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By Peter Kombe

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The Ministry of Agriculture has given out a stern warning to unscrupulous traders after officially announcing a ksh 4 billion pay package to farmers.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri said the farmers who delivered maize at the national cereals and produce board will receive their package only after undergoing a thorough vetting.

“Before the ministry makes any payment to any farmer thorough vetting will be done in a bid to avoid paying unscrupulous traders,” he insisted

The CS indicated that any unscrupulous trader identified by the ministry will face a full force of the law.

Addressing the Media in Mombasa on Saturday, CS Kiunjuri added that already a parliamentary supplementary budget has been tabled in parliament to look into the issue.

“Any trader who will be identified by this ministry and not vetted shall face a full force of the law so that he should not frustrate genuine farmers” he insisted

The official however disclosed that in actualizing the payment scheme the ministry will put a limit on the delivery to be made.

The government official further noted that before making any payment transaction, the ministry must ascertain the source of maize.

He added that the national cereals and produce board has a total of 120,663, 90 kilogram bags of maize valued at ksh 386,121,360 lined up for payment.

“We shall ascertain the source of maize before we pay. Already there is maize at the NCPB that farmers need to receive payment of,” he said  

On the issue of the army worm infestation in various regions in the country, Kiunjuri noted that the pest is a real threat to the food security of the state.

He explained that the pest does not only feed on maize alone but about 50 per cent of the plants.

The CS outlined that the only way to eradicate the worm is through effective control methods.

“This fall army worm can best be managed through effective control. The ministry is committed to ensuring that this pest is managed” he said

The top ministry official advised Kenyan farmers to carry out an early morning spray during the first 14 day after infestation.

He said the ministry will soon issue guidelines on the ways of managing the outbreak of the pest.

He pointed that Nandi, Uasin Gishu, Bungoma and Trans Nzoia are among the most affected counties.

“The pest is common in the basket counties of Nandi, Bungoma and Trans Nzoia. We shall give directions on how we shall combat the pest very soon,” he said

The ministry has so far recommended the use of the following pesticides in control of the army worm; Vantex 60- Gamma Cyhalolothrin, Coragen 200 SC- Chlorantraniliprole, voliam targo 63- SC Chlorantraniliprole, Marshal 250 EC- Carbosulfan, Belt 480 SC- Flubendiamide among others.

At the same time, Kwanza Constituency Member of Parliament Ferdinand Wanyonyi urged county governments to chip in and financially assist the ministry in combating the spread of the worm.

He called for a joint effort between the county governments and the national government.

“We need to pull our efforts together and county government must come in and assist, they should at least raise 3 million of 30 million in this fight,” he said

The legislator estimated the fight against the pest at Ksh1 billion.

Meanwhile Turbo lawmaker Janet Sitienei urged the Agriculture ministry to put into consideration the interests of the small scale farmers.

The ministry should consider the interests of the small scale farmers. I thank the effort that the ministry is doing to ensure that farmers are paid,” the legislator noted.

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By Rachael Kavumbi & Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya

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Fresh attempts to change the political stand for the Coast region seem to be gearing up few months after the golden handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga.

Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka and Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa are now luring Kilifi governor Amason Kingi to jump ship to the ruling part Jubilee.

Speaking in Malindi on Saturday, Lusaka said there is need for politicians to join the ruling party to realize meaningful development initiatives in their areas of jurisdiction.

“I want to ask you to build a political partnership with the ruling party that’s how your people will benefit from the National government” said the speaker.

Lusaka cautioned the locals to be wise enough not to be left out due to political party stands that cannot deliver anything to them.

“Though we respect the wish of our political leaders but I think there is also need to balance between politics and development” Lusaka added.

He said he would now be languishing in poverty had he not joined Jubilee party and he wants Kilifi people also to follow suit so as to join the ruling party and reap what he termed as political goodies.

On her part Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was diplomatic enough and thought it wise to say her mind though a Giryiama song.

Jumwa led the crowd to sing the song which she said was purposely meant for the governor who was not present at the women fundraiser.

She said “I know you have a song for governor Kingi and I want to join you as we sing it so that he may get to know of our stand wherever he might be”

(Namala fugaluzwee Kingi, namala fugaluzwee, kala kundafungaluza Kingi wee vina faidha yani…..we want to be changed Kingi.. We want to be changed and if we won’t be changed then what benefit is there…)

The crowd burst into joy as they sang through the song which was meant for their governor while his young brother Magarini MP Michael Kingi listened attentively.

However the MP had earlier indicated that though there are several interactions between different politicians from different political parties that should not mean they have already joined Jubilee.

“Soon we shall give a way forward on which political party we should join but I can assure you that we shall have our own political party before joining any political wing” King said

Kilifi Nominated senator Christine Zawadi stressed the point of joining the ruling party saying she’s already reaping benefits.

“Though Jubilee Party did not win any political seat in this region am happy because I was nominated as a member of the senate courtesy of the ruling party” the first time senator said.

Meanwhile speaker Lusaka assured Kenyans that devolution is there to stay adding that the county governments will be full strengthened.

“I want to assure you that we cannot do away with devolution, so whoever thinks that such a thing will happen must be in slumber” the former govern noted

The speaker also challenged women to embrace the table banking so as to combat poverty and change their lifestyle.

Over 1,300 members across the County have so far enrolled themselves in the table banking initiative and will now benefit from Kshs 7,627,000 million raised at the fundraiser.

The table banking was started way back by the deputy president’s wife Rachael Ruto.











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