Assist Youth To Access Funds, Government Urged

Community Support Centre Executive Director Phylis Muema said most Community Support Centre Executive Director Phylis Muema said most File Photo

By Peter Kombe

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Civil Society Organization in Mombasa County have called on the government to economically empower the youths and educate them on the ways of investing in the funds.

Speaking to the Coast reporter in Mombasa on Saturday, Kenya Community Support Centre Executive Director Phylis Muema said most of the youth lack the know how to invest on the funds.

The activist noted that a big portion of the youth funds such as ‘Uwezo Funds’ are taken back to the treasury due to failure of the youth to utilize them.

“We have had cases whereby these funds are remitted back to the treasury.” She exclaimed

She however noted that they have put in place strategies on how to empower the youths.

The director pointed out that only a small section of the youths are aware of the availability of the funds.

“There are measures we have taken as an organization whose aim is to economically empower the youths.” Muema stated

She however indicated that due to escalating cases of terror attacks as witnessed in Lamu in the recent past, tourism sector has drastically declined along the coastline.

Muema noted that through the Tusemezane Vijana Initiative’ which is in operation in various parts of the country, the organization aims at engaging the youths in constructive and meaningful activities.

“I must admit that tourism has declined due to actions of terror especially along the Coast. Most of the hotels in Malindi for example are empty.” She noted

She stated that most of the youth join terror groups due to influence from their kins.

On the issue of women and their involvement in terror related activities the human rights defender said there is a need for the society to empower them.

“Some of the youths join terror groups because of influence from either their uncles or next of their kins.” The executive indicated

She outlined that the role of women in the society is paramount in ensuring a more integrated society.

Meanwhile, Martin Muthii, Search for Common Ground Programs Support Officer said there has been a perception that economic challenges propel youths in engaging in terror related activities.

He called on the society to educate the youths in order to change the attitude.

“Economic challenge among the youths is said to be the propeller of youths engaging in terror related activities. This has been the attitude in the society.” He said

The activist applauded role played by government and the county government throughout the country on the ways of countering violent extremism among the youths.

He said the Mombasa County Action Plan on countering violent extremism is quite a good example to show case the fight against the vice.

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