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By The Coast Reporter

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The government has assured Kenyans that it is determined, firm and ready to protect her citizens from both internal and external threats.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe confirmed it is confident in the professionalism and competence of all state institutions in carrying out their mandate of protecting Kenyans.

Speaking to journalists in Mombasa on Thursday, the government official assured Kenyans that the country is more stabilized and business is back to normalcy urging Kenyans to remain vigilant by protecting the general welfare insisting that terrorism is still a threat to the state.

“Government is determined and confident in the professionalism and competence of state utilities and therefore ready to defend Kenyans from both internal and external threats.” He said

Kiraithe stated that the national military wing is working in a more conducive atmosphere enjoying the best morale from the government.

The spokesperson said the government being determined to protect the democratic rights of her citizens and far more concerned on the ongoing political discourse.

He however argued that the country may be derailed to unnecessary political conflicts if Kenyans will not remain vigilant.

“This country may be derailed if Kenyans will not remain vigilant.” He stated

On the issue of Migingo Island, the government official said he is optimistic that the matter will not affect the relationship of the two countries though he urged both parties to abide by the law.

He called on those directly involved to handle the matter with care by initiate dialogue so as to arrive to a lasting solution.

“I urge both parties to abide by the law.” Kiraithe said

Kiraithe insisted NASA’s, resisting of state enterprises and the suspension of the constitution are aimed at maiming the economic power to millions of Kenyans.

Concerning the ongoing Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education Examinations the government spokesperson urged Kenyans to provide a good learning atmosphere that will enable the candidates sit their examination without any interference.

He gave out a stern warning to all those who will disrupt the examination exercise insisting that they will face a full force of the law.

“Those who will disrupt the national exercise will face the law.” The official insisted

On the issue of Laikipia County where over 70 heads of cattle were shot dead, Kiraithe outlined that the government will conduct further investigations in a bid to whether discern whether the shooting was done by police officers.

Responding to the question of secession Kiraithe said the issue is politically inclined insisting that everything should be done within the frame work of the law.

He pointed out that those behind the call for secession are seeking for political relevance after sensing that they will be out of power come 2022

“I want to ask those behind the call to conduct their activities within the law and I insist that secession is not within the law and cannot serve the people of Kenya.” He said

Mombasa and Kilifi County governors Hassan Ali Joho and Amason Kingi respectively are demanding for secession citing marginalization of their people.

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By The Coast Reporter

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Tana River Governor Dhadho Gaddae Godhana is the first to suffer a major blow after the local County Assembly rejected all his nominees for the County Executive Committee positions.

The County Assembly Committee on Appointments threw out Major (rtd) Godhana’s list of seven nominees on the grounds that some had not been placed in dockets of their speciality while others had potential conflicts of interest.

The governor, who is currently out of the country, will therefore have to submit to the assembly a list of new nominees for consideration.

 In a twist of events, the committee’s report, which was tabled in the assembly by Majority Leader Ibrahim Sala Adamow (Bangale), was rejected by the minority side, which read malice and settling of scores in the list’s rejection.

 Deputy Speaker Saddam Hussein (Wayu), who appended his signature to the report, disowned and opposed it on the floor of the house saying he did not know that signing it amounted to agreeing with the committee’s decision.

 Minority Leader Abdi Ergamso said he had declined to participate in writing the report and hence refused to append his signature to it on the grounds that the majority decision was meant to marginalize some communities.

Moving the motion on the report, Mr. Adamow said all the nominees had passed the integrity test under Chapter Six of the Constitution but did not exhibit knowledge and competence in the dockets to which they had been nominated.

He said the governor’s list of nominees had not met the constitutionally requirement of the two thirds gender rule and that it did not include persons with disabilities.

He said all the seven nominees failed to reach the committee’s set pass mark of 60 percent, with the highest, Mrs. Mwanajuma Habwoka Hiribae (Water, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources), scoring 58 percent and the lowest, Mr. Shukri Sugow Adhan scoring 34 percent.

“The committee observed that the nominees did not exhibit impressive and sufficient knowledge of topical and legal issues touching on their dockets and have no requisite abilities, qualifications and experience,” he said.

Committee members said that some of the nominees exhibited arrogance at times he attempted to lecture members during the vetting process at the Laza Leisure Lodge in Hola Town during the vetting time.

Mr. Adamow and Kinakomba Ward Member of County Assembly Sammy Malibe said for the county to develop, it needs competent CEC members who did not have any potential conflicts of interests.

“In the last regime, this house was a mere rubber stamp of the executive. We will not allow this to happen again because in the end, it is this house that will be blamed if things do not go right,” Mr. Malibe said.

 Mrs. Rhoda Katisha Raha (Garsen South), Mohamed Gabo (Garsen West), Manasse Guyo (Kipini West) said they did not have any issue with the governor but urged him to follow the law and laid down regulations in appointing members of his county cabinet.

Those who opposed the motion included Saddam, Ergamso, Kipini West’s Musa Wario and Hirimani’s Ismael Bodha Kodobo.

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By The Coast Reporter

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Former Tana River County Assembly Majority Leader Masha Dela Boru has been suspended from the assembly’s chambers for one month for grabbing the assembly’s mace.

County Assembly Speaker Michael Justin Nkaduda suspended Mr. Masha for alleged gross disorderly conduct after the Garsen Member of County Assembly (MCA) grabbed the mace and walked out with it two weeks ago.

 Mr. Nkaduda said the House Privilege Committee found the MCA guilty of violating Section 112 of the County Assembly’s Standing Orders and recommended that he be suspended for one month in accordance with section 113 or the standing orders.

The MCA grabbed the mace and disrupted the business of the assembly during debate on the composition of the County Assembly Service Board, which according to him and other members of the opposition excluded some communities.

The sergeant-at-arms had to pursue the MCA and wrestle the mace out of hands. Business continued after the mace, which is the assembly’s symbol of authority, was returned to its position.

Yesterday, Nkaduda said the member was suspended from the house after he carried the instrument of power (the mace) from the house and that even after the sergeant at arms wrestled the mace out of hand, the member was not remorseful and decided to walk away.

“The committee gave the member an opportunity to defend himself but he did not and neither did he heed the committee’s order to write an apology letter to the house for his misconduct,” Mr. Nkaduda said later during an interview in his office.

However, Mr. Boru lamented that the punishment was too severe and that it violated the standing orders.

 He said since it was his first offence in the session, he should have been suspended for only four sittings according to section 115 of the standing orders and not a whole month as ordered by the speaker.

 Section 115 of the Standing Orders states: “If any Member is suspended, the suspension on the first occasion shall be for four sitting days including the day of suspension; on the second occasion during the same session for eight sitting days, including the day of suspension; and on the third or any subsequent occasion during the same Session for 28 sitting days, including the day of suspension.

Mr. Boru accused the speaker of high-handedness and that he (speaker) was leading the house on ethnic and party grounds.

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By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett issued a stern warning to those who engage in Maritime crime insisting that security has been beefed up and the law will take its course.

Addressing the Media on Wednesday after launching 6 new surveillance motor boats in Mombasa Port, the Inspector General said the boats will assist the police force in fighting terror related incidences, drug trafficking, combating contraband/counterfeits, domestic and transnational crimes.

Boinett outlined that the boats are capable of plying across the deep seas in a bid to curb domestic and international crimes.

“These boats I’m advised are capable of plying in the deep seas. Let those people be warned because we shall not spare suspect” He said

The IG pointed out that the procurement of the surveillance boats from South Korea is part of a greater modernization process within the police department including among others the recruitment of new military personnel, increasing security tools and equipment.

He applauded the South Korean government for the mutual cooperation that has existed between the two countries in ensuring in promoting security within the territorial waters in both the two countries.

Boinett assured Kenyans that the national police service is committed to fulfilling its mandate of providing security to all Kenyans.

“The national police service is ready to serve all Kenyans as security is our mandate.” Boinett said

At the same time, Kwon Young Dae the South Korean ambassador to Kenya said the commissioning of the marine boats marks a mile stone within the police service adding that it will cement the relations between the two governments.

The diplomat outlined that with the help of the new marine equipment the police force will be able to conduct an effective maritime security operation in the Kenyan inland waters and along the coastline.

“The launch of these boats will not only cement the relations between the two countries but also boost marine security.” He said

The official said the Indian Ocean, being the gateway to East and Central Africa is prone to both domestic and transnational crime thus the need to protect it saying the economic stability and prosperity of any nation depends on its ability to protect its territorial boundaries.

The ambassador however admitted that despite going through a variety of challenges, the South Korean government has been able to develop high technology marine equipment of protecting their territorial waters.

“We have hi tech security apparatus to protect our territorial waters.” Dae insisted

The launching and commissioning of the security equipment was attended by high profile security personnel within the county and senior Kenya Ports Authority officials.

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