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By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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Politicians aligned to the NASA coalition have vowed to continue pressing for reforms within the Electoral Boundaries Commission IEBC claiming that the electoral agency subverted the will of Kenyans.

Addressing hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Mombasa on Friday during the NASA peaceful demonstrations throughout the country, Mombasa County Deputy Governor William Kingi claimed IEBC collided on the will of over 45 million Kenyans which led to the nullification of the presidential polls by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The deputy county boss claimed that Raila Odinga emerged the winner in the August elections but IEBC worked in favor of President Uhuru Kenyatta which resulted in the irregularities and illegalities cited by the Supreme Court judges.

“Raila emerged the winner during the last August polls, isn’t it?” He affirmed

On the other hand,  Mvita Constituency Member of Parliament Abdulswammad Nassir added that as NASA Coalition they are ready to go for the elections only if the reforms they have called for will be implemented by the electoral agency.

“We are only ready to go for elections even if it means today but what we need are reforms within IEBC.” The vocal politician insisted.

The legislator said Kenya has sufficient man power and would not allow a selected few to subvert the will of the Kenyans.

He accused IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba for working in favor of the Jubilee party during the August elections.

On the other hand,  Jomvu lawmaker Badi Twalib said Kenyans have developed a sense of mistrust against the IEBC after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 elections.

He called on Kenyans to flock in multitude and vote in NASA presidential hopeful Raila Odinga assuring Kenyans that Raila will clinch the presidency.

“I urge all Kenyans to come out in large numbers and vote for Raila Odinga during the repeat polls.” The lawmaker said

The vocal Member of Parliament accused Jubilee government for the steady rise of food prices which has led to hash living standards amongst Kenyans.

Hundreds of NASA supporters demonstrated peacefully on Friday to press on the removal of some of the IEBC officials including IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba.

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By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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 Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Sarai launched a scathing attack on the NASA leader Raila Odinga for what he termed as tolerance of well orchestrated malpractice by the NASA brigade.

Sarai claims Raila deliberately stays back and watches at his brigade conducting affairs of the coalition in disarray.

Addressing Muslim faithful at a Jubilee forum in Mombasa on Sunday Sarai said malpractice in the NASA coalition was rampant though none seems to take notice of it for they are conducted with the blessing of the Team leader Raila Odinga.

He Said Raila openly favored his opponent Ali Hassan Joho for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat in the just concluded general elections despite all being from the same coalition.

“We cannot have Raila the president of the Republic of Kenya and Joho as the governor of Mombasa when e know he cannot mange him..never, this shall not happen in my life” the agitated senator said.

He insisted that Raila did not make any effort to curb Joho’s illicit activities despite going against the set standard house rules a thing he cannot trust the NASA leader with the presidency.

Citing the words by Jamaican famous reggae musician Bob Marley and with a deep reference to the NASA leader, Sarai said “You can fool some people sometime but you cannot full all the people all the time”  adding that he will no longer sit back and watch at the duo infringing his democratic rights.

He vehemently accused the NASA leader for allegations of blocking his several attempts to oust the Mombasa governor and has now vowed to use alternative means to achieve his mission and goals.

“If you block me from using the old port entry I will use mlango wa papa entrance, if you block it too I will use the Fort Jesus way… I was born here and I know all the pathways of getting to the island” he added

Sarai has so far shifted his elegancy From NASA to the Jubilee party after losing miserably in the August polls to Joho.

He was officially received to the Jubilee party by President Uhuru after brokering a deal with the deputy President William Ruto.

Its not clear what Jubilee has in store for him though the president said it in public that he will assist him to the later.

He has so far filed a petition opposing Joho’s election citing massive malpractices in the August polls.

On Sunday at the meeting held at Serani grounds, Sarai confirmed his support for the re election of President Uhuru Kenyatta amidst cheers and applauds from his Muslim brothers and sisters saying the NASA team has failed to demonstrate sound and meaningful leadership traits and development agenda.

“I want to state here that from now hence forth I will support Uhuru Kenyatta because of his development track record” said Sarai.

The former Wipper secretary general further accused Raila for political mischief who trades on propaganda and innuendo.

“I can a test to you that the opposition did not collect one million signatures as required to change the constitution, more so some of them were not genuine but still Raila insisted that we stick to our gun”

On the call for the resignation of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission Chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba, the human Rights activist advised him to stay put unless the Courts rules otherwise.

He took issue with Raila’s style of kicking public officers out of office terming it a barbaric method of leadership.

“It’s just the other day when Raila kicked out the Issack Hassan team for no apparent reason only because they are from minority communities and they had no one to defend them but I want to ask Chiloba not to bore down to pressure. You have a family to feed and integrity to defend just stay put” Sarai told the charged crowd.

He said Raila is good in ruining other people’s career for his political gain and vowed not to give him a breathing space to exercise it any further.

The meeting which was attended by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto saw several opposition leaders jump to the Jubilee band wagon.

Among them are the former Taita Taveta governor Eng John Murutu, Likoni Wipper candidate Suleiman Shakombo alongside other poll losers.

The human rights Crusader did not spare the Coast members of parliament who are agitating for a share of the opposition cake saying they are fighting a losing battle.

Coast legislators have since issued an ultimatum to Raila to have them considered for some parliamentary slots meant for the apposition or they call it quit.

“Surely how do you appoint Likoni MP Mishi Mboko or her Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa to the position of a minority leader, what do they know about the position when their education status is wanting” he paused.

Sarai said Coastals are busy electing political dwarfs while other regions are giving way to elite leaders who are able to articulate the views of their electorates in a more elaborate manner.  

“When people from Rift Valley are electing Dr Laboso, Prof Kamar and so many other well educated people we are cohered to electing people whose academic backgrounds are a myth to the community.

The Coast Newspaper team made tiretless efforts to reach both Raila and Joho as well as the mentioned legislators for a word on the raised allegations without any success as none of them could not be reached for the same.


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