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No More Chikungunya; Health Boss Says

By The COAST Reporter

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Mombasa County Department for Health has confirmed that the ministry has been able to contain Chikungunya outbreak within the county.

Addressing Journalists in Mombasa on Friday on the status of Chikungunya, the county executive for health Hazel Khoitaba said out of the 453 cases reported by the ministry of health countrywide only 32 cases tested positive.

She added that there is a drop of upto 7 per cent insisting that the drastic drop was due to stringent measures put in place by county health officials to contain the epidemic.

“Out of the 453 cases reported throughout the country, only 32 cases have been confirmed positive” she said

Khoitaba noted that health officials have been controlling the vector borne disease fogging exercise conducted in various sub counties.

In a bid to contain the epidemic, Khoitaba stated that county officials have been using social media sites and conducting radio talk shows throughout the county.

“We have as a county been conducting fogging and spaying all the residential places within this county.” Khoitaba outlined

The county health boss said through the county health community workers they have reached the public by conducting health awareness campaigns in a bid to eradicate the disease.

She however insisted that the health officials within the county are committed to eradicating the epidemic.

“Our county health community workers have been educating the public on the various ways of containing the disease.” The county health boss said

The executive vowed to go on with the exercise of preventing and controlling the disease through fogging and spraying all residential places in order to curb the spread of the malady.

“We shall continue with the fogging exercise in a bid to fully contain the epidemic.” She said

By January 4, 2018, the Ministry of Health had reported 69 cases of which 32 samples have been tested at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Labs in Nairobi.

Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease characterized by an abrupt onset of fever frequently accompanied by joint pain, muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash.

The joint pain is often very debilitating, but usually lasts for a few days or may be prolonged to weeks.

 The virus can cause acute, sub acute or chronic disease.

The response is hampered by community members treating themselves at home hence few cases being seen in hospitals, existence of massive breeding sites in the affected areas and inadequate vector control chemicals.

Chikungunya is a preventable and self-limiting disease.

Communities have a major role to play to control the outbreak and are encouraged to use personal protection measures to minimize human contact with mosquitoes in the form of mosquito repellent preparations over the exposed body parts, and insecticide-treated bed nets and window screens even while sleeping during the day.

They should be advised to cooperate during spraying, fogging and destruction of larvae before they mature into full grown mosquitoes.


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By The COAST Reporter

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Implementation and oversight of the constitution Commottee is chatting way forward to fill in constitutional gaps including the office of the deputy governor in various parts of the country.

Speaking to journalists in Mombasa on Wednesday, the chairperson of the committee Jeremiah Kioni said the prime role of the committee is to ensure that the intension of the constitution is achieved for the benefit of Kenyans.

The committee chair outlined that there are constitutional gaps in the 2010 constitution that need to be filled such as the office of the deputy governor.

“We as the committee ensure that the intension of the constitution is achieved, including among others the gaps within the constitution.” Jeremiah said

He noted that the committee is mandated to review constituency boundaries in various parts of the country.

“The committee also focuses on review of constituency boundaries if need be.” The chair outlined

The legislator further noted that the committee also deals with amendments to the constitution if need be.

“It is the responsibility of this committee to deal with some of the amendments within the constitution.” Kioni pointed out

Kioni reiterated that the committee works closely with other constitutional offices including the office of the council of governors, office of the Attorney General in the fulfillment of its objectives.

“We do work closely with other constitutional offices such as the offices of the council of governors and that of the attorney general.” The legislator stated

Meanwhile the vice chairperson of the council of governors Anne Waiguru said the office is concerned among others setting the agenda on the challenges facing devolution throughout the country.

“We are here to set the agenda taking into consideration that some of the state officers are in the council for the first time.” Waiguru said.

Waiguru explained that the council of governor’s office is concerned about the constitutional gaps within the constitution.

On the issue of funding of counties by the national government, the councils vice chair said the funding of the counties solely depends on the functions devolved to the counties.

“The funding of these counties depends on the functions devolved to the respective counties.” The Kirinyaga county boss noted.

She said the office of the council of governors is working closely with parliamentary committees to ensure that devolution becomes a success.

We are working closely with all the parliamentary committee to ensure that devolution succeeds. She said


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By The COAST Reporter

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Family planning initiatives launched in Lamu by county government should be complementary to Islamic values local clerics have stated.

Lamu Muslim clerics during a health stakeholder forum held in Lamu on Thursday under the auspices of the Kenya Muslim Youth Development Organization KMYDO also called for the county government to involve local clerics in the launch of such initiatives in a bid to bust misconceptions about family planning.

“Health officials should be aware of how they promote family planning to various communities especially among Muslims as some might interpret the such initiatives as going against Islamic teachings,” Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) Lamu branch chairman Sheikh Abubakar stated.

He further said that it is only if family planning is localized in the Lamu context, that the family planning initiatives can be a success.

Speaking to the COAST Newspaper separately, KMYDO CEO Fadhili Msuli said most Muslim clerics in Lamu were in favor of temporary reversible methods.

He further stated that without the support of the Muslim clerics family planning initiatives which are supposed to improve the quality of family life cannot be a success in Lamu.

 “It should be noted however that Muslim clerics are not against family planning if it works around incorporating the values espoused by Islam that a mother should not be denied the privilege of having children as long as they are properly spaced,” Msuli said.

The NGO official also stated that for supporters of the Family planning program, the benefits of contraception are clear: better health for women and children, economic benefits and smaller families.

However the latter justification for smaller families has drawn the women’s health program in Lamu County in direct conflict with religious leaders and rekindled suspicions about the motivations behind the push for family planning initiatives in Lamu.

Family planning activists often point to the economic strain of a population with fewer workers than dependents.

But religious leaders worry that the focus on family size ties contraceptive programs with population control, something most imams see as un-Islamic.

“Little by little, Muslim clerics in Lamu are turning to support family planning themselves as they learn about contraception from each other, community health workers as myths surrounding family planning are bust with such forums,” Msuli stated.

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By The COAST Reporter

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National and county government utilities will by July 2019 all have title deeds to prevent land grabbing and encroachment of public property taking a foothold in Lamu.

Lands, Roads and infrastructure county executive Fahima Araphat revealed that this is one of the first steps being put in place by the Lamu county government to tackle land management issues that have afflicted land ownership in the coastal county.

Speaking to media on Thursday, the county executive stated that the county government will also go further and build stone wall fences around these public utilities that are often soft targets for land invasions by unscrupulous land barons.

She said that an audit survey to enable title deed issuance will commence next month for all national and county government utilities.

The county executive further stated that among the public utilities targeted for the process include schools, police stations, churches, mosques, playgrounds and public beaches.

“Schools are one those institutions that have proved vulnerable and easy pickings for land grabbers and will be the first to be issued with title deeds and immediately fenced off from being occupied,” Fahima stated.

She gave the example of Shella primary school which already has part of its land hived off by a private developer despite repeated warnings to keep off the property.

The county executive warned that unless this process is undertaken, the county and national government may end up losing their land through shady deals.

There are already concerns that some land invaders have encroached on a parcel of land in Mokowe that has been demarcated for national government offices to be built with only two acres remaining from more than eight acres that had earlier been set aside.

She said that the county government has also set aside adequate funds for the process which she added needs to be done in order to save government land from being further grabbed.

The county executive further revealed that the land grabbing and encroachment situation in Lamu was so severe that some individuals had resorted to grabbing public beaches.

“It is unheard of anywhere in the world for people to wall off a beach front, which is the case in of what is happening in Uwiyoni area,” the county official said.

Concerns had been raised last week over an increase in land invasions in Mokowe area by the Lamu County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo who warned that those found invading private or public property will be prosecuted.

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