ready itself to implement ethics and ensure stronger commitment to principles of leadership and integrity by all persons in public office” Maura said.

The three days conference which is attended by over three hundred certified Accountants is set to come to a close on Friday.

Government Set to Commission 48Billion Pipeline Project

By Peter Kombe

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Ninety five per cent of the main civil works of the new Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline is now complete, the Kenya Pipeline Managing Director Joe Sang said.

Speaking to the press in Mombasa on Wednesday at the KPC premises in Changamwe, the Managing Director pointed the project will officially be commissioned by the end of this year.

The KPC boss stated that the project is currently doing the final works which includes hydro testing, station mechanisms coupled with some electrical works.

“We are currently doing some final works of the mega oil project which includes hydro testing, station mechanism and some electrical works. The project will be completed by the end of the year.” The KPC official said.

The director noted that the completion of the project will raise some hopes of lower road maintenance costs taking into consideration the hundreds of trucks the project will remove from the country’s roads.

“Using modern day class engineering technology, the 48 billion shilling project will see installation of 4 new pump stations in Changamwe Maungu, Mtito Andei and Sultan Hamud and 2 booster pumps in Kipevu.” The director said.

Sang said that the new line will also include fire fighting systems in the new stations together other energy efficient equipment and pipeline monitoring technologies which will introduce efficiency and safety in fuel supply logistics in Kenya and the region.

He outlined that the oil company is in the process of replacing the existing Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline that has been in operation over the past 39 years.

“The company is currently undertaking replacements of the existing Mombasa Nairobi pipeline which has been in operation for the past thirty nine years.” He said

The director said that once the project is completed, the pipeline will ensure sustained reliable and efficient transportation of petroleum products in the region and meet demand in the next 30 with an installed rate for phase one of 1 million litres per day by the end of 2017.

The contractor of the project, Zakhem International Construction Limited is responsible for procurement, construction and commissioning   of the entire project.

The construction of the 20 inch diameter 450 km pipeline commenced in 2014 and a part of the vision 2030 project.

The pipeline will enhance safety and protect the environment since transportation of oil through pipeline is safe, faster and environmentally friendly.



By Prof Dr Halimu Shauri

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The ongoing push and pull from both the ruling coalition, Aka Jubilee, and opposition coalition, Aka NASA, is heart breaking and not healthy for the country. Indeed, from the time of the deemed historic Justice Maraga’s ruling to date, the country has been treated to a travesty of political allusions. This has seen Kenya’s social life and the economy plummet. What do I see in this? I see an economic depression engulfing the country and soon the strong Kenyan currency will follow the whims of the Zimbabwean Dollar. Who should we blame for this impending true scenario, you may be wondering? Alas your guess is not better than mine!! The politician and why you may be asking? This is because Kenya has slowly become a politically deterministic state where politics, however, mediocre chaperon’s the country’s affairs.

The gazillion shillings question to ask is who will deliver Kenya from this political imbroglio? The ruling coalition, Aka Jubilee, is pushing on having the elections under IEBC ceteris peribus, come 26th October 2017, while the opposition coalition is for election with irreducible minimum reforms, as they pull on their direction. Jubilee seemed to be comfortable with the current arrangement of IEBC probably because the clutter at the electoral commission in the August 8, 2017 placed them ahead of NASA. Thus, in essence Jubilee has no cause to worry with the currently constituted IEBC.

What do I see? I see Jubilee trusting IEBC as currently constituted. If I draw an analogy of a ripe banana owner and a hungry mischievous Monkey who leaves his banana with the Monkey for a whole day and found it lying intact, with even another half or small piece of ripe banana by the side. What then do I see in the eyes of Jubilee? I see IEBC as this trusted Monkey, who despite hunger paroxysms took care of the ripe banana for a day till the owner came for it and by surprise when the owner came back he found the ripe banana with an accompaniment of a half or small banana under the care of the Monkey.

This translate in the words of a Tanzanian Pop music singer “Zare la Mentally”, loosely translated as luck of a mentally challenged person. To the NASA brigade, reforms at IEBC stand in the way of whether Kenya will see, for the first time ever, and participate in the historic repeat presidential elections. To them, their message is precisely clear, no reforms at IEBC no election.

What do I see here? I see fear and as I retreat to think in my mother tongue, I see, once beaten twice shy. It is simply the reverse of the analogy of a ripe banana inter alia. How for example can you keep your ripe banana with a mischievous Monkey? Most of you remember the primary school story of the mischievous Monkey who was left in the house and when the owner came back found the Monkey had worn his shot on the head.

Now that NASA had left their ripe banana with this same Monkey that Jubilee trusted it with its ripe banana and found it intact and rewarded with a half or small banana on coming back. Contrary, to what I see in Jubilites, I see in the minds of NASArists that they don’t trust this Monkey. What do I see here? I see NASA coalition suspicious of the Monkey for when they came back they found their ripe banana missing, instead there was a piece or small banana instead with the mischievous Monkey giggling and wagging its tail, possible asking for mercy from the banana owner. You may be wondering what big picture I see.

Let me confess, I see more hardening of positions of the two major political stalwarts. I see widespread anti-IEBC protest and I see more protests as we near 26th October 2017 pulling IEBC out or into the reform agenda. I see attempts by stakeholders, especially religious institutions and the international community for sobriety in the political cease fire. What do I see in these efforts? I see ineffectiveness in the calls for sobriety by the religious institutions and the internationally community.

The International community ruined their integrity and respect when the declared the elections free and fair using their election observers’ reports. What they did not know when they were reporting was the difference between looking and observing. Western countries laid bear their inability to differentiate between looking and observing and their reports were merely based on what they looked and not what they saw and observed.

On the other hand, religious institutions, Christian and Muslims, sold their faith and by extension souls by taking political sides. Since when did religion go to bed with bad governance!! Because of this mix up and confusion of religious leaders on whether to listen to their souls and what their faith says, they chose to listen to their tummies and worldly status of being seen close to power of the state for those who supported Jubilee or state to be for those who supported NASA.

For once Kenyan religious platform has a new religion and hence religious leaders have been converted into the two major political religions namely Jubilites and NASArists, with no divinity. What do I see? I see the polarised religious institutions and their leaders not helping Kenya either in resolving this impasse as they did in 2013 under real religious leaders then such Ndingi mwana Nzeki, Bishop Okulu, Father Kaiser, Bishop Elexander Muge and their compatriots in the Islamic and other faiths.

Thus, I see religious institutions and leadership to be radar less and clueless in their strategy to unlock this political gridlock and antipathy. What do I see as the consequences of this political jingoism between Hon. Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta? Both sons of doyens of the Kenyan independent promise fighting poverty, disease and ignorance.

The major consequence I see from all these political innuendos is a suffocated economy. I see more poverty, disease and ignorance, an antithesis of the Kenya’s independence promise. I honestly see heightened poverty and destitution becoming widespread among citizens including politicians themselves. In fact, I see poverty becoming a springboard upon which ignorance and diseases will deepen in the country.

Why you may be wondering? I see the political spending to have far out stripped income flows for the country and candidates alike. Indeed, one of the presidential candidates in the ongoing elections, Aka Jirongo was declared bankrupt by the courts yesterday and many will follow. With increasing poverty of politicians themselves, what do I see? I see more politicians playing the Kenyan political game called defection.

Quite a number will defect to the ruling coalition for the obvious speculative reason, based on erroneous perception that the ruling coalition will remain in power. Indeed, yesterday John Mrutu and Hassan Omari defected to the ruling coalition, while the Nyali Member of Parliament alias Jicho Pevu promised to work with Jubilee. Surprise, surprise, surprise who would have thought the trio would work with Jubilee!! What do I see with these defections? I see a confirmation of the old adage that Kenyan politics is not guided by an Ideology but Tumbology. John Mrutu and Hassan Omari, are looking for their tumbos (tummies) and relevancy in national politics or may even be sanitizing themselves. It is appalling how losing an election can be a strong disinfectant or an eraser of all the oppositional thoughts and ideas exuded predate the defection by the Kenyan politicians.

Jubilee complicates the paradox further by throwing a spanner to the works by proposing electoral reforms too. Their proposal has sent jitters to NASA and lovers of democracy that Jubilee numerical strength, in both upper and lower houses, may throw Kenya back into the yesteryears single party dictatorship. I see this fear manifesting itself as events unfold themselves in parliament and even in the media debates by elected leaders.

The proposed Jubilee electoral reforms are an answer reflective of Amurabi, the Law giver, of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. In the NASA-Jubilee case it is Reforms for Reforms”. What do I see on this scenario? I see chicness on both warrying parties. I further, see this chicness translating into a stalemate that will eventually paralyse IEBC.

Indeed, IEBC is now faced by two angry monsters, aka NASA and Jubilee. The commission is under siege, from the West comes NASA pressure, from the East Jubilee push and South the anxiety of Kenyan people and North the watchful eye of the Supreme Court/Judiciary.

The commission has all of a suddenly become aware of what independency really means. In fact, the sandwiched IEBC is looking for a hole to vent, but it is like the human corpse, six feet under the ground buried with no window, and the only hope is itself. This is to mean that IEBC had infused itself into the murky waters and has itself to redeem-This is what independency means. What is presented by this scenario? This is an unpleasant scenario for IEBC, with Jubilee adamant and NASA remaining firm and now threatening to pull out of the repeat presidential polls.

The scenario is further compounded by the Supreme Court stand on IEBC to conduct the election in conformity or in fidelity to the Constitution 2010 according to Judge Maraga. I see demos and more demos, I see economic collapse, I see skyrocketing inflation and devaluation of the Kenya shilling, I see desperation of Kenyans leading to political uncertainty and hopelessness. In sum, I see doom for Kenya in form of a constitutional crisis. How you may be asking? With Hon. Raila saying participating in the repeat polls is a right to choice, enshrined in the Constitution 2010, I see the gates to a constitutional crisis wide open.

I see Kenyans beginning to prepare for this eventuality, where the presidency will cease power, if the repeat polls will not take place come 26th August 2017. I see this triggering a transitional arrangement, with possible parliament taking charge through the speaker. What then do I see? Having gone through this full circle, if Kenya eventually would, I see a rebirth of the country, aka New Kenya. I see a sobered political environment; I see the warrying politicians seeing the reality of their die hard stands downing on them; I see a fresh breath of liberty and I see the foundation of true democracy.

How you may still be wondering? I see the transitional presidency under parliament organizing fresh elections which will be free and fair by ensuring fidelity to electoral laws and the Constitution 2010. What do I see in the New Kenya you may be wondering? I see in it synergy of the three pillars of society, social, economic and the polity.

The economy in particular will breathe robustness of growth and prosperity. I see constitutionalism and the rule of law flourish; I see respect to the independency of institutions; I see seriousness in public service and I see real democracy growing and flourishing in Kenya. In physical exercise, they say no pain no gain. I see Kenya going through this entire pain full circle to gain. I see Kenya and Kenyans emerging peaceful, united and victorious.

Why you may ask? Because we have to learn our own lessons by going down either socially, economically or politically or in all for us to grow as a country. Many developed nations once collapse and learned hard lessons before they picked up and rose again. This political down dive may be the panacea for the socially, economically and politically ailing Kenya.

Maturity in a certain facet of life is obtained through experience, good or bad. I see the political hocuspocus of the repeat presidential elections as the painful experience that Kenya is undergoing and possible needs to stand as a strong and prosperous democracy in East Africa and the region. 

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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Politicians aligned to the NASA coalition have vowed to continue pressing for reforms within the Electoral Boundaries Commission IEBC claiming that the electoral agency subverted the will of Kenyans.

Addressing hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Mombasa on Friday during the NASA peaceful demonstrations throughout the country, Mombasa County Deputy Governor William Kingi claimed IEBC collided on the will of over 45 million Kenyans which led to the nullification of the presidential polls by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The deputy county boss claimed that Raila Odinga emerged the winner in the August elections but IEBC worked in favor of President Uhuru Kenyatta which resulted in the irregularities and illegalities cited by the Supreme Court judges.

“Raila emerged the winner during the last August polls, isn’t it?” He affirmed

On the other hand,  Mvita Constituency Member of Parliament Abdulswammad Nassir added that as NASA Coalition they are ready to go for the elections only if the reforms they have called for will be implemented by the electoral agency.

“We are only ready to go for elections even if it means today but what we need are reforms within IEBC.” The vocal politician insisted.

The legislator said Kenya has sufficient man power and would not allow a selected few to subvert the will of the Kenyans.

He accused IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba for working in favor of the Jubilee party during the August elections.

On the other hand,  Jomvu lawmaker Badi Twalib said Kenyans have developed a sense of mistrust against the IEBC after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 elections.

He called on Kenyans to flock in multitude and vote in NASA presidential hopeful Raila Odinga assuring Kenyans that Raila will clinch the presidency.

“I urge all Kenyans to come out in large numbers and vote for Raila Odinga during the repeat polls.” The lawmaker said

The vocal Member of Parliament accused Jubilee government for the steady rise of food prices which has led to hash living standards amongst Kenyans.

Hundreds of NASA supporters demonstrated peacefully on Friday to press on the removal of some of the IEBC officials including IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba.

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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 Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Sarai launched a scathing attack on the NASA leader Raila Odinga for what he termed as tolerance of well orchestrated malpractice by the NASA brigade.

Sarai claims Raila deliberately stays back and watches at his brigade conducting affairs of the coalition in disarray.

Addressing Muslim faithful at a Jubilee forum in Mombasa on Sunday Sarai said malpractice in the NASA coalition was rampant though none seems to take notice of it for they are conducted with the blessing of the Team leader Raila Odinga.

He Said Raila openly favored his opponent Ali Hassan Joho for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat in the just concluded general elections despite all being from the same coalition.

“We cannot have Raila the president of the Republic of Kenya and Joho as the governor of Mombasa when e know he cannot mange him..never, this shall not happen in my life” the agitated senator said.

He insisted that Raila did not make any effort to curb Joho’s illicit activities despite going against the set standard house rules a thing he cannot trust the NASA leader with the presidency.

Citing the words by Jamaican famous reggae musician Bob Marley and with a deep reference to the NASA leader, Sarai said “You can fool some people sometime but you cannot full all the people all the time”  adding that he will no longer sit back and watch at the duo infringing his democratic rights.

He vehemently accused the NASA leader for allegations of blocking his several attempts to oust the Mombasa governor and has now vowed to use alternative means to achieve his mission and goals.

“If you block me from using the old port entry I will use mlango wa papa entrance, if you block it too I will use the Fort Jesus way… I was born here and I know all the pathways of getting to the island” he added

Sarai has so far shifted his elegancy From NASA to the Jubilee party after losing miserably in the August polls to Joho.

He was officially received to the Jubilee party by President Uhuru after brokering a deal with the deputy President William Ruto.

Its not clear what Jubilee has in store for him though the president said it in public that he will assist him to the later.

He has so far filed a petition opposing Joho’s election citing massive malpractices in the August polls.

On Sunday at the meeting held at Serani grounds, Sarai confirmed his support for the re election of President Uhuru Kenyatta amidst cheers and applauds from his Muslim brothers and sisters saying the NASA team has failed to demonstrate sound and meaningful leadership traits and development agenda.

“I want to state here that from now hence forth I will support Uhuru Kenyatta because of his development track record” said Sarai.

The former Wipper secretary general further accused Raila for political mischief who trades on propaganda and innuendo.

“I can a test to you that the opposition did not collect one million signatures as required to change the constitution, more so some of them were not genuine but still Raila insisted that we stick to our gun”

On the call for the resignation of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission Chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba, the human Rights activist advised him to stay put unless the Courts rules otherwise.

He took issue with Raila’s style of kicking public officers out of office terming it a barbaric method of leadership.

“It’s just the other day when Raila kicked out the Issack Hassan team for no apparent reason only because they are from minority communities and they had no one to defend them but I want to ask Chiloba not to bore down to pressure. You have a family to feed and integrity to defend just stay put” Sarai told the charged crowd.

He said Raila is good in ruining other people’s career for his political gain and vowed not to give him a breathing space to exercise it any further.

The meeting which was attended by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto saw several opposition leaders jump to the Jubilee band wagon.

Among them are the former Taita Taveta governor Eng John Murutu, Likoni Wipper candidate Suleiman Shakombo alongside other poll losers.

The human rights Crusader did not spare the Coast members of parliament who are agitating for a share of the opposition cake saying they are fighting a losing battle.

Coast legislators have since issued an ultimatum to Raila to have them considered for some parliamentary slots meant for the apposition or they call it quit.

“Surely how do you appoint Likoni MP Mishi Mboko or her Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa to the position of a minority leader, what do they know about the position when their education status is wanting” he paused.

Sarai said Coastals are busy electing political dwarfs while other regions are giving way to elite leaders who are able to articulate the views of their electorates in a more elaborate manner.  

“When people from Rift Valley are electing Dr Laboso, Prof Kamar and so many other well educated people we are cohered to electing people whose academic backgrounds are a myth to the community.

The Coast Newspaper team made tiretless efforts to reach both Raila and Joho as well as the mentioned legislators for a word on the raised allegations without any success as none of them could not be reached for the same.


By Peter Kombe

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website

Civil society Organizations have been challenged to remain vigilant and offer leadership that embraces diversity in order to ensure equality, transparency and more democratic space throughout the country.

George Morara vice chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights said the civil Societies should endeavor advocate for free, fair and credible elections so as to win public confidence with the electoral agency.

The KNCHR official also urged CSOs to embrace the spirit of cooperation among other stakeholders with an aim of developing a sound relationship for the good of the nation.

Addressing civil society stakeholders in Mombasa on Monday Morara said Coast civil society organizations have launched a 68 page joint report that captures the findings of the 2017 polls.

“I call upon other civil society Organizations’ in different parts of the country to emulate and enact this report. Its launch will ensure a free a fair and transparent election in future.” He said

CSO's Network Chairman Patrick Ochieng wants the Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission IEBC staff to exercise humility during any interactive session claiming there is a public mistrust with the electoral body after the Supreme Court nullified the presidential election citing massive irregularities and illegalities.

The official stated that according to the findings of the report, IEBC experienced vast challenges ranging from massive failure of electronic gadgets in different parts of the Coast region, voter identification problem, missing voters from the KIEMS kits and IEBC officials taking too long to verify voter details.

“IEBC messed Kenyans in many ways as per the findings of this report. In some areas officials took too long to verify voters, while in other places electronic gadgets failed.” He explained

At the same time, Hussein Khalid executive director at HAKI Africa a Mombasa based CSO, claimed that as per the report IEBC did not follow the law during the counting and transmission of the votes.

He highlighted that CSOS have a role of ensuring that the electoral process in the country is carried out in a more transparent and democratic manner.

“CSOs have a role in ensuring that the electoral process is done in a more transparent and democratic manner.” Khalid stated

Over thirty CSO's attended the launch of the joint election report.

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website

A section of Mombasa politicians have duped their parties and officially announced their support to president Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential bid in the October 26 repeat poll.

Addressing the press in Mombasa on Friday Daniel Kitsao who vied for the gubernatorial candidature in Mombasa county during the August 8 elections on KADU Asili ticket disputed claims that the Coast region is a National Super Alliance NASA stronghold.

The former KADU Asili diehard appealed to Coast residents including the Mijikenda Community to raise up against being misused by what he claims are greedy, witty and corrupt opposition officials.

“The Coast region is not an ODM stronghold as it has been always been claimed” the gubernatorial looser said

Kitsao urged Kenyans across the six Coastal counties to vote in President Uhuru Kenyatta in the forth coming October 26 presidential repeat poll citing that Kwale county government has only realized development due to cooperating with Jubilee government since the onset of devolution.

He added that it is only through collaborating with the government of the day that the Coast region will experience the necessary development.

“It is only through or partnership with the government that progress will be realized.” he said

At the same time, Peterson Mitau who vied for the Changamwe legislative seat announced his support to back up President Uhuru Kenyatta insisting that through his administration the country has made a step forward in terms of development.

Mitau accused the Orange democratic Movement party officials in Mombasa County on claims of having rigged the August 8 polls.

“ODM officials in Mombasa County rigged the polls. Let Raila not deceive himself he will not win the presidency.” the seasonal politician said.

He pointed out that both the ODM and the NASA Coalition at large lack development agenda but only survive through empty political rhetoric aimed at luring the Kenyan voter as the country heads towards the presidential repeat polls.

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