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The government is set to fully role out land digitalization program in the Coast Region.

The ministry of lands also intends to issue over 450,000 land titles to all Kenyans by the end of June 2018.

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday during an official visit at the lands registry offices, Gideon Mung’aro Cabinet Administrative Secretary lands ministry said the program will bring to a close the perennial land disputes witnessed in the country.

Mung’aro stressed Kenyans will be able to access the land register through their smart phones once the program is accomplished.

 “We are carrying out the digital land program initiated recently to facilitate the issuing of titles to Kenyans. The coast region is one of the areas of our concern,” he told Journalists at Uhuru Na Kazi building in Mombasa

The Cabinet Administrative Secretary disclosed that over 10,000 titles will be issued to Kwale County by the end of June 2018.

 “We are moving at a time where Kenyans will get all information related to land through their phones,” he said

The state official indicated that the digital land registry will be ready by 2020.

At the same time the CAS warned all lands officers to diligently serve Kenyans without fear or favor.

He said the ministry will not put up with incompetent officials.

“The ministry will not entertain land officials who are unable to execute their duties. If you think that you cannot work in this ministry then down your tools and give room to other deserving Kenyans,” Mung’aro warned

Mung’aro further disclosed that Mombasa County will soon be a Centre of the digital land title program.

“The ministry has already set a target. By 2020 the land register will be digitized. As a ministry we are working with all stakeholders in order to ensure that this program is a success” the official indicated

He called on Kenyans to cooperate with the ministry of land officials and other stakeholders in a bid to actualize the ministry’s’ agenda.

He also noted that the digital land program rolled out by the ministry will limit squatters from moving from one parcel of land to another.

He warned Tourist squatters who move from one portion of land to another after being allocate a place to stay by the government.

 “We are working on a program as a ministry that will ensure that squatters who get titles for a plot do not own another plot anywhere in the country,” he added.

Gideon Mung’aro was recently appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the ministry of lands and physical planning.

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By The COAST Newspaper Reporter

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Tana River Governor Dhadho Gaddae Godhana is under pressure to recall a list of  nominees to the positions of county chief officers he recently submitted to the County Assembly.

Senator Juma Wario, Garsen Member of Parliament Ali Wario Guyo and County Women Representative Rehema Hassan said the list did not represent the face of the county as some communities had been left out.

 They asked the governor to submit a new list of nominees that included all communities, while at the same time urging him to work with elected leaders to make the county prosperous.

Speaking at a public function at the Hola Stadium over the weekend, Senator Wario said the legislators did not have anything personal with the governor, but asked him to work with other elected leaders.

“I love our governor very much, and that is why I am asking him to trash the list and submit another one that includes all the communities,” he said. “I opposed former governor Hussein Dado when he did this although we are from the same community because I am for all communities.”

“You know that we have Orma, Pokomo, Wardei, Watta, Wailwana, Munywoyata and Bajun communities among others. Please include all these communities in your government and we shall bless you,” he added.

The senator at the same time urged National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich to release county funds to enable the county government to provide services to residents.

“The financial year is almost ending and the county has received only 31 percent of its sharable revenue. If the Cabinet Secretary does not release the funds immediately, we fear the county will not be able to spend the balance,” he said.

 He urged the governor to follow up the funds, saying senators had already done their part in allocating financial resources to all devolved units.

Governor Godhana recently said the National Treasury owed his administration Sh2.3 billion, a debt he said had made it difficult for his administration to pay its creditors a Sh1.5 billion debt it inherited from the previous government.

Garsen MP Ali Wario told the county executive and the legislature to stop their animosity for the sake of the county’s residents.

“It is a pity that these two arms of the county government are pulling from different directions and this is hurting our people and must be stopped,” he said.

Ms Hassan accused the governor of ignoring other elected leaders and urged him to shape up.

 A section of members of the local County Assembly have vowed to shoot down the governor’s list of 14 nominees unless he amends it, a scenario that could hamper the progress of the county as chief officers are the accounting officers of their respective departments.

Currently, the governor is working with four chief officers he retained from the previous regime on an interim basis, with some of the officers handling more than four dockets.

 Last year, the MCAs threw out the governor’s initial list of nominees to the County Executive Committee, forcing him to submit another one, which the assembly passed early this year.

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